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Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots

Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots

Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different operating systems and browsers. It is a free open-source online web application providing developers a convenient way to test their website's browser compatibility in one place. When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue.
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Stripe Generator Stripe Generator TIP: Need inspiration? View shared stripes in "Your stripes" section. stripe sizespacingstripe color(s)background styleshadowgradient heightbackground color(s)stripe orientation
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Legend This tool uses enhanced, line-by-line, css-a-like syntax with space indent to generate xhtml markup. You can add tag, ids, classes, a bit of content (at the end after = char) and an additional code (between [ and ]). tag[additional]#id.class.class=content XHTML/CSS Markup Generator

XHTML/CSS Markup Generator

Grid System Generator Less Framework 3 Less Framework is a cross-device CSS grid system based on using inline media queries. The idea is to first create a default layout normally, and then additional layouts using inline media queries. Any browsers incompatible with media queries will simply ignore all the additional layouts, and will only use the default one. The additional layouts will inherit any styles given to the default layout, so coding them is a breeze. All four of the layouts included in Less Framework share a common column-width and gutter-width, which makes it easy to design them consistently.

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Полезняки Полезняки Просмотр HTTP-заголовков Интернет-ресурсовСервис для проверки http-заголовков (header) интернет страниц HTML entities decoder/encoderСервис для кодировки текста в HTML-сущности и обратно URL decoder/encoderСервис для кодировки или раскодировки адресов интернет страниц ЦветосмесительСервис для подбора палитры цветов путем нахождения промежуточныx значений между двумя заданными ШаблонизаторБесплатный набор скриптов, обеспечивающий создание небольшого сайта на основе шаблонов Полезняки