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STAGEHAND TEES Resources. Stagecraft Tools, viewfinders, church lecterns, safety equipment. Home. A Choice of Color. Compliments of Rosco Labs by Pete Reader Content Choosing the right mix of color in a design is frequently a complex, intuitive process.

A Choice of Color

Although all of us experience color individually and uniquely, most of us react to color on three distinct levels. The first level is aesthetic. Are the combinations of colors visually appealing? When we see a mix of colors, our mind races through these three levels of visual experience to build an impression. The quality of morning in either show, while unique to each production, is interpreted through the use of color. Because the eye reacts only to the red, green and blue portion of the visible spectrum, these colors are called the primary hues of light.

In theory, by the proportional blending of red, green and blue light, we should be able to create any tint of the visible spectrum. Color has three distinct qualities: hue, value, and chroma. The eye craves contrast. Bulletin Board - Martin ShowDesigner MC Edition Free Trial. Martin ShowDesigner MC Edition Free Trial Facebook Photos of the MSD 5 in What is MSD5 MC Edition?

Bulletin Board - Martin ShowDesigner MC Edition Free Trial

The MSD MC edition is a state-of-the-art 3D visualizer for your Martin controller.With this visualizer shows of any size and configuration can be pre-programmed to save precious hours of work once on site the day of the show. Accu cable dmx. Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool Lighting Wrench Pin Splitter Continuity Tester. K-Tool International - 24 mm Metric Ratcheting Reversible Wrench Lowest Prices.

Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool Lighting Wrench Pin Splitter Continuity Tester

Free CAD software * for your DWG files: DraftSight. Homebrew USB DMX Interface with Sparkfun FT232RL « Openschemes. Just a quick one today, folks.

Homebrew USB DMX Interface with Sparkfun FT232RL « Openschemes

Start to finish this should take ya 20 minutes, assuming 15 of them is trying to figure out where the hell your Sparkfun board is. This is a wiring diagram for connecting the Sparkfun FT232RL Breakout Board (see our other posts on this device) to an SN75176 RS-488 bus transceiver. This simple combination gives you a homebrew USB DMX interface with just a couple of wires and a $0.69 logic chip from TI. It’s self-contained and USB powered – no muss, no fuss. You can buy the transciever chip and also a female XLR connector ($2.25!) So about 3 bucks worth of miscellaneous parts plus the Sparkfun board and a breadboard will get you up and running.

Sure, this topic has been covered plenty of other times – even so far as to provide beautiful PCB layouts for FT232 DMX adapters. The wiring is dead simple. Fig 1 – Sparkfun Board as DMX Interface. Hard- & Software Development, Grenchen. Freestyler website. ControlBooth - ControlBooth News. Home. Main Page - Blue Room wiki. Stage Seminars, Stage Lighting Super Saturday. Also the home of HSTech. The LightNetwork. Broadway - #1 Site for Broadway Shows, Theatre, Live Entertainment, Tickets & More! Wayne State University Department of Theatre - Theatre College Information ( Careers in Television and Video: Lighting Fundamentals and Principles, Part 1. One of the most common entry-level employment opportunities in the television, film and video industry is working with lighting.

Careers in Television and Video: Lighting Fundamentals and Principles, Part 1

If you start here, you are under the direction of a person with an often, misunderstood job title. In Europe, they use a title that reveals their responsibility more clearly, a Director of Lighting. In American film, the person who creates the lighting scheme is a Director of Photography (DP). The DP creates the mood, ambiance and texture of what you see on screen, using lights and a variety of techniques. They know every light and how to manipulate each one to its fullest potential. Sometimes grips (labor crew) may help, but gaffers position and adjust (pinning) the lights according to the DP's direction. Lighting designer. A Chorus Line was lit using conventional lighting instruments Lighting at the 2005 Classical Spectacular Concert A theatre lighting designer (or LD) works with the director, choreographer, set designer, costume designer, and sound designer to create the lighting, atmosphere, and time of day for the production in response to the text, while keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety, and cost.

Lighting designer

The LD also works closely with the stage manager or show control programming, if show control systems are used in that production. Entertainment. Stage Lighting for Students. PART 1 - An introduction to Stage Lighting, Bill Williams. Stage Lighting Design.

PART 1 - An introduction to Stage Lighting, Bill Williams

Stage lighting. Classical Spectacular used ordinary stage lighting plus special laser effects.

Stage lighting

A Brief History of Stage Lighting. Lighting: How do moving lights work.


Home Page Theatrical Projections and accessories. Audio Engineering: What do all the controls on a soundboard do. The bus powered usb dmx interface : LightsOn opensource lighting framework. LightsOn is an open source project to create a fully featured coca Framework for OSX.

The bus powered usb dmx interface : LightsOn opensource lighting framework

These wiki pages are here to ultimately document the project, and in the mean time help us decide exactly what its going to do. Please feel free to edit any of these pages, adding requirements, correcting mistakes! Etc. You will need to register on the site before you can make updates, but this in not a complex process. Wiki pages let you edit them (click the edit link top right). This project is to create a framework that handles all the hard work of creating an efficient and robust lighting application. If you are looking for a ready built lighting application for OSX then you should take a look at Chameleon, it's built using LightsOn.

LightsOn currently supports the USBDMX.COM Interface, and the EnttecPro Interface. The source code is documented using Doxygen, and you can view the recent Change History logs from SVN, you can also subscribe to email updates for changes.