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Sunflowers inspire more efficient solar power system
The growing concern with greenhouse gas emissions and global warming can hardly have escaped anyone's attention. Being in many respects the most talked about topic of the new century, it should by now be common knowledge that humanity's reliance on fossil fuels as energy sources is gradually wrecking the ozone layer that protects the world from the less endearing powers of the sun. Yet the increasingly palpable threat of global warming and its consequences has at least resulted in a growing awareness of the problems inherent to oil-based economies. Knowledge is power, as they say, and indeed initiatives to reverse or at least slow down the ongoing climate change have multiplied several times over in the last decade or so. Of these initiatives it is the research into new technology that seems most likely to be able to carry fruit.

Green Fuel Online | Future of Clean Energy

Green Fuel Online | Future of Clean Energy
MIT Creates New Energy Source This is some pretty exciting news. It seems that researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most prestigious science and engineering schools in the United States, has created a new energy source -- and it's clean and renewable. The odd thing is that the only way you can see this energy source is with a very powerful microscope, because it is created by using nanotechnology. MIT Creates New Energy Source
No joke: This is the biggest battery breakthrough ever No joke: This is the biggest battery breakthrough ever A pioneer in battery research who already successfully launched a $350 million company to supply batteries to the likes of GE and Chrysler has done it again — only this time, "it" represents the complete reinvention of battery technology as we know it. This technology is in the research phase, but if it can be cost-effectively brought to market — and there's every reason to believe that it could be — it could revolutionize the way we store and transport energy, in the process fully replacing fossil fuels and especially oil. The key to this new technology is that the metals that would normally be solids in a conventional battery have been broken into nano-size particles that are suspended in a liquid. The batteries, known as "semi-solid flow cells," store their power in a black gunk that looks like motor oil, which has earned it the nickname "Cambridge Crude."
1. Choose a sound In order for nature sounds to start playing choose a sound from drop-down box for one channel and drag the volume slider up. 2. Add more sounds You can add more nature sounds to composition by choosing other sounds in other channels. Rainy-Day


One Penny One Minute Science Activity When I was a kid I accidentally saw little dots in my vision when squinting in bright light. Later, I discovered that I was actually seeing stuff floating around in the fluid of my eye. Bob Colbertson told me a quick and easy way to see them. Take a piece of aluminum foil—at least big enough to cover one eye—and crumple it up into a ball. Open it back up again. The wrinkles make tiny holes (use cheap foil, not the “heavy duty” kind).


ciao emc2,benvenuto nel forum, io non sono ancora arrivato a testare la testatika, ma devo confessare che l'ho messa in lista nelle cose da fare per sfatare il mito se funge o meno.ben venga se tu hai già replicato la cosa e magari se hai voglia di condividere le tue info con noi.nel caso contrario saresti disposto a metterti in gioco con chi volesse replicare l'esperimento? Ciao Primalancia, finalmente una buona notizia (era ora, per mè), no, non ho ancora realizzato il Testatika, ma ho in programma di farlo. Mi chiedi se sono disposto a mettermi in gioco e condividere le info ? Certo, dispostissimo, era quello che cercavo. Ho provato su altri forum, prima di approdare quì, ma ti confesso che mi hanno dato solo l'impressione di chi chiacchiera molto e soprattutto critica, ma per quanto riguarda l'impegno a realizzare qualcosa, ZERO. TESTATIKA: LE ISTRUZIONI PER COSTRUIRE UN MOTORE FREE ENERGY ELETTROSTATICO TESTATIKA: LE ISTRUZIONI PER COSTRUIRE UN MOTORE FREE ENERGY ELETTROSTATICO
la pompa idrosonica un dispositivo sconosciuto in Italia ma che in usa pare venga già utilizzato « NINOblog la pompa idrosonica un dispositivo sconosciuto in Italia ma che in usa pare venga già utilizzato « NINOblog Oggi voglio continuare il discorso sulla free energy e sulle overunity trattato l’altra volta, quindi ricapitolando una overunity è una macchina che permette di prelevare energia in uscita (di varie forme) in percentuale superiore di quella in ingresso. Una di queste macchine è la pompa idrosonica, nel 1993 in usa è stato brevettato un dispositivo della hydro dynamics inc. che risponde al nome di hydrosonic pump.
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