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Fredsduvor – Tobias klassrum. Barnkonventionen lättläst barnombudsmannen. Lararpraktikan Host. Printable World Flags. To make watching the Olympics on TV at home more festive and exciting, for a world travel themed party or to celebrate any international occasion, we’ve put together these 100 countries printable world flags in one file, in perfect sizes to make party bunting with.

Printable World Flags

Download Each page has 10 flags with the name of the country on the side tab. Fold over this tab to use the flags as bunting. Children can try recognising and guessing the flags and then learn the country names of each flag written on the back flap. You can also use them as educational playing cards. Note: We’ve learned the correct way of hanging the American flag vertically – with the stars in the left top corner. We’ll be adding more flags and flag activities and coloring versions, so please check back soon! jAG VILL SÄGA NÅGOT!

Om barn och ungas rättigheter från 6-9 år. FN flaggan. Skolmaterial FN-dagen 2014 i skolan Svenska FN-förbundet.pdf. Europas flaggor. Färglägga flaggor. Hem → Färglägga flaggor Här kan ni skriva ut och färglägga flaggor.

Färglägga flaggor

Perfekt som geografiläxor eller bara ett roligt tidsfördriv. Att rita flaggor är att förena nytta med nöje! Klicka på den omålade flaggan för att komma till sidan där ni kan skriva ut bilden för färläggning. Har ni önskemål om några flaggor ni skulle vilja färglägga, eller andra storlekar och filformat, så tag kontakt med oss! Klicka på bilderna för att öppna bilden i dess originalform. Storbritanniens flagga: Brittiska flaggan i originalutförande Sveriges flagga: Svenska flaggan i originalutförande USA's flagga Amerikanska flaggan i originalutförande. Malarbild-nationsflaggor-dl9822.jpg (JPEG Image, 620 × 875 pixels) Barnkonv_lattlastweb 2014.pdf. SLI.SE - Om hela världen var en by. SLI.SE - Evas Superkoll del 16 - Barnkonventionen. Svensk mediedatabas (SMDB) Barn har alla rätt i världen!

Affisch bk svenska.pdf. Alm42_start_130909. SLI.SE - FN & UNICEF - En översiktsfilm om FN och barnkonventionen. Utbildningsradion, 2013, Från 6 år, 14 min.

SLI.SE - FN & UNICEF - En översiktsfilm om FN och barnkonventionen

U102763-01 Del 1 av 16. Ami, Bruno, Coco och Dani får en chans att rädda teatern från nedläggning. På sjukhuset opereras ett trasigt ord som lämnats in akut, och i Bokstavsbutiken får butiksbiträdet Dick en chans att övertyga en kund som tvivlar på nyttan med bokstäver. Swedish Film, 2011, Från 7 år, 76 min. V3817 Jonathan är 11 år och tillsammans med sin lillasyster Sophie tillbringar han sommarlovet med sin farfar som bor i utkanten av en skog full av märkliga djur.

Kunskapsmedia AB, 2008, Från 8 år, 24 min. Version 3.5.4Sidan skapad på 0,2368 sekunder på www22. Duva.

Internationella barndagen

Blogg1A-233.jpg (JPEG Image, 3264 × 2448 pixels) - Scaled (31%) FN-Dagen. 25 Of The Most Dangerous And Unusual Journeys To School In The World. To the delight (or dismay) of millions, the school season is beginning in many countries throughout the world.

25 Of The Most Dangerous And Unusual Journeys To School In The World

But it’s important not to forget that, in some parts of the world, school can be a hard-won luxury. Many children throughout the world have to take the most incredible and unimaginable routes in order to receive the education that some of us may take for granted. This list we collected will show you just how determined some children can be when it comes to getting an education. Show Full Text According to UNESCO, progress in connecting children to schools has slowed down over the past five years. The solution might seem easy: build roads and bridges, buy buses and hire a driver. (h/t: amusingplanet) 5-Hour Journey Into The Mountains On A 1ft Wide Path To Probably The Most Remote School In The World, Gulu, China Thanks for sharing!

3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email Image credits: Sipa Press Image credits: Imaginachina/Rex Features Image credits: Timothy Allen. These 20 powerful photos of kids' bedrooms will change the way you look at the world. Like us on FB: Where Children Sleep is a powerful photo series by English photographer James Mollison.

These 20 powerful photos of kids' bedrooms will change the way you look at the world

He traveled around the world capturing the differences between the lifestyle of kids from different countries. The discrepancy is quite shocking, as in the series you will find photos of children like Kaya from Tokyo, whose mother spends more than $1.000 a month on her dresses, as well as photos of kids from Brazil or Nepal that barely have a roof over their heads. Save the Children Italy supported the two year long process needed to complete this series that now is also available as a book, where each portrait and bedroom photos are accompanied by an extended caption that tells the story of each child. If you are interested in the book this is the Amazon link, while if you want to see some other work by James Mollison here’s his personal website: If you like share this post with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Anonymous, 9, Ivory Coast (via)