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ScreenCamera.Net - The #1 video recorder ready for the Internet! Run As Date lets you indefinitely extend software trial periods. If you get a trial version of a program, it will generally give to a certain amount of time to try the software and evaluate it before buying.

Run As Date lets you indefinitely extend software trial periods

What if the software’s 3-day trial period just isn’t enough for you to be satisfied? There are a few programs out there that will let you run programs as a set date to get more out of a trial period, but RunAsDate from NirSoft seems to be the most simple out of the bunch. AllMedia Grabber 6.0 - Extract Thousands Pictures, Videos, Music, Sounds hidden inside programs and files on your computer. June 29, 2012This giveaway is not available any more.

AllMedia Grabber 6.0 - Extract Thousands Pictures, Videos, Music, Sounds hidden inside programs and files on your computer.

Extract Thousands Pictures, Videos, Music, Sounds hidden inside programs / files on your computer with AllMedia Grabber. AllMedia Grabber searches in files (executables, libraries, custom controls, data files e.t.c.) and extracts multimedia files. Stellarium. The 50 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For. General Files. Scribble Maps - Draw on google maps with scribblings and more! Free programs to open any file extension! Best Free Online Applications and Services. OfficeMonkey Download OfficeMonkey software for free at Software Download Page. Free Software Downloads, Software Reviews, Down... Portal:Free software. Drivers Download for Free.

Gratis - Download Freeware & Open Source Gratis. Drivers Download for Free. Driver Collector - Free tools and utilities. Free Downloads Encyclopedia - Softpedia. HLP Software, Free Download software. Home users Office - Office suites - Open Source Software Directory. Home - Open.Source - everything ! FREE SOFTWARE !!! for Windows, Linux & Mac. Free Office software. Ultimate List of Free Essential Software. Note:If you enjoy this list of software you might find these FREE online applications & tools helpful.

Ultimate List of Free Essential Software

No need to install or download anything, they work in your browser. Free software can save you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. The software listed below is completely free, doesn’t have malware or adware, is completely legal, and I use each of them personally. Most of them are Open Source. If you aren’t familiar with what Open Source is please read The Free Software Definition. This list includes the most popular software within their categories. Operating System Ubuntu – Designed as a Linux alternative to Windows or Mac operating systems. If you are thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 or getting a new computer Ubuntu is a great alternative. Anti Virus AVG Anti-Virus – the most popular free solution available at no cost to home users and provides the high level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their computers.

Personal Firewall. Freesmith Freeware - Free Video Player, Free Youtube Downloader, Free Audio/Video Converter for Windows and more. VirtualBox. The Best 100% Free Wireframe Tool for Mobile and Web Apps. Roundup: 15 Must-Have Free Software Programs for Your PC. Over the last three years, the writers here at MakeUseOf have profiled thousands of software apps on the website.

Roundup: 15 Must-Have Free Software Programs for Your PC

With all these thousands being presented to you, it’s hard to decide which apps to use and which ones to discard. To make it easier for you, we have managed to compile a list of the top 15 absolute must-have tools for everyday tasks. These are the essential programs that we recommend you install and keep on your arsenal. 1. Firefox / Chrome (Web Browser) 2. 1. Both Firefox and Google Chrome are excellent browsers. You can see all add-ons for Firefox at There are extensions for Google Chrome as well, but the choice is rather limited. RarmaRadio. My Favorite Smallware. Monkey's Audio - a fast and powerful lossless audio compressor. KatMouse - mouse wheel utility for Windows. Mouse wheel enhancement for Windows (screen shot) written by Eduard Hiti.

KatMouse - mouse wheel utility for Windows

Purpose The prime purpose of the KatMouse utility is to enhance the functionality of mice with a scroll wheel, offering "universal" scrolling: moving the mouse wheel will scroll the window directly beneath the mouse cursor (not the one with the keyboard focus, which is default on Windows). This is a major increase in the usefullness of the mouse wheel. Another (optional) feature involves the wheel button. Since the wheel button is not consistently used in Windows, KatMouse can use it for a kind of task switching: with a click of the wheel button you can push a window to the buttom of the stack of windows that is your desktop, making a recovered window the active window.

Features If your using KatMouse wheel button functionality, you can scroll most windows page wise by holding the wheel button over the window and clicking the left (up) or right (down) mouse button. Q: Some windows do not scroll at all!? Problems. Free Software. Free Download Home - eSoftZone. About The Freecode site has been moved to a static state effective June 18, 2014 due to low traffic levels and so that folks will focus on more useful endeavors than site upkeep.Support questions regarding this static site may be directed to site contents have been retained in this static state as a continued path to access the linked software, much of which is on self-hosted servers and would be difficult to find otherwise.Developers seeking hosting or ability to promote their Open Source software should consider SourceForge, as much of the Freshmeat-listed software currently uses that site.


Freecode has been the Web's largest index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software, and mobile applications. Thousands of applications, which are preferably released under an open source license, were meticulously cataloged in the Freecode database, but links to new applications and releases are no longer being added. MusicBee - Music Manager and Player. Do It Again - Free, simple program to automate tasks by recording and playing back macros. Download Softwares free of charge. Desktop customization tool. Download VueMinder Lite 9.0.1 Free - Calendar to organize your schedule and provide reminders of upcoming events.

VueMinder Lite is a rich-featured software application designed to help you schedule tasks and appointments, in order to manage upcoming events more efficiently.

Download VueMinder Lite 9.0.1 Free - Calendar to organize your schedule and provide reminders of upcoming events

The app comes with a professional-looking interface whose window can be maximized on the screen. It is possible to set up a new event, recurring event or all-day event by supplying VueMinder Lite with all sorts of details, such as the location, start and end time, recurrence pattern and file attachments. From this point on, you can either send the task via email, print the details, save the information to the calendar, or export data to the HTML format.

Tasks can be viewed in several methods, according to the viewing mode (daily, weekly, monthly) - in overlay, separate date/calendar columns, or only the work days, just to name a few. Additional features of VueMinder Lite involve subscriptions to online calendars (e.g. The Options screen is filled with extra configuration settings for skilled users. Download. Here you can download trial installation packages, free software and updates.


Your use of any software or any related documentation indicates that you accept the terms and conditions set forth in the License Agreement. Libraries (SDK) for J2SE/J2ME You can activate them using the license keys which you have purchased or requested for evaluation. Note that an evaluation license is issued only once per person and will terminate in 30 days from the date of issuance. Free Diary Software/Journal Software - Efficient Diary - Free Download.

Free Internet Tools and Software Downloads. DRM Removal. Remove DRM Protection.