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Cities : skyline

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Turn your drone footage into a 3D printed model using the DroneDeploy app. Feb 8, 2016 | By Tess Cloud-based drone software DroneDeploy, used primarily for creating detailed and accurate 3D terrain and architectural models, has now made it possible to turn footage captured by a drone into a ready-to-print 3D model.

Turn your drone footage into a 3D printed model using the DroneDeploy app

Ian Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager for DroneDeploy, explains the process of turning drone images into a 3D printed object on the software company’s blog, and uses his own childhood home in Houston, Texas as an example of how and what to 3D print. The first step in creating a 3D printed object based on drone footage is of course capturing the actual images. For the best results, Smith suggests flying your drone around the setting or building you want to 3D print while taking photos at a 45 degree angle to the ground to focus more on the actual terrain than the sky or surroundings.

Image taken from 45 degree angle For his own 3D print of his childhood home, Smith printed on a small scale in full color out of a sandstone material. DroneDeploy: Powerful cloud-based drone software. Cities Skylines Map Editor(Importing real maps) Part 1. Steam Workshop. Traffic Planning Guide for Realistic Cities. After you have developed a good zoning plan for your city, let’s look into providing good connections for your zones.

Traffic Planning Guide for Realistic Cities

Street HierarchyBefore we start building our road network, let's refresh our understanding of road types. (For more details, please see “How to Traffic”, can categorise roads by: Capacity - Arterials (skeletal roads), Collectors, and Local (neighbourhood). Function - Traffic or Access to Property. (Source: Safety Effectiveness of Highway Design Features, Volume I, Access Control, FHWA, 1992)In the game, “Arterials” can be a major six lane road or an expressway. The arterial roads operate at higher speeds and promote vehicular traffic over others, and act as the “skeleton” of your city.

In this city, I’ve built an overpass specifically for truck access to the harbour. Here is my city, two weeks ago. An Example City This is a city that @QQ感嘆符 showcased on the forums. Solution is simple: an east-west expressway with sufficient exits. Import model from Blender to Cities: Skylines. ► Cities: Skylines - Mod Tutorial inkl. source. Ultimate Montreal (Canada) v2.1. Download Steam Workshop ID: 422439850 By: OvagabondWorkshop Link | UPD: 10 Apr @ 7:28pmAfter losing the original map data, it's back!

Ultimate Montreal (Canada) v2.1

Many things planned for future updates. Includes parts of: Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard, Saint-Lambert, La Prairie, Candiac, Sainte-Catherine, Kahnawake, all in the province of Quebec. Please send any comments, anything you think is missing or constructive feedback. Cities: Skylines - Unity modding masterpiece? Modding - Cities: Skylines Wiki. Getting Started — Cities:Skylines Modding 0.0.1 documentation. To create a mod you will have to write down c# source code.

Getting Started — Cities:Skylines Modding 0.0.1 documentation

The game is made in Unity 5 and this allows you to do almost anything you can do in Unity. The source code you write for your mod will be compiled in to a DLL. This DLL is your mod and this will also be placed on the workshop. Namespace¶ First of all you have to define a namespace for your mod. When using code from the API, Unity, other mods, the game or anything else you will have to let the compiler know about this. Mod information¶ If you look in the Content Manager you will see all mods have a name followed with a description.

Multiple classes¶ To keep things organized you should work with multiple classes/files. Example¶ With the information given above you should now have something like this. MyModInfo.cs. Asset Editor - Cities: Skylines Wiki. Asset Editor[edit] Overview[edit] The Asset Editor is a powerful tool for decorating existing assets, creating new assets from props, or creating new road pieces such as intersections that can then be imported into the game.

Asset Editor - Cities: Skylines Wiki

The Asset Editor is launched in the Tools sub-menu of the Main Menu. Asset Editor (click to enlarge) Usage[edit] When you click on New Asset and choose the environment, a choice between various asset types that are/will be supported appears. Asset Importer (click to enlarge) For some asset types, the next screen allows you to select either a custom model (.fbx file format) or the default model from the template. Asset Properties (click to enlarge) The next step is the decoration tool, where various objects such as props and trees can be used to decorate the asset. If the asset type allows for gameplay values to be adjusted, you can do so on the Asset Properties panel, in the bottom right corner. Additional information on some of the properties:

Cities: Skylines Mods Catalogue. Cities: Skylines. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines est un jeu vidéo de gestion développé par Colossal Order et édité par Paradox Interactive sur Windows, Mac OS et Linux. Le jeu est sorti le 10 mars 2015 sur la plateforme Steam puis le 10 avril 2015 en version DVD. L'objectif du joueur est de construire une ville en gérant les infrastructures publiques : routes, services publiques, acheminement de l'eau et de l'électricité, etc. En tant que maire, il a alors un budget lui permettant d'investir dans ces constructions et doit également gérer la politique de sa ville pour satisfaire ses administrés et attirer les touristes.

Lors de son premier mois de commercialisation, le jeu est vendu à plus d'un million d'exemplaires. Système de jeu[modifier | modifier le code] Cities: Skylines, le topic des MODS.