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CloudConvert. Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List for 2021) This guide aims to be the most exhaustive resource available for documenting alternatives to Google products. It has become one of the most popular guides on Restore Privacy and is now updated for 2021. With growing concerns over online privacy and securing personal data, more people than ever are considering alternatives to Google products. After all, Google’s business model essentially revolves around data collection and advertisements, both of which infringe on your privacy. More data means better (more targeted) ads and consequently, more revenue for Google. The company pulled in over $134 billion in ad revenue in 2019 and that number climbs higher every year. But the word is getting out. Small steps to restoring your privacy. (65) DLNA - Windows 10 - Setting up DLNA Media Streamer.

How to Share Facebook Videos Outside the Facebook. Facebook allows to share videos inside the Facebook.

How to Share Facebook Videos Outside the Facebook

You can share any video with your friends and watch the videos shared by your friends within Facebook. But Facebook does not have the facility for such a scenario while you want to share a video from Facebook with those who do not have a Facebook account. Also, Facebook does not provide any code for the shake of embedding videos in a webpage. Age Calculator - How Old Am I?

Keeping You Ahead of the Storm. Top 7 Free Streaming Audio Recorder for Mac & Windows – EaseUS. Ever thought how you can record music or a podcast you listen to on your Computer?

Top 7 Free Streaming Audio Recorder for Mac & Windows – EaseUS

I am sure you must have, but then you also would have considered that it is almost impossible to download as most of the services stream audio without an option to download. While one can record any audio using a microphone and speaker, you will never get the original quality. In this post, we will share the top seven free audio recorders for Mac and Windows. Here is the list of the top free streaming audio recorder which can be used on Windows, Mac, and Online. Main Content: # 1. . # 2. How to Temporarily Disable Your Keyboard with a Keyboard Shortcut in Windows. If you’ve got a pet or small child, you know that an unguarded keyboard can spell disaster—or more likely, spell “dhjkhskauhkwuahjsdkja,mnsd”.

How to Temporarily Disable Your Keyboard with a Keyboard Shortcut in Windows

We’ve got a tool for locking and unlocking your keyboard with a quick keyboard shortcut. RELATED: The Beginner's Guide to Using an AutoHotkey Script. The President Contracting COVID-19 Is A Major National Security Crisis. The Commander In Chief has tested positive for SARS-COV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19.

The President Contracting COVID-19 Is A Major National Security Crisis

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, this is a bad moment for the country, especially in terms of the potential national security implications of this situation, one that is largely unheard of. While Presidents have been incapacitated in the past, the highly infectious and wily nature of this disease means that incapacitation is further complicated by isolation and the possibility that the same deadly virus spreads throughout the highest rungs of power in Washington. It is in this uncharted territory that America's increasingly belligerent adversaries could decide to act, taking advantage of weaknesses in the U.S. military and foreign policy decision-making chain of command.

The statement from the President's physician is shown below. White House At the very heart of the matter is continuity of government, and in particular, the command and control of America's nuclear deterrent. (228) LG Wing Unboxing - This Thing is WILD. Pro tip: Sock away a clean copy of Windows 10 (2004) Downloading a clean copy of Windows 10 version 2004 is remarkably easy, doesn’t take very long (if you have a fast internet connection), and may well save your keester at some point.

Pro tip: Sock away a clean copy of Windows 10 (2004)

Don’t worry, it’s 100% legal and, at worst, will occupy about 8 GB on a convenient drive for a while. Nothin’ to it. Step 1. In Windows 10, use the Media Creation Tool If you have a PC with a license for Windows 10, the easiest way to get version 2004 involves Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool. Product Focus: Hopper 3 – Now with 20 TB DVR! FRUSTRATED - Hopper 1 and External Hard Drive. Hopper external hard drive not showing up. Hopper 3 disconnect external hard drive. My files. All Photos. Windows 10 Spotlight Images. Learn to think. Massive hype as Microsoft launches Windows 95 - BBC Archive. SatelliteGuys.US. Alphabetize a list in alphabetical order - and much more! MEGA. How to Filter Gmail Headers & Stop "Via" Spam. In this article I will show you how to use a Google Apps Script to mark certain messages as spam based on their headers.

How to Filter Gmail Headers & Stop "Via" Spam

This script basically checks the 5 newest inbox messages every 10 minutes looking for a specific header. If it finds that header it will mark the message as spam automatically. Of course, you can modify the code to fit your needs. This script won’t prevent you from receiving this spam in the first place, but it will save you the trouble of manually identifying and deleting them yourself. ProduKey - Recover lost product key (CD-Key) of Windows/MS-Office/SQL Server. Related Links Recover lost CD keys for Windows and 10000+ major programs - including products of Adobe, Symantec, Autodesk, and more...

ProduKey - Recover lost product key (CD-Key) of Windows/MS-Office/SQL Server

NK2Edit - Edit, merge and fix the AutoComplete files (.NK2) of Microsoft Outlook. FileTypesMan - Alternative to 'File Types' manager of Windows. UninstallView - Alternative to the software uninstaller of Windows. Description ProduKey is a small utility that displays the ProductID and the CD-Key of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007), Windows (Including Windows 8/7/Vista), Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer.

Download links are on the bottom of this page Versions History Known Problems When running produkey.exe, Some Antivirus programs display an alert and/or block you from running it. Supported Products List. - Free Logo Generator. 2 Free Ways to Save Link to Google Drive. About “Save Link to Google Drive”

2 Free Ways to Save Link to Google Drive