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The Alphabetizer puts just about any list in alphabetical order. Alphabetize words, songs, titles, email addresses, phrases, sentences and everything in between. Helps with your homework too!

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9 Examples of How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell - Ecommerce Copywriting It’s an easy mistake. Even professional copywriters make it sometimes: writing product descriptions that simply describe your products. Why is it wrong? Because product descriptions need to sell your products. Let’s have a look at nine simple ways to persuade your web visitors with product descriptions that sell. How to Filter Gmail Headers & Stop "Via" Spam In this article I will show you how to use a Google Apps Script to mark certain messages as spam based on their headers. This script basically checks the 5 newest inbox messages every 10 minutes looking for a specific header. If it finds that header it will mark the message as spam automatically. Of course, you can modify the code to fit your needs.

B1 Preliminary Archives - For this exercise about going to space, you have to read the text and choose the best word to fit the gap. It provides practice for the reading section … For this exercise about why being special is important to us, you read the text and choose the correct answer to each of the five questions. It provides practice … For student budget, you read about advice given to students going to university. Top 3 Tips To Make Your E-Newsletter A Success If you want people to actually read your e-newsletter instead of deleting it from their inbox, you need to make it worth their time. You need to provide a valuable and useful gift. That means NO “free” white papers on “how to make make your Twitter account reach 10,000 followers”. Make good use of the law of reciprocity and provide something really useful and free to your e-mail recipients.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary <div id="needs_javascript"><center><b>Note: OneLook Thesaurus requires JavaScript.</b><br /><img src="/img/a.gif?q=omg_a_user_without_js"> If you have disabled JavaScript in your browser, please <a href=" it for this site</a> or use the <a href="/?w=entersearchhere&loc=revfp_legacy">old version of the reverse dictionary</a> here. ProduKey - Recover lost product key (CD-Key) of Windows/MS-Office/SQL Server Related Links Recover lost CD keys for Windows and 10000+ major programs - including products of Adobe, Symantec, Autodesk, and more... NK2Edit - Edit, merge and fix the AutoComplete files (.NK2) of Microsoft Outlook.

Adjectives - Love English Character Traits!!! The words used to describe characters are called character traits and if you can name the characters you can describe them as well. Below is a comprehensive … List of Adjectives!!! This lesson shows you a list of adjectives, adjective definition, and adjectives examples in English. List of Adjectives Adjective Definition Adjective Definition: An adjective is a part of … Transmission Model of Communication Introduction Here I will outline and critique a particular, very well-known model of communication developed by Shannon and Weaver (1949), as the prototypical example of a transmissive model of communication: a model which reduces communication to a process of 'transmitting information'. The underlying metaphor of communication as transmission underlies 'commonsense' everyday usage but is in many ways misleading and repays critical attention.

Town Name Generator - Generate Real And Fantasy Town Names! Jump down to the Generator To create a good town name, it needs to describe your town, whether that be fictional or real. The name of the town is usually the first impression on people passing through or coming to live. If you are a property developer and have a town to name, you can name it with the features of the land in mind, for example, if the town has two rivers meeting at it, you could call it Two Rivers or something similar. 2 Free Ways to Save Link to Google Drive About “Save Link to Google Drive” It is an option of a Chrome extension called “Save Link to Google Drive”. You would find it is useful when you want to save a link - your natural instinct is to save the link to the hard drive or some permanent storage, but this option gives you that orderliness where you can save link directly to Google Drive.

Reading - Sentence Gap Fill - Microwaving In the following text, six sentences or parts of sentences have been removed. Above the extract you will find the six removed sentences PLUS one sentence which doesn't fit. Choose from the sentences (A-G) the one which fits each gap (1-6). Remember, there is one extra sentence you do not need to use. Guide to publishing a successful ebook Tweet Mashup image by Mike Licht on Flickr … and Renoir. And 7 services that let you earn income for your works Pro tip: Sock away a clean copy of Windows 10 (2004) Downloading a clean copy of Windows 10 version 2004 is remarkably easy, doesn’t take very long (if you have a fast internet connection), and may well save your keester at some point. Don’t worry, it’s 100% legal and, at worst, will occupy about 8 GB on a convenient drive for a while. Nothin’ to it.