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5 Signs Of Overwatered Plants + How To Nurse Them Back To Health. How to create a plant wall - STOCKPILING MOMS™ I am so excited this idea for how to create a plant wall with you!

How to create a plant wall - STOCKPILING MOMS™

My friend Rye created a Wall of Plants in her house. How cool is this? Last year she and her husband went to eat a cute little Italian restaurant in Midway, KY. The food was amazing, but at the time she was captivated by their unique and beautiful wall of plants. That day she told her husband that she wanted to make one of those in their kitchen. Since then, I have been collecting, planning and growing my succulents, cacti & house plants. The inspiration came from the Mezzo Italian Cafe in Midway. The Best Organization Apps for Families. Whether you are navigating the trials and tribulations of a certain pandemic or simply trying to stay on top of a busy school and work week, staying organized can make the difference between enjoying the weather or spiraling into chaos.

The Best Organization Apps for Families

From paying the bills, cleaning the house and feeding the kids, there is a lot that parents have to track. Here are our top picks for the best apps to help keep you calm, cool and collected. Most of them are free or very affordable! Keep reading to see them all. photo: Microsoft As task manager apps go, we’ve always been a fan of Wunderlist.

Free for iOS and Android. photo: Cookpad. How to Fold Clothes to Save Space (Using Marie Kondo Folding Method) Ahhh… functional organization.

How to Fold Clothes to Save Space (Using Marie Kondo Folding Method)

That’s why I love the Marie Kondo Folding Method, KonMari – it not only makes your drawers tidier but it makes sense, maximizes your drawer space, and it’s easy to keep up with. You might not have ever realized, but there’s a huge difference between organization and functional organization. Plus, now that many of us are at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, we think there’s no better time than now to get organized. I recently de-cluttered all of the drawers in my home using Marie Kondo’s folding method. Prior to doing this, I used to stack all my piles of clothes or if we’re talking about my kids, they get pretty sloppy and just throw it all around. Besides maximizing the space in each drawer, I can now see every item that’s in it so no more shuffling through stacked piles to find the top you want!

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas. The 8 Best Portable Washing Machines of 2019. Quick & Classy Entryway Shoe Rack & Aromatherapy Plus Frameable Reminder. There are many reasons that people prefer to take their shoes off before entering their home.

Quick & Classy Entryway Shoe Rack & Aromatherapy Plus Frameable Reminder

Cleanliness and custom being the top two. For those of you who do, we’ve created a quick and classy entryway shoe rack that comes with a bonus of aromatherapy, so not only is there a place to hang your shoes up, they smell better when you put them back on! And last but not least, we have three lovely printables you can frame above your shoe rack to remind visitors. If you’re interested in other ways to make your feet smell sweet, check out our How to Cure Smelly Feet naturally with our DIY Foot & Shoe Spray and also learn why Going Barefoot is Best!

NOTE: You can of course make your own rack with wood and hooks. PDF Comes with ALL three in 8×10 and 5×7 size Print out the templates and cut them out of felt. We used grey and white for the flowers, leaves and centers. Glue the centers onto your flowers. Glue the leaf onto the back of your flower as shown. Cut 3″ strips of white ribbon. Simple Tips For Better Living. Are Your Evenings a Bit Hectic? Create this DIY Kids Routine Clock – Hip2Save. 21 Quick Ways To Make Your Bathroom The Best Room In Your Entire House. Stop Cutting Coupons and Start Saving! - Living on a Dime. My observation with coupons: a lot of the foods offered in coupons are not healthy and/or not things we buy/eat.

Stop Cutting Coupons and Start Saving! - Living on a Dime

I never buy canned soups such as Progresso, it is way expensive compared to homemade…..most soup leftovers can be frozen…….a friend of mine freezes leftover soups in individual bowls, removes frozen soup to a freezer baggie, thus when need a fast meal, person can put frozen soup in bowl and microwave it. I have found over the years, if we stick to basic foods such as whole grains, dry beans/lentils, vegetables on sale, fruits on sale, meat sparingly, and some of the grocery items on sale in weekly ads…….that I can usually feed us for……$.40 to $1.00 a day per person……plus we have fewer doctor bills because we are eating fiber foods with dense nutritional value to keep us healthy.

We don’t have a garden, though we wish we had room for one. How To Save Money On Groceries. It’s easy to learn how to save money on groceries.

How To Save Money On Groceries

These easy tips show you painless ways to easily save hundreds of dollars a month on your food bill! 33 ways to save water and reduce your water bill - Living On The Cheap.