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Humanities Honors 2a. Businessinsider. Be a better writer in 15 minutes: 4 TED-Ed lessons on grammar and word choice. There’s no denying it — the English language can be mighty tricky.

Be a better writer in 15 minutes: 4 TED-Ed lessons on grammar and word choice

When writing a paper, a novel or even an e-mail, you might look at a sentence you just wrote and think, “Is that comma supposed to be there?” Calming the teenage mind in the classroom. "I actually never believed really in meditation. ...

Calming the teenage mind in the classroom

I thought it was a joke," she said during an interview. That all changed one day back in September. While she was on her computer working and everyone else in her class was meditating, she just fell asleep sitting up. "When I woke up, I was like, 'What happened? ' Internships, Fellowships and Scholarships. Don't miss out on internships, fellowship and scholarships available from NASA.

Internships, Fellowships and Scholarships

Check this page often for new additions. NASA Space Grant Internship -- Chandra X-Ray ObservatoryAudience: Higher Education Students Who Are U.S. CitizensApplication Deadline: Feb. 8, 2016Category: Student Internships Chandra is one of NASA's Great Observatories and continues to be a major research tool for X-ray astronomy. Chandra has internships available to assist the Flight Operations team or the Integration team. Both opportunities involve working to enhance ground system software to support flight operations of NASA's Chandra spacecraft. NASA Space Grant Internship -- Space Telescope Science InstituteAudience: Higher Education Students Who Are U.S.

NASA Space Grant Internship -- OSIRIS-REx Audience: Higher Education Students Who Are U.S. 2016 NASA AcademyAudience: Undergraduate and Graduate Students Who Are U.S. Stand Out From the Crowd. Each year, college admissions offices receive thousands of applications from eligible high school students.

Stand Out From the Crowd

However, schools only admit a certain number of applicants. So how do admissions counselors determine which students are admitted? Here’s the secret: Admissions counselors look for students who excel in and out of the classroom. This same principle carries on throughout your college career. Campus CommunitiesAdmissions counselors look for students involved in different organizations, such as honor societies, musical groups, gardening clubs and student government. Stop Putting Things Off: 5 Tips For Focus and Productivity. Putting off work that needs to get done is perhaps one of the most common human experiences.

Stop Putting Things Off: 5 Tips For Focus and Productivity

Adults do it and kids do it, but delaying important tasks too frequently can cause anxiety and negative feelings about one’s self and one’s ability to finish work. Cycles of delay can be very disempowering, and in extreme cases can be detrimental to a person’s life. Tips To Have Students Ask Better Questions. Edsurge. When I taught high school English, I created an essay system that did just that. It used a Google Form rubric, a Google Sheet as a database, and a “Student Tracker System” I developed. Free SAT & ACT Prep Exercises.

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Free SAT & ACT Prep Exercises

Future - Improve your memory in 40 seconds. Have you ever seen or heard something amazing – a scene in a film, a joke or a song – only to forget it later on?

Future - Improve your memory in 40 seconds

Instead of the crystal clear images you wanted to recall, you’re instead left with scraps of images and mangled sentences, or more frustratingly still, nothing at all. Even monumental events, like meeting a film star, can sometimes fade surprisingly quickly. Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges. Questions - Caption Generator. How To Bring Socratic Seminar Method Into Your Classroom. Academic Dishonesty. Faculty members are expected to instill in their students a respect for integrity and a desire to behave honestly.

Academic Dishonesty

Deception for individual gain is an offense against the members of the university community. To this end, faculty will take measures to discourage dishonesty, adjust grades appropriately if dishonesty is discovered, and recommend that additional administrative sanctions be considered. Grading policies are the exclusive prerogative of faculty. Non-academic administrative sanctions are the province of the Student Disciplinary Officer within the university's Student Affairs division; Tel. 510-885-3646. Academic Integrity. Academic Integrity Academic integrity falls under Student Conduct Policies and Procedures.

Academic Integrity

Academic CultureBoard PolicyCampus ProceduresInstructor GuidelinesStudent BehaviorFHDACCD Board Policies Article 5: Student Rights and Responsibilities, AP 5500 The purpose of this policy statement is to inform students of their rights, policy and responsibilities at Foothill and De Anza College. These policies and procedures are for institutional and student use, but cannot be separated from public laws and regulations; therefore, everything stated herein must be considered within the limits of the law. Why are low income students not showing up to college, even though they have been accepted? It’s the height of summer, and some would-be college students are starting to fade in the searing heat of bureaucratic blockades.

Why are low income students not showing up to college, even though they have been accepted?

Their college plans may melt away entirely by the end of summer. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Parchment - Send Transcripts and Get College Matches. BuzzFeed Search. Hone the Top 5 Soft Skills Every College Student Needs. Although a strong background in traditional "hard" skills like writing, mathematics and science will always have its place in academic and career worlds, an increasing number of employers desire prospective employees with "soft" skills.

Soft skills include the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and the willingness to learn through experience, and are applicable across multiple disciplines and careers. It is important for students to develop soft skills as they prepare for college and as they graduate and enter the workforce. There are five important soft skills college-bound students require. [Learn these five must-have tech skills for college students.] 1. Students can develop the skills necessary to effectively work with others in numerous ways, including participating in athletics and extracurricular activities. 10th Grade Written Plan and Timeline - Commencement Project. Teaching Students How to Take Notes – Moving From Mechanical to Effective — Emerging Education Technologies. Improving Note Taking Techniques (With Some Resources and Tools to Help) Effective note taking can make a genuine difference in student learning. The Mechanics of Preventing Procrastination.

Procrastination is, in essence, stealing from yourself. The reason goals are so hard to reach, many psychologists think, is because each person believes they are really two people: Present Me and Future Me. And to most people, Future Me is much less important than Present Me. Present Me is the CEO of Me Corp, while Future Me is a lowly clerk. “Instead of delaying gratification,” people “act as if they prefer their current self’s needs and desires to those of their future self,” write psychologists Neil Lewis of the University of Michigan and Daphna Oyserman of the University of Southern California in a new study in Psychological Science. Dasmen - University of Virginia - Class of 2018 - COLLEGEdata - College Buzz.

When I first started my college search, I was looking for a school in a big city that had busy surroundings, but still had that college feel. I also wanted a college that would give me numerous opportunities and close personal connections with my professors. Headed for New York City lights I wanted to go to NYU since I was in elementary school. My mother went there and I've always looked up to her. She is a big part of the choices that I make. The night before my NYU decision was due, I couldn't even sleep. Jeepers! Beepers? : Parents love 'em. Teachers hate 'em. The tiny pagers keep teen-agers on an electronic leash. But disruptions in class and concerns about drugs made them unpopular with school officials. Yahoo Canada. PrepFactory - Free Online SAT and ACT Practice Exercises. Three Good Resources for Developing Lessons About Current Events. The Insanity of the New Humanity: Put Away the Phone and Be There.

I Forgot My Phone. Age of Distraction: Why It’s Crucial for Students to Learn to Focus. Digital classroom tools like computers, tablets and smartphones offer exciting opportunities to deepen learning through creativity, collaboration and connection, but those very devices can also be distracting to students. OneTab shared tabs. Stop Procrastination in Its Tracks  Game Word Generator - The Game Gal. When I was putting together this site of games, I discovered that my printable word lists became very popular. Random Writing Prompt Generators. The Inquiry Process, Step By Step. Want to Ace That Test? Get the Right Kind of Sleep. The Teenage Brain.

How To Reap the Most Out of College (Or Any) Education. A growing body of evidence suggests that the most significant thing about college is not where you go, but what you do once you get there.