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How Project Collaboration Software helps Overcome Major Challenges of Workforce. COVID-19 has made remote working a need of the hour.

How Project Collaboration Software helps Overcome Major Challenges of Workforce

Companies are now focussing on equipping the workforce with a wide range of collaborative tools with the ultimate aim of working smarter, faster, and increasing productivity. Project collaboration software are shaping the way organizations work and employees communicate. What are Cryptocurrencies? Various Types of Cryptocurrency. Since Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be released in 2009, a lot has happened around cryptocurrencies.

What are Cryptocurrencies? Various Types of Cryptocurrency

Today countless more or less well-known digital currencies exist. The vast majority of the currencies that emerged in large numbers in the last five years have disappeared almost unnoticed into the digital void again after a while – but some have held up, and names like Ethereum, DogeCoin, Litecoin and of course the “dinosaur” Bitcoin are always a topic in the media. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate. Artificial intelligence in real estate is not just a buzzword today.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

Today AI has become an integral part of technology. AI has proliferated in many industry divisions, and real estate is no exemption. Opposed to what many people worried, the rise of AI hasn’t led to a surge of jobs being displaced by computers, and neither is it likely to in the foreseeable future. Instead, AI arose from the need to obtain higher value from frequently large data sets, which have long since outgrown human intelligence to make sense of them.

Quick Guide to Product Prototyping. Prototyping is one of the most critical functions to ensure testing of your ideas.

Quick Guide to Product Prototyping

It is a scaled-down or miniature version of your plan. It is about clearly depicting your product design and navigation, as well as a workflow to streamline development processes. Prototyping leaves no room for ambiguity before the actual development process begins, minimizing errors discovered during the initial phase of a project. Top Technology Trends of 2020: Anticipating the Future. Emerging technologies—including artificial intelligence, robotics, and bitcoins—are leading new and competitive risks and opportunities.

Top Technology Trends of 2020: Anticipating the Future

With breakthroughs for promising technology and rising popularity of blockchain, businesses often fail to keep up with rapid pace of technological evolution. As we cross the threshold into the New Year, let’s take a look at what the technology trends will look like in 2020. The latest technology trends in mobile app industry Smart Cities Digital Marketer - Role in IoMT in Healthcare Delivery & Patient Care - Role in IoMT in Healthcare Delivery & Patient Care.

DevOps and QA: Understanding the Connection. What are the Future Technology Trends in Healthcare Industry. Technology has been transforming industries and the healthcare industry has seen technology inspire progress and innovation.

What are the Future Technology Trends in Healthcare Industry

The idea that customer comes first has dawned on each and every industry. The healthcare industry is no exception. Healthcare service providers realize that the rapidly-evolving technologies will disrupt hospitals worldwide. The Healthcare IT Market is expected to be $390.7 Billion by 2024 and is growing at a faster rate than the GDP of most countries. It costs nearly $250 Billion to process 30 Billion healthcare transactions each year.

WatchOS 6: Driving Change in Wearable App Development. Several features have made wearables an integral part of lives – such as advanced functionality, lighter and less bulky hardware and improved connectivity.

WatchOS 6: Driving Change in Wearable App Development

Enhanced intelligence would probably be the number one element to define this market across different verticals. It is essential to partner with a leading wearable device app development company to gain an edge. Wearable technology, which started with things like hearing aids and calculator watches, has grown into advanced applications and fitness trackers that keep tabs on distances walked or users pulses. watchOS: New Era in Wearable App Development Apple’s Watch is pioneering change in wearables app development.

Apple’s latest watchOS 6, operating system designed to run on the Apple Watch will take wearable app development to the next level. watchOS 6 is a leap ahead offering several new features for Apple Watch owners.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality in Real Estate: Benefits & Use Cases. Regularly, a land operator gives a considerable rundown of properties to the customer.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate: Benefits & Use Cases

A short time later, there are clarifications, dealings, lastly the official visits to houses. This work process has continued as before for a considerable length of time. However, it's poorly implemented and tedious for real estate agents as well as for home buyers too. There's a distinct advantage, and it's now changing how the real estate companies use – Virtual reality app development.

The intensity of VR innovation can help land operators develop their business, get more customers, and convey top-level administrations. 7 Outstanding Augmented Reality Apps From Online Retailers. How Artificial Intelligence can Transform the Education Industry. Artificial Intelligence solutions are slowly making a profound impact on our lives.

How Artificial Intelligence can Transform the Education Industry

It is soon becoming a mainstream technology. Whether it is automatic parking systems, smart sensors, and personal assistance by virtual assistants, Artificial intelligence is causing digital disruption in different industries. It is making its presence felt in the education industry changing traditional and conventional teaching methods. The academic world is getting more high tech with convenient and personalized teaching experience thanks to the numerous applications of Artificial Intelligence in education.

AI is helping breaking geographic barriers, eliminating the need to attend classroom trainings. Internet of Things Use Cases & Best Practices. IoT Home Automation Systems and Software. Control everything at your fingertips Control your smart home devices including lights, curtains, entertainment system, air conditioner, heater and security system at the tap of your smartphone.

IoT Home Automation Systems and Software

Run personalized schedules Set predefined commands for devices to perform specific actions at the particular time – be it having coffee ready when you wake up or turn off everything when you leave home. Lock & Unlock Door IoT smart home allows locking or unlocking of doors with a single touch on phone. Understanding AR, VR and Mixed Reality. Emerging technologies are transforming several industries acting as a catalyst for change and acceleration. As social, mobile, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Cloud technologies democratize computing power and information access, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality App Development continue to strengthen enterprise-to-employee and enterprise-to-consumer interactions. AR and VR Statistics Goldman Sachs predicted that the VR and AR hardware market will touch $80 billion by 2025.Citibank expects the market for VR hardware, networks, software and content to reach $200 billion by 2020.More than 14 million U.S. workers will wear augmented reality headsets in 2025.According to ABI Research, AR headsets will deliver $46 billion in revenue by 2021, whereas VR will generate $15 billion.AR will focus primarily on the enterprise, while VR will emerge as a consumer play.

Augmented Reality Virtual Reality. How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Mobile App Development? Mobile app development is revolutionizing our lives turning impossible into reality. What’s next in this fascinating journey of mobile development? Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be unanimous choice of industry analysts. Right from chatbots, context-aware smart sensors to predictive analytics, developers and businesses are exploring innovative ways to utilize Artificial intelligence to deliver better customer service, new products and reimagine business processes.

How IoT is Transforming Commercial Real Estate? - Hidden Brains Blog. Technology is completely transforming the basics of Commercial Real Estate. As the sector continues to evolve at a phenomenal pace, technology is becoming a key enabler. Internet of Things: Future of Retail - Hidden Brains Blog. The IoT revolution offers the retail industry the option to drive innovation and new opportunities in the areas of customer experience, supply chain, and new revenue streams.

Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Real Estate Industry - Hidden Brains Blog. Chatbot Platform & Messenger Services. Top 7 IoT Trends of 2018: Harnessing the Power of Connectivity. Driving IIoT in Manufacturing: Mobile Apps for Manufacturing Industry. Manufacturing industry has struggled hard to live up to the expectation of end customers. Top Virtual Reality App Development Company. Hidden Brains provides a host of services to design and develop Virtual Reality applications that leverage the raw potential of this powerful art form. As a leading Virtual Reality Application Development company, we create virtual reality and mobile app experiences that exceed business objectives. Top 7 IoT Trends of 2018: Harnessing the Power of Connectivity. How Blockchain will Revolutionize Industries - Hidden Brains Blog. Top IoT PRoducts.