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Can Twitter be Used in the Classroom? The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook For Teachers. The 2012 A-Z List Of Educational Twitter Hashtags. We got so many additions and updates to our 2011 list we thought it was time to bring you the most up-to-date list for 2012. So, without further ado, here’s the 2012 A-Z list of educational Twitter hashtags. We went through all the comments on the 2011 version , wrote down all the Twitter and Facebook updates, and compiled this list over the course of several months.

What follows is our best effort to bring you the biggest and baddest list of hashtags. I’m sure we still missed some as new hashtags seemingly pop up every day. In any case, let us know what we missed in the comments or on our Facebook page! First, some background to get you up to speed on what the heck a hashtag is. If you already know, then you can skip down a few paragraphs. First, What’s A Hashtag? Whether you’re a new or seasoned Twitter user, you likely come across confusing hashtags that probably look like a bunch of nonsense. The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keyword or topic in a Tweet. Sources Technology. Three Practical Ideas for Using Twitter in E-Learning.

Twitter’s all the rage. Some people love it. Some people hate it. But many people really don’t know much about it or don’t do much with it. I’ll have to admit, I have mixed feelings about Twitter (and much of the other social media). On one hand, I really love to play around with all of the new social media tools and am excited about what’s going on and the potential for learning. On the other hand, much of their value is exaggerated. A lot of this social media stuff can be distracting and a waste of time. For me it’s all about context. While I do follow people, I tend to focus on topics and keywords. With all that said, Twitter is a useful tool. Click here to watch Dr.

In addition to Dr. Follow the Subject Matter Expert Suppose you’re doing a course on organizational leadership. Here’s another idea for those in the education world. Another angle is to have each student represent a historical character and then they have to tweet and follow the other student characters of the time. The Ultimate Guide To Using Twitter In Education. Twitter seems to be here to stay. As one of the most popular ways for teachers, students, and the general public to communicate, it’s becoming a must-have tool in almost every teacher’s toolbox.

However, numerous recent studies have shown that education in general has been slow to adopt social media. In an effort to speed up this adoption process, below you’ll find a boatload of resources on the past, present, and future of Twitter in education as well as some helpful guides to using the tool in the classroom. This guide is by no means exhaustive and is meant to be added to on a regular basis. To do that, Edudemic needs your help . Just share your favorite resource(s) on the Edudemic Facebook page and it’ll get added to this Ultimate Guide. Thanks in advance for your help! The History of Communication The following is a guest post excerpt from Ernesto Priego of The Guardian (UK). Read the full article on here . The Nuts and Bolts of Twitter In Education The Twitter Experiment.

Twitter in the Classroom. In Classroom Experiment, All Discussion Happened via Twitter - Wired Campus. Fairfax, Va. — Students at George Mason University shifted their feet and chatted outside a classroom here on Tuesday morning, waiting for Stephen Groening’s class on cellphone cultures to begin. On tap was not an ordinary classroom discussion about the assigned readings. Instead, the entire conversation would take place by Twitter, and students were nervous. Some had created Twitter accounts just for the class, while others were not sure how the discussion would go. “I am completely overwhelmed by this concept,” said Emily Clough, a senior history major, as Mr. Groening began setting up three projectors to beam Twitter streams on the classroom’s walls. Mr. The professor was not sure what to expect as the class began tweeting silently about the assigned reading. “I was super-nervous because to me, teaching means a lot of talking—giving a lecture or giving a discussion,” said Mr.

Students definitely had something to say. In the wrap-up discussion, Mr. Ms. Mr. Return to Top. 5 Cool Ways of Using Twitter In Classrooms. Teachers have been taking advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged for years now. Taking the time to learn how to use Twitter has proved worth the return for teachers throughout the world. Here is a collection of dozens of projects and ideas to get teachers started using Twitter to build a better learning experience for everyone, divided into five categories: Expand Learning Possibilities Build Writing Skills Use Twitter’s Research Potential Get Creative! Improving Classroom Efficiency 1. Make Instant Connections Monica Rankin (University of Texas-Dallas) has students tweet their questions during lectures for greater engagement. Other teachers have used Twitter to poll students and display results in real time using SurveyMonkey or similar tools. Collaborate Beyond The Classroom Teachers and students from around the world can collaborate on projects using Twitter for communication.

Or, partner up with local government or charitable organizations. 2. Create Reports 3. 4. Twitter 101: Best Practices in Using Twitter in the Classroom Infographic. Best practices and tips for Twitter in the higher-ed classroom. College students have become used to instant communication. Many professors complain that technology has given their students short attention spans and poor study skills. Others bewail the end of civilization, as they see their students reading Facebook during class instead of taking notes. In reality, students are adapting to a new information environment. The cues that guided young academics to new ideas a generation ago were subtle, steeped in unwritten formalities, and exclusionary. Today, the best students are using social networks, feeds, and blogs to forage for the information that matters to them.

But others will inevitably take advantage of the social buffet to browse away from your course's content. What to do? Try taking the reins, to meet your students at the information smorgasbord. Twitter is a tool that can enable ad hoc conversations and interactions among your students, in ways that you can track and foster. Curious about how to apply Twitter in your classroom? 35 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom.

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom. Many critics of Twitter believe that the 140-character microblog offered by the ubiquitous social network can do little for the education industry. They are wrong. K-12 teachers have taken advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the latest technologies. The following projects provide you and your students with 50 ways to Twitter in the classroom to create important and lasting lessons. 1.

One of the simplest ways that teachers can use Twitter in the classroom involves setting up a feed dedicated exclusively to due dates, tests or quizzes. 2. Subscribe to different mainstream and independent news feeds with different biases as a way to compare and contrast how different perspectives interpret current events and issues. 3. Set up an interesting assignment requesting that students set up Twitter for education lists following feeds relevant to their career goals and keep a daily journal on any trends that crop up along the way. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 60 Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom By Category. Social media offers some great opportunities for learning in the classroom, bringing together the ability to collaborate, access worldwide resources, and find new and interesting ways to communicate in one easily accessible place.

Teachers around the world have found innovative ways to use Twitter as a teaching tool (including TeachThought’s favorite), and we’ve shared many of these great ideas here with you. Read on, and we’ll explore 60 inspiring ways that teachers and students can put Twitter to work in the classroom. Communication Twitter makes staying in touch and sharing announcements super simple and even fun. These ideas offer a great way to put the tool to good use. Organization Twitter’s hashtags and other tools share a great way to organize information for your classroom. Resources Use these ideas to take advantage of the vast resources that Twitter has to offer. Writing Skills.