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A-Z of Dance. On the first day of school, instead of going over your classroom rules, why don’t you just create some memes explaining your rules.

A quick and memorable way for your students to connect with routines and procedures. Either way, these are fun ways to express your sentiments. Which ones can you identify with most? Any others we should add? Check out the bottom for links to other memes, including what students typically say that drives us crazy. 14-Year-Old Proves U.S. Can Save $370 Million by Changing Fonts. Font nerds, get ready to rejoice.

14-Year-Old Proves U.S. Can Save $370 Million by Changing Fonts

Holi. What Men Find Behind Female Masks - Luke Malone. Kerry, the "unofficial matriarch" of the female-masking scene Julie, an immaculately made-up woman, sits down in front of a camera.

What Men Find Behind Female Masks - Luke Malone

She has thick, voluminous hair that frames the high cheekbones of her conspicuously crease-free face. Her elegant, arched eyebrows and extra-long eyelashes act as a counterbalance to her plump, painted lips. She looks out of frame, as if admiring herself in a mirror, before giggling and batting her eyelids. “Oh dear,” she purrs, tilting her head from side to side. She reaches up and emits a light moan as she unclips her gold earrings and gently sets them aside, one by one. Julie is one of the most visible faces of female masking, a specific subset of cross-dressing men who wear masks, and occasionally skin-tone bodysuits, to make them look more like biological women.

Julie is but one of scores of maskers around the globe; the most popular masking website, Dolls Pride, has almost 10,000 active members. How a Python Can Swallow a Crocodile. Jennifer S.

How a Python Can Swallow a Crocodile

Holland In an epic battle in northern Queensland, Australia, a 10-foot olive python got the best of a Johnson's crocodile, and a lucky passerby snapped photos. We talked to Terry Phillip, curator of reptiles at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, South Dakota, about python-croc relations and portion control at mealtime. The Surreal Grandeur of San Francisco's Little-Known Salt Fields. Crystallizer beds (Cargill Newark crystallizer beds, September 2005).

The Surreal Grandeur of San Francisco's Little-Known Salt Fields

Cris Benton Buckled gypsum (Salt Pond E6B, September 2009). Most expensive city? New York's not even in the top 20. Brian Williams Raps "Rapper's Delight" Embracing Potholes by Turning Them Into Hilarious Imaginative Scenes. Potholes in the streets of your city may drive you crazy, especially if you live in Montreal, Canada.

Embracing Potholes by Turning Them Into Hilarious Imaginative Scenes

You are tired of hitting those nasty potholes and feeling the crushing jar as your wheels take a beating, but you could see them completely differently. Photographers Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca took to the streets and to the edge of insanity to find new uses for those annoying potholes. The potholes of Los Angeles, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto turned into donut fryers, spaghetti bowls, dog washing business, and even a grape stomping vat for wine. Their creative revamping of potholes gives us a touch of humor for the next time we hit one of those nasty holes, and pokes a little fun at the government agencies that need to get busy and fill the holes. In a recent interview with we asked… "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith) The Secret Cities Hidden Between NYC Skyscrapers. Peter Wegner's Buildings Made of Sky project explores the spaces in between our buildings.

The Secret Cities Hidden Between NYC Skyscrapers

Peter Wegner Wegner snaps photos of cityscapes and turns them upside down to reveal a building made of sky and clouds. Looking at Wegner's photos is like looking at a mirage. You're not sure if what you're seeing actually exists. Wegner stands in the middle of the street to get his photos. He says he prefers early morning and evening because the lighting dims the visual noise of the real buildings. The Crazy Duo that Scaled the World’s 2nd Tallest Building also Took some Amazing Photos. Feb 14, 2014 Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov have gained a lot of notoriety with the video above this week (posted yesterday on the Sifter).

The Crazy Duo that Scaled the World’s 2nd Tallest Building also Took some Amazing Photos

The video, released on Wednesday February 12, 2014, has already been viewed over 8 million times. It shows the duo (who together are OnTheRoofs), climbing the still under-construction Shanghai Tower. President of Russia Vladimir Putin on The Voice. Russian police — Get lucky cover (Daft Punk) Luge - The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion TV Commercial Ad. Frogs singing in Malaysian swamp at dusk judged to be 'most beautiful sound in the world'

Frogs singing in Malaysian swamp at dusk judged to be 'most beautiful sound in the world' Celeb Culture Skewered by Canadian Social Services Campaign. I love this.

Celeb Culture Skewered by Canadian Social Services Campaign

I've never been a celebrity gossip person, I think it's disgusting. Then I discovered Jezebel as a supposedly "feminist website. " Murmuration. Famous Movie Quotes as Charts. Devil Baby Attack. Lake Superior State University. Boiling water & water gun in extreme cold (Northern Ontario) Coconuts climbs Thailand's Hollow Mountain. Dogs Always Poop On A North-South Axis Along The Magnetic Field [Study]

Dogs spontaneously and naturally align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field when they do their business in a preferred north-south direction, according to a new study.

Dogs Always Poop On A North-South Axis Along The Magnetic Field [Study]

Biologists from the Czech Republic and Germany studied the way 70 dogs (42 females and 28 males across 37 breeds) relieved themselves for two years in an open field without being leashed. Based on observing more than 7,000 bathroom breaks, they claim that the canines like the north-south axis because they are attuned to our planet’s magnetic field. On the other hand (or paw), the animals avoided doing their business in an east-west direction. The orientation of the dogs’ bodies was measured as a compass direction of the thoracic spine. According to the findings published in Frontiers of Zoology, “Dogs preferred to excrete with the body being aligned along the North–South axis under calm [magnetic field] conditions.” Minor instability in the magnetic field threw the pooches off of their pooping pattern, however. Building a Bear-Proof Suit. Sexy Banned Commercial:Headmuns Security Pants. This Gorgeous Freediving Video Will Take Your Breath Away—No, Seriously - Sam Price-Waldman.

In recent years, underwater freediving—diving without breathing equipment—has found new popularity. Dating back thousands of years, it’s an ancient tradition and a recognized sport, but for Carlos Eyles, freediving is a way of life. In the short documentary Still, Eyles, a freediver and photographer based in Hawaii, floats through coral reefs photographing dolphins and sea turtles. Eyles says, “the ocean exists as a fundamental reality of the earth. กี่เพ้า โชว์ตบหน้ารายการนัดกับหมอ. Spew, Fly, Don’t Bother Me. The frequent regurgitation practiced by flies as they ingest and digest food yields densely detailed paintings. Knuth' handling some of his insect collaborators, from a still of a MOCATV video of the "Made in Los Angeles" series. John Knuth. The Shaw Fire Log: The mysterious hand has been stoking the fire since 1986. It’s a holiday tradition watched by more than three million people. It has its own Twitter account. It’s been featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in a skit with Steve Carell.

And the mysterious hand that stokes the fire has even had letters from women asking if he is single. PUMPED UP KICKS. BATMAN SURF WITH THE JOKER 1967. Schooling a reader who doesn't like female, middle-aged, black pirate captains. A reader of Scott Lynch's fantasy novels upbraided him for daring to have a black, middle-aged woman running a pirate crew, calling it a "politically correct cliche" and went on to say "Real sea pirates could not be controlled by women, they were vicous rapits and murderers and I am sorry to say it was a man’s world (sic). " Lynch's response was appropriately scathing, and rather wonderful.

You know what? Yeah, Zamira Drakasha, middle-aged pirate mother of two, is a wish-fulfillment fantasy. I realized this as she was evolving on the page, and you know what? 32 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop. The 33 Dumbest Things That Happened In 2013. Raw: Divers Find Man Alive in Sunken Tugboat. Exploding Whale Video: Disgusting Phenomena Is Actually Common, Experts Say.

An exploding whale video that went viral this week shows a marine biologist running to escape guts that come flying out of a dead sperm whale after he cut into the animal’s stomach.. The video was quite graphic, showing the animal’s innards flying out in a burst of blood, tissue, and bodily fluids. Annoying Airplane Passenger Thinks She's The Only One Who Celebrates Thanksgiving (PHOTOS, TWEETS) Google Search: Reunion. 'Orgasm Wars' In Japan Features Gay Man Trying To Make Straight Man Climax (NSFW VIDEO) Physicists probe urination 'splashback' problem. 6 November 2013Last updated at 08:17 ET By James Morgan Science reporter, BBC News The researchers hope their work will improve toilet hygiene and bring harmony to family bathrooms. Rob Ford responds to eating-pussy allegations. Cllr Doug Ford forces council to recess because of his braying and neighing. Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man - In Focus. People Make New York City Subway Conductors’ Days With Silly Signs.

The annual polar bear migration in real time - Canada. The southern-most population of polar bears on the planet gathers on the banks of the Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba every year from late October until late November for their annual migration. Rob Ford’s Office Hired a Hacker to Destroy the Crack Tape. Photoshop Fail, People's Republic of China edition. From Foreign Policy: Toronto mayor Rob Ford "drunkenly calls radio show" to defend Rob Ford, calling himself "Ian" งูกินหมา. Coca-Cola apologizes for offensive bottle cap message - Edmonton. Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal. How Fast Can You Scroll? Take The 100 Meter Scroll Challenge! You’d better train your index finger before taking this challenge. Don’t hurt yourself. The 100 Meter Scroll is the brainchild of designer/developer Michael Vestergaard, and just could be the most fun thing you do today.

The Scarecrow. Lese majeste law makes family feud a battle royal. This Brutal Obituary Is a Reminder to Be Good to Your Children. Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD] Dip Your Apple - Fountainheads Rosh Hashanah. Dip Your Apple - Fountainheads Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem. Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD] Shana tova. 10 Photos To Remind You That Jews Don't Fit Into A Stereotype (And Never Have)

Okay, let’s be real. Most of the world, and especially America, when it imagines what Jews look like, usually has an image like this sticking out in their mind: Yep, thanks to Woody Allen, Hollywood, and plenty of other reasons that have no connection to reality, the majority of the world likes to think Jews are all white, nerdy, and short. Real Taylor Swift Quotes. Pinterest Page Attributes Hitler Quotes to Taylor Swift. 基隆八斗子土石流第一現場. N.J. College Kids Pay During ‘Burglary’: Video. These Lifehacks Will Change and Improve Your Life Forever. Quadruple Take Masterclass. Maps. Katy Perry - Roar (Lyric Video)

Bar Mitzvah Boy Makes Spectacularly Choreographed Entrance To His Party. Woman's Dead Husband 'Reincarnated As A Cow' : Khaosod Online. Bangkok university makes students wear anti-cheating helmet during mid-term exams. Tokyo Tower Gigapixel Panorama. The largest photo ever taken of Tokyo is zoomable, and it is glorious: Obama's Surprise Speech on Race: 'Trayvon Could Have Been Me' - Philip Bump. A Small Tree. What goes on when you are not there! Fox News Host Attacks Muslim Scholar Who Wrote About Jesus. Daredevils perform stunts on Troll's Tongue in Norway – in pictures. Chinese Woman Trapped Between Walls For 7 Hours, Passers By Mistake Her For Ghost. Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2. The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time.

This Creepy Doll’s Maniacal Laughter Will Echo in Your Nightmares. Zev’s ‘Little Folk’ series earns big buzz. Tribute to Nelson Mandela, extraordinary artist of freedom. By Phil Akashi in June 2013 in Shanghai. Zev’s ‘Little Folk’ series earns big buzz. Russian Driver Hits Cows Trying To Mate On Road. Cheetah Chases Impala Antelope Into Tourists on Safari. Ginger Rogers "Love Will Keep Us Together" The Originals of Shipstern. Video: The curse of the spinning statue at Manchester Museum. Videos « Garfunkel and Oates. Trapped in Transit: Orwellian Moscow airport hotel. Customer Reviews: Mizuno Women's Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe.