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Build sustainable home yourself with WikiHouse under $200 - HomeCrux. Browse Sketches - OpenProcessing. OpenFrameworks. Compressify: video compression. DIY Hammock Chair DIY Projects. Headus UVLayout - Try. Try UVLayout Windows: Download and run the EXE file below to install the Demo version of UVLayout for Windows platforms.

headus UVLayout - Try

See Installation_Guide:_Windows for full installation instructions. Mac OS X: Download the DMG file, then open it up and follow the instructions in the Read-Me.txt file. See Installation_Guide:_OS_X for full installation instructions. Linux: Download the TGZ file. The Demo version is free, but has a limited duration license. You can run the Demo version of UVLayout in one of three modes: When in the default Demo mode, only the very basic tools are available. Project DesigningInflatableStructures SIGGRAPH14 paper. Cartoon Toy Design Software. Pentagun Derringer Pepperbox 6mm version 1.0. Pentagun Derringer Pepperbox 6mm version 1.0 This is the Pentagun Derringer Pepperbox 6mm by franco, a remix of the Reprringer and the Pepperbox.

Pentagun Derringer Pepperbox 6mm version 1.0

Made evident. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions, enquires, or comments: Industrial Designer, MatterMachine 2013 - Present Designing for mass customisation.

made evident

MatterMachine. Maestro - finger mounted input device to control the cursor. Maestro is wearable input device using the orientation of the finger.

Maestro - finger mounted input device to control the cursor.

Wearable small devices on the finger has been investigated to provide easy access to PC and surrounding environment (NailO, HandSight). Maestro enables user to do pointing and scrolling based on the orientation of the finger and contact between fingers. Materials. Videos. Shopping Cart 0 items log in register Javascript must be enabled to view this page.


Un Seguidor Solar Simple que Tiene Ejes Duales. Dual Axis Transistorized Solar Tracker. The idea of using transistors to drive the motors was sourced at the Redrok energy site.

Dual Axis Transistorized Solar Tracker

I used the "LED5S5V Simplified LED low power tracker", its a long web page, use Ctrl + F in your browser to find the spot, or direct link here Led5S5V. The max current using the suggested 2n2222 transistors is about 100ma, a bit on the small side for my intended motors and so I used some BD634's and 245's I harvested from an old telex machine. These are capable of 1A and will easily drive my RC servo's and small hobby motor. Solar Tracker in the Internet Cloud. The major system components identified in the block diagram: 90 Watt solar Panel Two axis motion platform constructed from 2x4’s complete with wooden peg gears and re-used curtain rod/pole.

Solar Tracker in the Internet Cloud

Custom electronics – Electric Imp connected to stepper drivers, IO Expander and 6 Axis MEMS accelerometer/magnetometer Rechargeable battery – retired unit from my motorcycle as it is no longer capable of turning the engine over. Solar Charge Controller – cheap unit from ebay to make sure the battery doesn’t overcharge. Smartphone or web browser – monitoring status and remote control. This is a non-essential part of the system done purely for a learning experience to see what it takes to connect a phone to a remote device. Learn More about OpenWheels Firmware. During the months spent developing OpenWheels, we worked hard to achieve a firmware that was both functional and fast.

Learn More about OpenWheels Firmware

We used float type variables only when it was strictly necessary and we implemented a system interrupt to manage, with the right timing, the stabilization operations. We did not skimp on protection systems and diagnostic messaging because, as an open source project, it must be easy to manage. Learn More about OpenWheels Firmware. A Robotic lawn mower powered by Solar Energy with an Arduino heart.

This robot will mow the grass of your garden, staying within a defined area, avoiding all obstacles and working in complete autonomy, automatically charging itself with a solar panel.

A Robotic lawn mower powered by Solar Energy with an Arduino heart

In this post we present a robotic lawn mower, powered with solar energy and able to operate just with the clean energy from the sun; this one is a great difference from the commercial projects having a robot in need of a charging station connected to the electrical grid. When designing a lawn mower powered by solar energy, it is essential that most of the energy comes from the sun, and of course the ultimate result would be obtained if solar energy were enough to completely power up the robot: this one is however an objective that will be very difficult to obtain, given the low efficiency of existing solar panels.

For this kind of usage, less power is needed, and can be easily managed with a battery powered system. Tinker, Open Source Cafe Racer. The Cave / The Wedge / Mavericks - Tents by Frackenpohl Poulheim for Heimplanet. Amazing Inflatable Tents!

The Cave / The Wedge / Mavericks - Tents by Frackenpohl Poulheim for Heimplanet

Campers know that to find the right tent it’s gotta be sturdy, reliable, lightweight, highly durable, thoughtfully shaped for strength and should feel just right. AmigosCerveceros. Francisco Martínez, Author at Catálogodiseño - Página 13 de 31. El Studio Makkink & Bey liderado por al arquitecto y diseñador Rianne Makkink Jurgen Bey, diseñó el nuevo concepto de la tienda Camper en Lyon, Francia, considerando la finalidad básica de los zapatos, apoyar al pie. El diseño de interior se basó en el caminar, como la forma más primaria de moverse en el espacio, a partir de líneas de movimiento y las estructuras físicas que forman los paisajes en que caminamos.

Las escaleras y las líneas de color rojo brillante en las escaleras, paredes, y piso describen la interpretación física de los movimientos hacia adelante, hacia arriba o hacia abajo. Explore outside the box. Italy - Case Studies - Exo Exhibition. Marc Newson Ltd. DIY Electric Skateboard. DIY Electric Longboard for $300. DIY Oversized T-Shirt : No-sew. El reto de diseñar una silla. Concurso de Diseño Andreu World. -

THE NINJA - Impossibly Light MICROFIBER Footwear by Unbelievable Testing Laboratory. A Pair of NINJA for Your Feet UPDATE: Preorders Open Till July 18th, 2014 The thing about shoes is that you want them to be light, comfortable, fashionable and durable. Muchen Lamp – DIY Lamp by Hong-sheng Chen. Paper Light With the hallmarks of an industrious project, the Muchen Lamp is a creative DIY Lamp that uses wood and cardboard. Both the materials are recyclable and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Satchel. Loop - Wall Hook by LaSelva Design Studio. Get in the loop, hooks are out! Loop is a minimal & playful expression of a modern wall hook that wins on many levels! The loop VS hook design is highly functional for hanging your fav things. Woodspot - Table Lamp by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti. The Right Spot(Light) Kaira - Ice Boat by Khitrova Anna. Inspiration Mapp on Pinterest. Open-source syringe pump. [edit] Source. Finally, Ikea Furniture You Can Build In 5 Minutes.

Blooming Zoetrope Sculptures. 12 Seats for Maximum Relaxation. Muebles-Inspirado Origami de Nendo para BoConcept. Exposición Conceptions of Space en el MoMA. Didier Faustino, Double Happiness, 2009. Fotografía de la instalación en el Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture. Veinte proyectos internacionales de arquitectos y artistas se exhiben en el MoMA de julio a octubre de 2014: maquetas a gran escala, vídeos, dibujos, fotografías e, incluso, una instalación que ocupa toda una sala, muestran cómo el espacio sigue siendo el punto de mira desde el que la arquitectura contemporánea inspira sus creaciones.

Pigeon - Kick Scooter by Ignas Survila. Build a furniture quality Laptop Stand and TV Tray. Digital Wood Joints. The Collapsible FLIO Laptop Stand Puts a New Angle on Sustainable Workspaces FLIO Laptop Stand. 50 Digital Wood Joints. Kerfchair-chair-boris-goldberg-detail.