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Earth's Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns. IDL TIFF fileFrom sea shells and spiral galaxies to the structure of human lungs, the patterns of chaos are all around us.Fractals are patterns formed from chaotic equations and contain self-similar patterns of complexity increasing with magnification.

Earth's Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns

August 2011. Sous le prunier mei - Under The Mei Plum Tree. Browse Palettes. Log In Sign Up COLOURlovers.

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Fractal Art - Fractal resources. Custom Fractal Generator. This is a generic geometrical fractal builder.

Custom Fractal Generator

What you do, you enter any complex function and it will compute for you the graphical representation of that equation. Net Sommaire. Gallery of Computation. Gallery of Computation. Dossier pédagogique Fractal.PDF - Dossier_pedagogique_Fractal.pdf. Un ver plat et une planaire : des mépris... Algorithmic worlds - Blog. A blog about algorithmic art and fractal aesthetic.

Algorithmic worlds - Blog

Click here to subscribe to the RSS feed . January 30th 2010. Laughing Tony. Dossier pédagogique Fractal.PDF - Dossier_pedagogique_Fractal.pdf. Wave Function is Real: The Holographic Quantum Model. Envision Everything Imaginable in the Universe as Being Made Up of Waves The Wave Function is Real: The Holographic Quantum Model by Noel Huntley , Ph.D.

Wave Function is Real: The Holographic Quantum Model

Source: Beyond Duality In quantum physics the wave function (denoted by the Greek psi symbol) is sometimes referred to as mathematical fiction. When Schrodinger developed his famous wave equation, it was a puzzle as to what psi really represented. It was concluded that the wave function depicted probabilities--and not energy. Here we shall be using the wave function to mean a packet of vibrations as in current quantum mechanics but that in our case we envision everything imaginable in the universe as made up of waves. Every single wave function is a packet of information. Quantum energy is actually quantum action, that is, energy multiplied by time (as one whole). Fractal Pages of Paul N. Lee. Frac·tal (frâk´tël) n.

Fractal Pages of Paul N. Lee

A geometric pattern that is repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals are used especially in computer modeling of irregular patterns and structures in nature. [French, from Latin fractus , past participle of frangere , to break. See FRACTION.] Fractals are extensions of traditional Euclidean shapes, such as lines, squares, and circles, with two fundamental properties: 1. Fractal Pages of Paul N. Lee. C. P. MacDonald Info Center & Online Radio. Taking bTransform further. Originally, the bTransform structure first defined by its creator utilised a single transform, itself linked from another, parallel-linked to a pair of bTransform transforms (that looks awfully clumsy, but such is Apophysis’ nomenclature!)

, the first with bTransform_power set to 1, plus a small bTransform_split value, the second of much lower weight with bTransform_power set to around 20. Subsequently, I explored extensions to this basic structure: 1. Using a linked series of transforms before the bTransform structure 2. Serial-nesting using diminishing bTransform_split values and increasing bTransform_power values. 3. Volume 48 - Apophysis Fractal Tutorial 4. Source of Fractals. THE SOURCE OF FRACTALS (April, 2001) By Noel Huntley, Ph.D. Fractals are self-similar forms on different scales. The leaves of a fern or the branches of a tree are typical examples. No part of the natural world appears free from them: ocean waves contain smaller waves, etc. a coast line has irregularities similar on all scales (viewed at different heights); a ploughed field has a clumpiness within a clumpiness; the foliages of a tree from leaf to whole tree reflect the branch hierarchy in its groups within groups; pebbles thrown on the ground organise fractally; even the stars in the sky visually reflect the fractal organisation; and we might add to this list--though not recognised in current science--the 'clumpiness' of the universe (which the Big Bang theory fails to explain), such as planets within star systems, within larger systems, within the galaxies, within galaxy clusters, within superclusters of galaxies, within the universe.

Fractal Field Theory - Applied Quantum Fractal Field Theory. Elizabeth A.

Fractal Field Theory - Applied Quantum Fractal Field Theory

Rauscher, Ph.D. World-renowned nuclear physicist, researcher and author of over 100 academic papers. You Are a Hologram–The Holographic Nature of Consciousness and Reality. Fractal broccoli Holograms come in many shapes and sizes, and for the most part, people are at least superficially familiar with the concept of holograms, but this is mostly reserved for the realm of fun eye candy and artistic works. However, if one was told that the world around them, and in fact they themselves are holographic, it would be brashly dismissed as ludicrous dribble.

Well, I’m proposing precisely such an absurdity, and I seem to be in good company. Consciousness is the driving force behind the manifestation of form within this holographic matrix. Approche globale ou holistique: systémique, fractale, hologramme, intrication quantique. Ce sujet donne juste des définitions et explications simples des théories et procédés relativement récents qui ouvrent la science à une approche globale ou holistique. Théorie des systèmes La systémique est selon wiki une méthode de scientifique promouvant une approche globale ou holistique, à côté de l'approche analytique et réductionniste de la science classique. ELI5: What are fractals? : explainlikeimfive. Le nombre d'or dans Mandelbrot. FLAM3. Fractal Geometry. Abstract 3. Untitled. Free range Apophysis. What do you do when a new variation is released?

Free range Apophysis

Unzip it into your plugins folder and try it? Of course! Before I get to that stage, however, I generally do some spreadsheet-y things, especially if the variation is one of the small but growing tribe I dub ‘space rearrangers’. Free range Apophysis. Looking back at 2012, what were my artistic highlights?

Free range Apophysis

It began revisiting a couple of my original styles from 2011, gnarled glynnias and their close cousins I dubbed geologicals Then I hit on another original combination: the flux-glynnia. Rocky in texture and somehow inherently disturbing, the space offered felt limited, like a single underground cavern system, the abode of pure evil. A relief, then, to move onto the amazing patterns of linked edisc/julians, looking like some deep Mandelbrot zoom. Then a brief flirtation with linked splits/elliptic to create spiral forms. JWildfire/src/org/jwildfire/create/tina/variation at master · thargor6/JWildfire.

Ensemble de Mandelbrot. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Ensemble de Mandelbrot

L'ensemble de Mandelbrot (en noir) Zoom sur une partie de l'ensemble. Ensemble de Julia. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Un ensemble de Julia. Fractale. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Le fractales, la théorie du chaos et nombre d’or - Nombre+d+or,+chaos,+fractales.pdf. File:JULIA2.jmb.jpg. Fractal Generating Software Programs & Links on Paul N. Lee's website. If you can't find what you are looking for in the below table of generating and rendering software programs, applications, tutorials and more, then additional fractal related information may be found in this 1,300+ line text file.

Also, further information may be found within the world renowned Fractal Census, where over 4,500 individuals are listed (plus statistics on software use and number of users per country). Even the first portion of the table below (which previously was in alphabetical order) is now listed in the order by programs having been acquired, tried, and/or used the most, so as to match the statistics from the Fractal Census list of applications. If you can't find what you are looking for in the table of software above, then more fractal related information may be found in this 1,300+ line text file. Want to view, create, or know more about fractals? Go to the renowned Fractal Census, orto the revised Spanky Fractal Database.

This URL has been accessed approximately times. Index. Mandelbulb 3D Parameter: Metallic Fountains. For the Mandelbulb 3D enthusiasts out there, I'm putting up some of my best images along with their formulas. Click here to see the complete list. Parameters for this one are below the fold. JWildfire/src/org/jwildfire/base/ at e3722ac17132b1866a9a0066607ff74d64ee39ad · thargor6/JWildfire. Cool math - Fractal Generator - Make your own fractals! Apophysis Users Manual. Installing Plugins The first thing you need to do is get the latest version of apophysis as the install version 2.0 cannot accept or use the plugins. Fractals for Dummies, or How to Explain Fractals to Children. 20 Best Websites For Finding Free Vector Art. Mandelbulb 3D Parameter Sharing. Paramètres Mandelbulb 3D. Retrouvez mes paramètres Mandelbulb 3D que je mets à disposition du public.

Hidden Fractals Suggest Answer to Ancient Math Problem. Researchers have found a fractal pattern underlying everyday math. Earth's Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns. Arts Numériques - antholog... Turing-McCabe Pattern Explorer. Electric sheep. Le BloGuenfractales. (1) Pierre images fractales. Arbre fractal. ARBRE FRACTALFractal tree, Baum-Fraktal Un arbre est fractal en ce sens que ses branches maîtresses, issues du tronc, sont chacune des arbres en réduction.

Benoit Mandelbrot - Hunting the Hidden Dimension Nova (2008) Benoit MANDELBROT. Claire Jones' Apophysis Resource Center. David Makin's Fractal Blog. Apophysis « The Fr0st Blog. Apophysis Resources by ClaireJones on deviantART. JP-Talmq Apophysis Tutorial 5 by ~JP-Talma on deviantART. It’s all about the filter radius « The Fr0st Blog. Links « Element90 Fractals. Hidden Dimension Galleries. Les fractales dans la nature. Galerie Photos - Nautilus fractal sur Futura-Sciences. Exposition d'art fractal 3D. Galerie Photos - Fractales sur Futura-Sciences. Julian Haight - Filmer fractal animation system. Andreas Maschke's Homepage. Mandelbrot et les fractales. ZEIT FRACTALS.

Fractal Art. Math'@ctivité 2D : fractale Arbre de Pythagore 1. Fractals. The Sobel and Laplacian Edge Detectors. UF5Challenges. Random Title Generator by Maygra (based on a design by Jellyn) Facebook Photos Size Guide. Axone man contre les fractales. Fractal Image Gallery. The Art Abides. Liquid Universe - Chi. Fractals. Fractales et images numériques. Art from Chaos. Principe des images fractales. Fractal Resources. Index of /Software. Basantis on deviantART. FractalMaker_exp. Xyrus. Pierre Collenot. J-Wildfire Users Group. Wildfire7\PPC Documentation. Blatte's Fractal Resources.