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TouchDevelop. Computer Science Unplugged. MinecraftEdu. Monster Coding - Fun Programming for Kids. Anybody can learn. Best Apps and Websites for Learning Programming and Coding. Jump to navigation Donate Check out what's new in: Bookmark Related Top Picks Displaying 1 - 9 of 9.

Best Apps and Websites for Learning Programming and Coding

Cool Math Games for High School Frame math concepts in a new way with games for older students. Grades 9 - 12 Math Critical Thinking. Run Marco! These are The Skills Students Learn from Coding. January 12, 2014 In his wonderful TED talk " Let's teach kids to code ", Scientist Mitch Resnick made this beautiful analogy : When kids learn to code , it enables them to learn many other things, opens up many new opportunities for learning.

These are The Skills Students Learn from Coding

It's useful to make an analogy to reading and writing, when you learn to read and write it opens up opportunities for you to learn so many other things, when you learn to read you can then read to learn, which is the same thing with coding, if you learn to code you can code to learn. Drawing on Mitch's talk together with a bunch of other online resources, I came up with this list of skills kids get to learn from coding . These skills are also relevant for all other sorts of activities: Here are some of the platforms that bring simple coding lessons to teens and adults. Hour of Code.

Welcome to the new Sodaplay. Europe Code Week 2015 - Resources and guides. EU Code Week is a grass-root movement run by volunteers who promote coding in their countries as Code Week Ambassadors.

Europe Code Week 2015 - Resources and guides

Anyone – schools, teachers, libraries, code clubs, businesses, public authorities – can organise a #CodeEU event and add it to the map. The Key to Coding – Part 1. Today’s blog is a guest post from the amazing Kim Vernon, who blogs at

The Key to Coding – Part 1

Kim is Head of Integrated Technologies for Infant students at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she has been teaching overseas since 2008. Kim is a Google Certified Teacher and has a Master of Education. She has recently begun to share her knowledge and skills by speaking at regional and international conferences. For more, follow Kim on Twitter. In this Part 1 of a 2 part blog series, I will be looking at coding and the theory behind the ‘why’.

So why coding? If we are to be completely honest with ourselves, the concept or theory behind computer science in the curriculum is not new, well not within Early Years Education. 100 Free LEGO Learning Printables - Great Peace Academy. Resources for Teaching with LEGO® Bricks Most children love LEGO® bricks and playing with them can also be a learning experience.

100 Free LEGO Learning Printables - Great Peace Academy

But did you know you can take it one step further and structure learning around LEGO® bricks? Yep, LEGO® bricks can be used for a wide variety of subjects, from science and math to language arts and writing. These days the web is filled with Free LEGO Learning Printables, even here at Great Peace Academy, you can download for free, counting and multiplication worksheets using LEGO bricks. I’ve pulled together some of the best FREE LEGO® Learning Printables on the web so you’ll have a ready resource available here on the GPA Learning with LEGO® page.

Resources - Teach, Learn, and Make with Raspberry Pi. Codecademy School Computer Science Curriculum. How to get started with coding in the classroom - Daily Genius. This probably isn’t news, but coding isn’t just for geeks anymore.

How to get started with coding in the classroom - Daily Genius

Computer based jobs are growing at a rate estimated to be about 2x faster than other types of jobs, and it is estimated that there will be a million more jobs than there are students to fill them by 2020. Currently, less than 2.4% of college students graduate with a degree in computer science. Filling this gap means that more students need to get involved in STEM subjects early on in their education. Lesson 4: Identify missing parts of a program and program Kodu to only eat green apples - YouTube. Lietojumprogramma Kodu sistēmai Windows šeit: Windows veikals. ScratchJr - Home. Anybody can learn. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. 6 great coding websites and apps for tweens and teens. My daughter's school offered a coding class as one of this year's summer school offerings.

6 great coding websites and apps for tweens and teens

I was excited. She was not. Ah, tweens. The tricky thing is that they're smart enough to argue with you. In this case, my daughter pointed out that the class description said it was "self-guided" and that she could guide herself through one of the many websites and apps for kids who want to code, which are free or just a few dollars. I appreciate the kid's style, and after taking a few other factors into consideration, we talked about how she was going to have to take initiative, stay motivated and all those things that often don't come easily to this age group.

At my request, over these first few weeks of summer my tween tried out an assortment of coding websites and apps for tweens and teens. 1. Cost: Free Best for Kids in Grades 6-12 At first, though, she wrote down "little boring" but crossed that off and next to it wrote "Awesome! " 2. Best for Kids in Grades 2 through 8 3. 4. 5. 6. Cost: $3.99.