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New EFF Report Shows Cops Used Ring Cameras to Monitor Black Lives Matter Protests. San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has obtained emails that show that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) sent at least one request—and likely many more—for Amazon Ring camera video of last summer’s Black-led protests against police violence.

New EFF Report Shows Cops Used Ring Cameras to Monitor Black Lives Matter Protests

Facial recognition. Kingston Cognate Top 50 Global Experts. Since 1987, Kingston has been known for the highest quality memory and storage products available.

Kingston Cognate Top 50 Global Experts

We recognise the important role memory and storage play in computing productivity and take the necessary steps to guarantee a reliable product. Superior quality, guaranteed compatibility, convenience, stability and reliability are just a few of the values we instil in our products and staff. For sale: your personal data.

Cover Story: Sidebar Posted Jan 01, 2017 04:20 am CST By Terry Carter Cambridge Analytica Some experts credit a little-known voter-data company based in London for President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory, with late-campaign efforts that used as many as 5,000 pieces of data for each American voter to identify millions who could be moved to vote for him.

For sale: your personal data


IP Address private data. Biometrics privacy security. FB SCC suspended. Safe Habor ECJ decision. Privacy v publicity. Right to be Forgotten. Apple v FBI. Law Firms data security Liability. BLOCKCHAIN. Police webcam. Btcoin. New Passenger Name Record Directive, Oracle v Google. ePrivacy. Data analytics. Criminal Law Enforcement Directive. Intellectual property. Online security. Responsabilité des avocats. How to react to online reviews. Periscope. Panamapapers. Who's Afraid Of The ICO?

# Humanrights and children’s rights: interference with publicity. Publicity: ‘interplay’ of public interests in court proceedings Family proceedings, governed by Family Procedure Rules 2010, are heard in private save where rules or court order otherwise provide (FPR 2010 r 27.10).

# Humanrights and children’s rights: interference with publicity

Adopted Resolutions – International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners. LAST WEEK IN PRIVACY & DATA PROTECTION – Medium. 15th Weekly Newsletter -> 15–21 October 2016 CJEU Defines Personal Data in the “Breyer” Case Ruling The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its judgement in the Case C‑582/14 also known as the “Breyer” case, where the Court was deciding on whether a dynamic IP address could be personal data.


The case was referred to the CJEU by the German Courts and the core of the dispute was the fact that the public websites of many German federal institutions store information on all access operations in log files, which is not necessarily deleted after the access is terminated. Publishes "Privacy Law Sourcebook 2016" EPIC Bookstore EPIC Publishes "Privacy Law Sourcebook 2016" EPIC proudly announces the 2016 edition of the Privacy Law Sourcebook, the definitive reference guide to US and international privacy law.

Publishes "Privacy Law Sourcebook 2016"

The Privacy Law Sourcebook is an edited collection of the primary legal instruments for privacy protection in the modern age, including United States law, International law, and recent developments. The Sourcebook includes recent US law, such as the FREEDOM Act, and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the UN Resolution on the Right to Privacy in the Modern Age, and regional privacy agreements. Global Privacy and Security Experts Launch the International Council on Global Privacy and Security, by Design. Privacycalendar. Doctoraatsverdediging. Which data protection and consumer law applies to Amazon? Comments on the VKI v Amazon judgment.

Lorna Woods, Professor of Internet Law, University of Essex The recent CJEU judgment in VKI v Amazon concerns jurisdiction both in the context of conflict of laws (applicable consumer laws) and the Data Protection Directive.

Which data protection and consumer law applies to Amazon? Comments on the VKI v Amazon judgment

Essentially, the Court of Justice had to decide which Member State’s data protection law should apply where goods are sold across national borders but within the EU. PhD thesis Van Alsenoy Brendan archived. Welcome - Programme des contrôles 2016 : quelles thématiques prioritaires ? En 2016, la CNIL réalisera entre 400 et 450 contrôles sur place, sur audition, sur pièces et en ligne.

Programme des contrôles 2016 : quelles thématiques prioritaires ?

Les contrôles liés aux thématiques du programme annuel représenteront 25% de l’activité totale. Des contrôles seront en outre diligentés pour instruire les plaintes reçues par la CNIL (20%). Les vérifications effectuées à la suite de courriers d’observations, de mises en demeure ou de sanctions, ainsi que celles réalisées à l’initiative de la CNIL ou en lien avec des sujets d’actualité, représenteront pour leur part 35% de l’activité totale.

Un volet de l’activité sera spécifiquement réservé à la vérification des dispositifs de vidéosurveillance et de vidéoprotection (20%). Les thématiques retenues pour le programme annuel 2016 relèvent tant du secteur public que privé. Les thématiques retenues pour l’année 2016 sont les suivantes : Following on the heels of the GDPR - and almost slipping under the radar - the European Parliament today approves proposal for an EU PNR Directive. Searchqualityevaluatorguidelines. OCW Scholar. Thematic search - European Audiovisual Observatory.


The "Green Peril": Creating the Islamic Fundamentalist Threat. Legal Executive - Wills & Probate job with Casey Associates. A well-established medium sized Surrey practice with a strong reputation for private client work.

Legal Executive - Wills & Probate job with Casey Associates

A modern and well supported working environment and a culture of encouraging career development. Responsibilities Responsible for preparing Wills, LPAs and lighter probate applications for clients, with minimal secretarial support Assisting other members of the Probate department as required Assisting with marketing of the department Maximising cross-selling opportunities, particularly with regard to financial planning and conveyancing Helping to retain and develop clients and introduce clients to the practice Contributing to the improvement of standard procedures and use of IT within department Directly report to the head of Probate This position is full-time Applicant must be prepared to undertake home visits The position lends itself to a certain degree of home working Pay structure is flexible Objectives c. 800 annual chargeable hours.

UK cold call capital named after more fines issued. 'Enwi prifddinas galwadau digroeso'r Deyrnas Unedig wedi cyhoeddi rhagor o ddirwyon' Swansea has been dubbed “the UK’s cold call capital” after two further companies in the city were fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

UK cold call capital named after more fines issued

Falcon and Pointer, which made millions of automated calls about PPI, and Direct Choice Home Improvements Ltd, which traumatised people with nuisance calls asking to speak to deceased relatives, were both based in Swansea. The Welsh city has been home to several troublesome nuisance call firms in recent years, with the ICO taking action against six companies there since 2013. This week Falcon and Pointer has been hit with a £175,000 fine after its PPI automated calls prompted more than 5,500 complaints to the ICO. Meanwhile Direct Choice Home Improvements Ltd, which sells products such as windows, doors and conservatories, has been fined £50,000.