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Facebook Twitter Animations through Google Slides. Did you know that you can create classic cell by cell animations in Google slide and use the auto-play slide show to share them with your audience?

Animations through Google Slides

You can embed it in a web page, or use it ask part of a presentation. This nifty trick means you can put animation anywhere there is a web browser. Enjoy the video and share your animations below Links to the finished project: As Published at 1 FPSdvs On this link the delay has been modified to create a rate of 12 FPS. Glogster EDU - Interactive multimedia posters. Two Powerful Formative Assessment Apps for Teachers. November 12, 2016 Formative assessment is an ongoing form of evaluation that teachers conduct concurrently with students learning in class with the explicit goal of assessing students comprehension, gauging their learning needs and designing teaching materials accordingly.

Two Powerful Formative Assessment Apps for Teachers

A Few Tips on Using Tables in Google Docs & Slides. Six Tools for Creating Classroom Quiz Games - A Comparison Chart. Twice in the last week I have given presentations about tools for creating fun formative assessment activities.

Six Tools for Creating Classroom Quiz Games - A Comparison Chart

The most popular part of that presentation is when we play a couple of quiz games in Kahoot and Socrative. Those are probably the best known quiz game platforms. They are not the only quiz game platforms. There are some other good ones. All of them have a common purpose, to make review fun, and all of them have some common features. The features that are common to all six platforms are: 1. The chart embedded above is hosted on Photo Effects - Cool Funny Effects Online! 14 Popular Sites Like Fotobabble (Updated: Oct 25th, 2016)

Share your imag(e)nation. Welcome to Fotobabble - Talking Photos. Fotor - Photo Editing & Collage Maker & Graphic Design. Three Handy Tools for Scheduling Meetings. Throughout the course of the school year we all need to schedule meetings for one thing or another.

Three Handy Tools for Scheduling Meetings

Whether it is a meeting with colleagues, students, or students’ parents trying to schedule meetings efficiently can be a challenge. Here are three tools that can help you streamline the process of scheduling meetings. Doodle is a free tool for scheduling group meetings with the input of all group members. Doodle is essentially a polling platform. To use Doodle you create a meeting title, select a series of dates and times for a possible meeting, then invite people to choose the dates and times that work best for them.

Top 10 Tools for Creating Digital Quizzes. Over the last couple of years, we have reviewed a wide variety of educational web tools to use to create digitally based quizzes.

Top 10 Tools for Creating Digital Quizzes

Below is a collection of some of the most popular quizzing tools we have covered so far. Be it a flipped, blended, virtual or even traditional classroom, the tools below will enable you to easily create interactive quizzes, questionnaires and polls to share with students in class. Have a look and share with us your feedback. FlipQuiz is a web tool that allows teachers to easily create gameshow-style boards for test reviews in the classroom. Create Your Own FREE Avatar! - My Blue Robot Creative Agency. Are you sure?

Create Your Own FREE Avatar! - My Blue Robot Creative Agency

All the current changes will be lost You can upload and use the created avatar as your Gravatar Please enter your Gravatar email and password Note: Your email and password will NEVER be stored on our server Please tap and hold the image and choose Save close. Learning by using iPads. Learning by using iPads. Počítačové fígle. Fotor - Photo Editing & Collage Maker & Graphic Design. Photo editor online - 10 Activities - Using Pictures in Class - ELT Connect. A picture speaks a thousand words!

10 Activities - Using Pictures in Class - ELT Connect

And you can get your students speaking just as many by using pictures in class. Check out these fun and engaging communicative activities below. I find these work at all ages and the best thing is that each task can be adapted to the level you are teaching and designed with a particular language focus in mind so whether you’re teaching the Past Simple at A1 or the use of cleft sentences at C1, you can pull from your bank of pictures and adjust your instructions as you see fit!!

1. Dialogue Bubbles. Images to GIF Maker. Make custom animated GIFs/slideshows from images.

Images to GIF Maker

Something not working? Free Online Photo Collage Maker. Making Learning Awesome! - Kahoot! Creatubbles. TitanPad - spoločné písanie. E-Fígle – Jednoduché online služby pro jednoduché použití :-)


Shapes. TagCrowd: make your own tag cloud from any text. Yippy Cloud Creator. Free Word Cloud Generator. Word clouds can be extremely useful for gaining insights into virtually any large body of text.

Free Word Cloud Generator

They can be used to study such things as corporate reports, political speeches, historical documents, news reports, public opinions, tweets, and so forth. This particular word cloud generator is designed to be not only flexible and easy-to-use, but also to produce high-quality, visually appealing word cloud images. In the images created by this word cloud generator you will find that the most frequently occurring words within your text appear toward the center of the cloud, while less frequent words appear at the periphery. You will also notice that the size of each word varies in direct proportion to the frequency with which it appears in your text. Tagul - Word Cloud Art.