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America's largest organization for youth volunteering opportunities, with 2,700,000 members and counting. Building Community For the New Planetary Culture. New Earth Nation. Welcome to vtricity. Growstuff. OneClimate - pioneering media for a cooler climate. Home About Our work Team News Jobs Our history• What others say• Contact us• Terms of use Partners and supporters From the editors• World news• Opinion and analysis• Features• Editor's blog• Events in London• Live coverage Recruiters• Volunteers Hello - nice to have you back!

OneClimate - pioneering media for a cooler climate

Remove Modal Edit Edit It's possible that the page you were looking for is no longer here. You can go back to the OneWorld homepage, use our search facility or contact us, if you feel there's a problem. Sorry! Networks 4 Causes. You can grow your own food. We can help. Indigenous Environmental Network. ProWorld - Volunteer and Development Projects in Latin America, Asia & Africa. Use your knowledge, compassion, and extra set of hands to help communities in need.

ProWorld - Volunteer and Development Projects in Latin America, Asia & Africa

You love to travel and learn about other cultures, but now you want to do more. You see yourself helping others in your career, whether it’s at home or abroad, yet you know that getting that experience and making a real difference can be a challenge. Intrax offers 1-6 month internships in Belize, Ghana, and Peru that give you the chance to build quality work experience in the field. Intrax/ProWorld staff members work directly with local community members to develop internship projects based on their communities’ needs.

Revolution From the Heart of Nature. 10 Points On The Science Of Spreading The Word. This piece is from a new PopTech Edition about harnessing social contagion for social good.

10 Points On The Science Of Spreading The Word

Visit for more interviews, essays and videos with leading thinkers on this subject. 1. Good deeds are contagious We naturally imitate the people around us, we adopt their ideas about appropriate behavior, and we feel what they feel. Acts of charity are no exception. 2. That same experiment showed that contagious generosity spreads up to three steps through the network (from person to person to person to person), and when we added up all the extra donations that resulted at every step, we found that an extra dollar in giving yielded three extra dollars by everyone else in the network. 3.

People are bombarded by information and appeals every day, especially in our newly mobile and tech-centered society, so the effect of any one appeal to do a good deed may get lost. 4. 5. 6. 7.… but don’t overdo it! The connective : seeds for a grassroots internet. TheGlobalSquare - soon... Welcome to FoWL: Friends of WikiLeaks! ResearchGate.

A New Social Network For Science Could Change How We Make Discoveries. The corpses of social networks for scientists litter the internet: Labmeeting, Elsevier’s 2collab, and Nature’s Connotea--all moribund sites whose most active user is silence.

A New Social Network For Science Could Change How We Make Discoveries

But perhaps there is life here after all. Mendeley, a social reference manager for scientists, reports it has signed up more than 1.7 million members during the last few years and is organizing research papers in one convenient place. ResearchGate, a collaborative social network for scientists, is also bursting onto the scene with an ambitious mission.

After attracting a devoted following of Ph.D. students, it is entering the mainstream research community with (reportedly) 1.7 million members of its own (although, in both cases, not all are active). For years, scientists have avoided the social web. "My professor told me years ago, 'No one is going to use social networks," says Madisch. ResearchGate still needs to escape a long track record of failure in the space. - Anon Plus Main Page. Microvolunteering. Skilled Online Volunteering. Leaders' Quest. Biomimicry 3.8. UnLtdWorld – the social network and online platform for social entrepreneurs.

Volunteer, work, intern, organize, hire and connect. Change the world.