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Michael Ruhlman. Leite's Culinaria. Molecular Gastronomy Network. Cheese & Burger Society. The Pioneer Woman Cooks. This is an utterly scrumptious, super-flavorful pantry meal that happens to be one of the fastest ways to satisfy a curry craving that might strike you here or there.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I love chickpeas, but I mostly eat them cold, whether whole in salads or pureed in hummus. I forget how delightful they are in soups and sauces. Coolcumber TV. The British Larder. The inspiration and credit for the bresaola in this recipe goes to Diana Henry’s book ‘Salt, Sugar, Smoke’.

The British Larder

My good friend Richard Arbon (self-confessed food fanatic, sausage-making lover, best salt beef producer, jam and condiment extraordinaire, as well as his day job as an excellent craftsman) went on holiday to Norfolk and came back with this fabulous book under his arm. I had been harping on for weeks before that I would like to have a go at making salami and cured meats. A Hamburger Today. BBC Good Food.