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YouTube. Index of /exam-papers/IB/Spanish/Spanish-B/Standard. Index of /exam-papers/IB/Spanish/Spanish-B/Higher. Verbs of transformation (Verbos de cambio) – Maria Ortega Garcia. Spanish has many verbs that are used for specific types of change or transformation, and if the change is sudden or involuntary.

Verbs of transformation (Verbos de cambio) – Maria Ortega Garcia

Many of those verbs mean “to become” in English but in Spanish they are not interchangeable because they have very specific meanings for particular situations. The next four verbs can be translated with “to become, to get”: Hacerse, Volverse, Quedarse and Ponerse but they are used in very different situations to express different things. Hacerse: Change of age, changes in the ideology, profession and other “external” aspects. Standardisierte Reife- und Diplomprüfung. Conjuguemos Tube: Beginner-Intermediate Spanish Listening Videos and Graded Activities.

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