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Tools, tips, techniques and tweets for online moderators... Innovations in the continuing professional development of English language teachers. 15 Paths to Professional Development for Educators. 15 Paths to Professional Development for Educators. Useful links for CELTA. Anyone following my blog will know that CELTA took over my life in August last year (2014), and will continue to dominate until the same time this year (2015). I’ve been building this list in my head for a while, and it’s finally time to get it onto the blog. It’s arranged into categories, with subtitles and topics in bold to help you navigate.

There’s a lot here, so just use the bits you need as you need them rather than trying to look at all of them – if not, you’ll end up being overwhelmed! Innovations in English language teaching for migrants and refugees. May You Live in Interesting Teams. This year’s LAMSIG Pre-Conference workshop is entitled Effective Teams and Teamwork: building, participating, leading.

May You Live in Interesting Teams

I am looking forward to it very much – while I am one of the team presenting (the teamwork team?) How Innovative Educators Observe, Reflect, and Share. Many teachers say they don’t have time to connect.

How Innovative Educators Observe, Reflect, and Share

I live and breathe that feeling. However, when I’m down, sometimes an idea on Twitter or a suggestion on Facebook turns my day around. If there is one thing that will make you completely irreplaceable as a teacher, it would be your network. Your network is your inspiration. Your PLN - Teaching English in the Digital Age. Lesson Plan: Selfie Safari – ELT Ideas. Level: All levelsSkills: Speaking, Vocabulary, PresentationsObjectives: build relationships with classmates, practice polite language for talking with strangers, develop vocabulary related to the target items, become confident navigating the city, practice giving an informal presentationNumber of students: 4 + Going on a selfie safari ( This is a simple, fun activity where students are given a list of places or items that they have to find and photograph in the city where they’re studying.

Lesson Plan: Selfie Safari – ELT Ideas

Think The Amazing Race meets TESOL. Students work in teams and travel around the city to find the target items and take photographs of themselves with the items. Each target item is worth a certain number of points, and bonus points are awarded for photographs that contain all team members. Download the teachers’ guide below for more details. 5 Good Teaching Habits. As teachers and learners, we all expect different things from learning and teaching.

5 Good Teaching Habits

Some learners expect language-heavy courses, full of grammar and with lots of teacher explanation. Others anticipate a more social learning approach, where they play with the language and acquire it through practice, practice and practice. Whatever the style you take or whatever the style your learners expect you to take, there are some basic behaviours that all teachers should follow in the classroom. Who Teaches The Teachers? By Simon Oxenham That’s a question now being raised after a major report from the National Council on Teacher Quality found most teacher training textbooks and courses aren’t based in evidence and contain large amounts of myths and misinformation.

Who Teaches The Teachers?

One researcher is now posing the question – if not textbooks – where do teachers, can teachers, and should teachers get reliable information? The numbers above are clearly heavily skewed at the tech savvy end of the spectrum due to being based on a small opportunity sample obtained from Twitter – obviously this isn’t a scientific study. But it’s not the numbers that I find interesting, it’s the question itself. The idea that cognitive journals are the most objective form of research is clearly highly debatable, and likely influenced by the fact that the infographic was created by a cognitive researcher. Teacher Collaboration: When Belief Systems Collide.

It's impossible to explore how we can work more effectively together in schools without considering conflict -- an inevitable part of working together.

Teacher Collaboration: When Belief Systems Collide

Conflict can be challenging and destructive, or it can lead to a deeper understanding between people, and perhaps higher quality work from a team. There are many reasons why conflict can exist within a school or a team of educators. The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language. English Language Teaching. English Language Teaching (ELT) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among teachers and researchers in the field of English Language Teaching.

English Language Teaching

The journal is published monthly in both print and online versions by the Canadian Center of Science and Education. The scope of ELT includes the following fields: theory and practice in English language teaching and learning, teaching English as a second or foreign language, English language teachers’ training and education. Authors are encouraged to submit complete, unpublished, original, and full-length articles that are not under review in any other journals. The online version of the journal is free access and download. If you want to order print copies, please visit: Oxford University Press - ELT. Home - The Journal of Teaching English With Technology (TEwT) Connecting ELT professionals in Australia and beyond. Courses in Sydney - Centre for Continuing Education - The University of Sydney.

ACAL Australian Council for Adult Literacy - supporting literacy and numeracy education for adults. Cambridge English Teacher. From 1 May 2017, Cambridge English Teacher is no longer available, but all the courses and content are now available to purchase without membership.

Cambridge English Teacher

Courses You can find the online teacher development courses on the Cambridge Learning Management System. Buy Courses as a teacher Buy Courses as an institution There are also additional courses to help you improve your teaching. There is also a range of teaching qualifications available from Cambridge English. Resources All the videos, recorded webinars, articles and activity sheets from Cambridge English Teacher are now available in the online Teacher Resource Library. The Digital Teacher. English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics. Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development? As I prepare for another afternoon of district-provided professional development activities, I always make sure that I bring plenty of work to do (papers to grade, lesson planning, etc.).

Why Don’t We Differentiate Professional Development?

This isn't because I have a bad attitude and hate professional development (PD). A great PD event can really energize me to improve my classroom instruction. However, the sad fact is that the majority of PDs I attend are repetitive, simplistic, or downright boring. Fastcompany. Applying sunscreen can be a tedious chore that often seems to require superhuman flexibility and the need for at least an extra set of hands.


But it doesn't have to be. The company SnappyScreen wants to revolutionize the way we slather on SPF with its automated sunscreen-application invention that is already gaining traction with vacationers. Imagine this: You step into a booth, select your preferred SPF (15, 30, or 40) and enter your height. Small Changes in Teaching: The Last 5 Minutes of Class. I remember sitting in a movie theater with my children in December of 2003, watching the final minutes of the third film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and feeling a deep sense of closure as Gollum and the ring toppled into Mount Doom, and Frodo and Sam were rescued by the eagles.

Leo’s bad luck – a lesson plan. Ever since I read the great Listening in the Language Classroom by John Field, the book on developing listening skills, I became quite passionate about the need to consistently help learners cope with high frequency grammar structures in authentic speech, incorporating authentic listening work into grammar work. Chia Suan Chong - Reflecting on teaching. But deeper understanding can only occur with the ability to reflect: to review, to notice, and to think carefully about what had taken place. This is true for our students and is certainly true for us teachers looking to improve our practice. But how can we become more reflective teachers? 8 skills Google looks for in its managers. In 2001, less than five years after it was founded, Google had already opened its first international office, offered search in 15 different languages and built a team of 400 employees. Triads – one school’s experience.

Adult learning principles 2. English teachers, are you talking too much in class? What makes adult students stick around. e484_emi_-_cover_option_3_final_web. David Crystal - Will English Always Be the Global Language? English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics. IRIS Resource Locator. Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) The Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) works to strengthen the capacity of state education agencies (SEAs) to lead sustained improvements in early learning opportunities and outcomes. Resources on this site include publications, webinars, and presentations about EI/ECE assessment, as well as links to other centers.

The CEELO Annotated Bibliography on Early Childhood Assessment highlights resources found on the Website. NSW Adult Literacy & Numeracy Council. ACAL Australian Council for Adult Literacy - supporting literacy and numeracy education for adults. Cambridge English Teacher. Scott Thornbury's blog.