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Ders Çalışırken Müzik Dinlemeyi Sevenler İçin 7 Harika Çalma Listesi - eğitimpedia. Bazı öğrenciler müzik dinleyerek daha iyi ders çalıştığını söylerken, bazı öğrenciler için müzik oldukça dikkat dağıtıcı olabiliyor.

Ders Çalışırken Müzik Dinlemeyi Sevenler İçin 7 Harika Çalma Listesi - eğitimpedia

Bir araştırmaya göre ders çalışırken müzik dinlememek ve hatta mümkünse her tür sesten – trafik, beyaz eşya vs. – uzak durarak tamamen sessiz bir ortamda olmak gerekiyor. Ancak bir başka araştırmaya göre müzik pozitif duyguları harekete geçirdiği ve ruh haline iyi geldiği için ders çalışma deneyimini daha iyi bir hale getirebiliyor. Bu konuda belli bir doğru olmadığı gibi, bu durum kişiden kişiye değişebiliyor. Ancak müzik araştırmacılarının hemfikir olduğu bir konu var: Eğer ders çalışırken müzik dinliyorsanız, şarkı sözü olmayan müzikler seçmelisiniz ki bu şarkılar beyninizin hafıza alanına girmek için rekabete girmesinler. Ders çalışmak için harika sözsüz şarkılardan oluşan 7 Spotify çalma listesini sizler için derledik: 1. 2. 3. 6. Bu da, enstrümental müzik yapan gruplar tarafından yapılmış yeniden düzenlemeleri içeren bir liste. 7.

Kaynak: Make Life Easier on Yourself by Accepting “Good Enough.” Don’t Pursue Perfection, Pursue Progress. Becky Beaupre Gillespie once said, “Good enough is the new perfect.”

Make Life Easier on Yourself by Accepting “Good Enough.” Don’t Pursue Perfection, Pursue Progress

Stop chasing perfection. Perfection suggests a state of flawlessness, without any defects. To be perfect implies a condition where your action or performance attains a level of excellence that cannot be exceeded. Voltaire once observed, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” In other words, instead of pushing yourself to an impossible “perfect,” and therefore getting nowhere, accept “good.”

Millions of people are obsessed with perfection. This obsession makes it difficult to make a decision without wasting too much time analyzing every detail. Seth Godin explains: Perfect is the ideal defense mechanism, the work of Pressfield’s Resistance, the lizard brain giving you an out.Perfect lets you stall, ask more questions, do more reviews, dumb it down, safe it up and generally avoid doing anything that might fail (or anything important).You’re not in the perfect business.

Perfection is a moving target. Just start. Farklı Müzik. 100+ Motivational Quotes On Dream, Goal And Future. The Cool Tools Shelf. 2 Great Web Tools for Classroom Management. March 23, 2014 Classroom management can sometimes be a daunting task particularly to new teachers.Though there is no ready made recipe or silver bullet to solve all problems related to classroom management, experience and practice remain essential assets for gaining more insights into what works and what does not work in a classroom setting.

2 Great Web Tools for Classroom Management

Technology too can give a hand with classroom management and there are several web tools designed specifically to assist teachers in managing their classrooms. I have already talked about some of these web tools in an earlier post here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Today, however, I am sharing with you another two web tools which I deem very important for a better management of your class and student behaviours. 1- Class Dojo ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. Key features ClassDojo provides to its users include: Watch this video to learn more about Class Charts . Useful links for CELTA. Anyone following my blog will know that CELTA took over my life in August last year (2014), and will continue to dominate until the same time this year (2015).

I’ve been building this list in my head for a while, and it’s finally time to get it onto the blog. It’s arranged into categories, with subtitles and topics in bold to help you navigate. There’s a lot here, so just use the bits you need as you need them rather than trying to look at all of them – if not, you’ll end up being overwhelmed! A quick way to find what you need it to press CTRL + F (CMD + F on a Mac) and type a key word connected to what you’re struggling with, like ‘TTT’, ‘instructions’ or ‘writing’ – this will take you straight to the relevant section. Please let me know if any of the links are broken so I can update them, and feel free to add suggestions to the comments. Before the course CELTA is a very intensive experience, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Is the CELTA worth it? Zoltán Dörnyei’s Personal Website.

Motivation for learning araştırma sonuçları.