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Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.

Common Core Study Guides. New reality show promises to send winner into space for 10 days. The winning contestant on the show, called "Space Hero," could launch into orbit as soon as 2023, the production company behind the proposed series, which is also called Space Hero, said in a press release Thursday.

New reality show promises to send winner into space for 10 days

The news was reported earlier by Deadline. "Space Hero will provide an opportunity for anyone from any background to become the first globally-elected space explorer to take part in a mission to the International Space Station," the press release reads. The production company's press release said that the team is "now looking for global brand and primary distribution partners. " Space Hero is planning to open the application process for the show in the first half of 2021 before broadcasting begins in 2022, a spokesperson said via email Friday. Space Hero founding partner Deborah Sass previously described the show's prize as worth $65 million, and the spokesperson said the group is currently in its "second stage of fundraising.

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Tree Service Gulfport MS. Hemp Supply Chain Management. Asheville Roof And Gutter Cleaning. TikTok billionaire Zhang Yiming, one of the richest men you've never heard of. Jacksonville Vacation Condos.

Jacksonville Property ManagementAbout UsVacation GuideContact Us Hours Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5:30PM Sat, Sun: 8AM - 3PM Vacation Property Management Services in Greater Jacksonville iTrip Vacations Florida First Coast serves vacation rental homeowners and guests in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island.

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Homeowners who list with iTrip receive: Facebook bans 'Roger Stone disinformation network' Image copyright Reuters Facebook has removed a disinformation network it says was linked to "Roger Stone and his associates".

Facebook bans 'Roger Stone disinformation network'

Mr Stone was a long-time political strategist and is an ally of US President Donald Trump. He was convicted of lying to Congress in 2019. He has denied involvement with the misinformation network. Facebook also said it had identified a network of fake accounts run by employees of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's government. The social network released details of four misinformation campaigns ahead of the July edition of its monthly report on co-ordinated inauthentic behaviour.

"Campaigns like these raise a particularly complex challenge by blurring the line between healthy public debate and manipulation," Facebook said. What was linked to Stone? Facebook said it had removed 54 accounts, 50 pages, and four Instagram accounts it had linked to Mr Stone. About 260,000 accounts followed one or more of the Facebook pages. What about Brazil? Analysis. Commercial Plumbing Services Kansas City.

Coronavirus: United Airlines to furlough up to 36,000 staff. Image copyright Getty Images United Airlines says up to 36,000 of its workers could be furloughed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: United Airlines to furlough up to 36,000 staff

That amounts to almost half of the company's total US-based frontline workforce. “Throughout this crisis, we have been honest and direct with you about our need to right-size our workforce to match travel demand,” it said. The carrier said it expects capacity for this month to be down 75% compared to July last year. The company also said that not everyone who receives a warning letter will definitely be furloughed, with the final number depending on whether trading conditions improve and how many workers accept offers of redundancy and temporary leave. Roofing Contractor Tampa FL. Culture - The Plot Against America’s vision feels eerily familiar.

Perhaps because our own times seem bleak, alternate histories are flourishing on screen, ranging from the dystopian, piercingly real Handmaid’s Tale to the apocalyptic, mind-bending Watchmen and most recently Hunters, with cartoonish characters pursuing resurgent Nazis.

Culture - The Plot Against America’s vision feels eerily familiar

All reassure us ‘At least that didn’t happen’. Like The Handmaid’s Tale, based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, the HBO series The Plot Against America has an impeccable literary source. Philip Roth’s 2004 novel posits that aviator Charles Lindbergh, a national hero, Nazi sympathiser and isolationist – all of those things historically true – became US president in the early 1940s, with Hitler on the rise.

More like this: - The TV show that predicted the future. Best Anti Inflammatory Supplements. Bookkeeping Services Boise. Microsoft takes down global zombie bot network. Image copyright Getty Images Microsoft has said it was part of a team that dismantled an international network of zombie bots.

Microsoft takes down global zombie bot network

The network call Necurs infected over nine million computers and one of the world's largest botnets. Necurs was responsible for multiple criminal scams including stealing personal information and sending fake pharmaceutical emails. Cyber-criminals use botnets to remotely take over internet-connected devices and install malicious software. The software can be used to send spam, collect information about what activity the computer is used for or delete information without notifying the owner. Tom Burt, Microsoft's vice-president for customer security and trust, said in a blog post that the takedown of Necurs was the result of eight years of planning and co-ordination with partners in 35 countries. He wrote that the steps taken will "ensure the criminals behind this network are no longer able to use key elements of its infrastructure to execute cyber-attacks.

" Jeep YJ Fender Flares. Amanda Knox marries husband for second time in bizarre space-themed wedding. Medical Accounts Receivable Financing. Coronavirus: British supermarkets have 'feed the nation' plans if crisis deepens.