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Concrete Drilling Abilene

Concrete Drilling Abilene
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Termites Solutions Indianapolis IN Roofers Near Me Tampa Shingle Roofing This is the traditional choice for the majority of buildings. Shingle roofing is far and away the most common type of roofing you’ll see in many communities. It’s worth noting that shingle roofs are now more common on residential buildings than they are on commercial ones, in general. However, the shingle roof needs specific kinds of maintenance related to the individual shingles and the materials underneath. Tile and Terracotta Roofing The bright orange-red roofing known as tile or terracotta is a high-end type of roofing that’s known for its visual appeal. You’ll see a lot of this type of roofing on specific styles of homes including Tex-Mex, desert housing, mission style and European-style homes. Although this type of roof can last a long time, it also has its own maintenance requirements, including making sure that pieces do not break off of the roof over time. Modified Bitumen A modified bitumen roof is made of materials that use asphalt with rubber or plastic.

Native American tribes have been hit hard by coronavirus, and they're battling red tape to get help People of color and minority groups are particularly at risk during the pandemic. Here's what should be done to better address these communities. USA TODAY GREAT FALLS, Mont. – Nathaniel Campbell has already dipped into his savings but isn’t sure how much longer his reserves will be able to support him. Furloughed from the Arizona casino he helps manage, the Tonto Apache Tribe member is putting much of his faith in the federal government. Campbell and members of Native American tribes across the country are relying on Washington to offer a financial lifeline as they battle the economic and human tolls of the coronavirus pandemic. Tribes are having to wait for money to funnel through layers of federal agencies before it reaches them. Campbell's tribe in Payson, Arizona, like many Native American tribes across U.S. “We’re doing our best to comply with what has been put in place, practicing social distancing, washing our hands and sheltering in place. But that help hasn’t arrived yet. Sen.

Coronavirus: Disputes over reopening churches arrive at Supreme Court As the US approaches 100,000 coronavirus deaths, President Donald Trump is calling on governors to allow houses of worship to open. USA TODAY WASHINGTON – The coronavirus has left the Supreme Court with a difficult task: balancing the nation's physical and spiritual health. As all 50 states ease restrictions put in place to combat the pandemic, churches and other religious institutions are seeking equal treatment. Legal battles in several states have led to showdowns in California, Illinois and elsewhere on the eve of Pentacost Sunday, when churches largely shuttered since before Easter are eager to greet worshippers. On one side: President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and many religious leaders who are demanding that state and local governments treat churches the same as most businesses. More: Trump calls for Memorial Day church reopenings but sends mixed signals on enforcement The churches have become the latest protesters against strict state coronavirus restrictions. 1 of 53

Water Storage Cans Adjustable Bed For Sale This faux-leather jacket is made by bacteria What do you get when you feed bacteria with industrial fruit waste? “A yellow leather jacket” might not be your first answer, but it’s exactly what came out of a collaboration between Danish fashion brand Ganni and Mexican biomaterials company Polybion. The blazer — a one-of-a-kind prototype that is meant as a proof of concept for future collections — is made from bacterial cellulose, and rather than trying to replicate the characteristics of leather, it’s designed to feel like an entirely new material. “We were impressed by the fact that a lot of people love the jacket because the material did not resemble leather,” said Alexis Gómez-Ortigoza, Polybion’s co-founder. “It’s really easy to recognize that this is not leather — but also that it’s not plastic. It has a unique feel to it.” Although it is produced using some of the methods associated with traditional leather, the blazer has a much smaller carbon footprint, without compromising on strength and breathability, say its creators.

Jared Kushner on securing US supply chain amid coronavirus: We can never rely on foreign supplies again Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. The coronavirus pandemic brought to light the critical importance of securing U.S. supply chains to eliminate the long-time reliance on foreign governments, White House senior advisor Jared Kushner said during a rare appearance on "The Next Revolution" Sunday. "I think the campaign platform that President Trump ran on in 2016 which was basically 'you have to secure your borders and you have to control your own manufacturing as a national security issue.' I think those have been totally vindicated positions from the virus and I doubt it will be easy for people to argue against them in the future," Kushner said. Kushner has been a key figure in the federal effort to manage the flow of U.S. supply chains and ensure hospitals in need are properly equipped with ventilators and other life-saving medical equipment. "We figured out how to really stimulate that supply," Kushner said.

Eye Exam Prices Beverly Hills New reality show promises to send winner into space for 10 days The winning contestant on the show, called "Space Hero," could launch into orbit as soon as 2023, the production company behind the proposed series, which is also called Space Hero, said in a press release Thursday. The news was reported earlier by Deadline. "Space Hero will provide an opportunity for anyone from any background to become the first globally-elected space explorer to take part in a mission to the International Space Station," the press release reads. The production company's press release said that the team is "now looking for global brand and primary distribution partners." Space Hero founding partner Deborah Sass previously described the show's prize as worth $65 million, and the spokesperson said the group is currently in its "second stage of fundraising." Details about the show's format have not been released. Propagate did not respond to requests for additional comment.

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