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Common Mistakes. Me, Myself and I. What’s the difference between ‘me’, myself’, and ‘I’?

Me, Myself and I

To understand what makes these pronouns unique, a good first question is: what are pronouns? You might also want to do a crash course in the difference between a subject and an object. Once you understand these basic rules, you’ll be ready to tackle the pronouns ‘me’, ‘myself’, and ‘I’, and understand their roles in a sentence. The first thing to realize is that they each have totally different jobs. Affect vs. Effect. Affect and effect are easy to mix up.

Affect vs. Effect

Here’s the short version of how to use the right word: Affect is usually a verb, which is an action word. It means to impact or change.Effect is usually a noun, which is a person, place, thing, or idea. An effect is the result of a change.More rarely, affect is used as a noun in clinical settings, especially psychology.Watch out! There are certain situations and fixed phrases that break the general usage rules for these words. How To Use An Apostrophe. Apostrophes- Online Lesson. To learn more about this punctuation mark, start by reading the two Grammar Girl posts here and here.

Apostrophes- Online Lesson

To understand the difference between grammar “rules” and grammar “style” choices, you’ll want to look at a style guide or two. Below are the websites for several major English language style guides: The Economist Style Guide Chicago Manual of Style Oxford University Press Associated Press MLA. Apostrophes Activities. How to use a semicolon.

Semi-colon game. Semi-Colon Online Lesson. What’s so special about the semicolon?

Semi-Colon Online Lesson

This source will give you an overview of this valuable punctuation mark and how to use it. Grammar Girl’s guide is useful too; it explains the difference between a colon and a semicolon, when it’s appropriate to use a comma and when you should use a semicolon instead. Commas- Online Lesson. Comma Game. Paragraphs. Essay writing tools. By Robert Morris Among the responsibilities that today’s educators have, teaching essay writing is the most challenging one.

Essay writing tools

Some teachers leave essay writing to natural talent; explain the process in simple steps, assign the topics, and give a deadline. Other teachers aim to inspire students to write their best. You can do that, without carving time out of your lesson plan, with these essay-writing resources. Suggest them to students to make your job easier and their writing better! Speed Writing. About The Speed Writer How long does it take you to write 150 words?

Speed Writing

An hour... two? How about 5 minutes? Welcome to the world of speed writing. As the name suggests, speed writing is producing writing much faster than you are used to. Alternatives for 'show' Visual Thesaurus.