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The Importance of Working ‘Open’ in Education. Is working “open” the binary opposite of “closed” ways of working?

The Importance of Working ‘Open’ in Education

Could it be that it’s as simple as flicking some kind of switch for your organisation or institution to begin embracing open working practices? Building Productivity in the UK - Acas Mobile. Closing the productivity gap The UK workforce produces less per hour than our main economic competitors.

Building Productivity in the UK - Acas Mobile

Germany, France and the US produce much more than workers in the UK. A range of solutions have been offered by Government, business and others, including training and investment in infrastructure. But these can only yield lasting improvements if workplaces are operating at their best. The way workplaces are organised, the part played by managers and leaders, and the role and involvement of employees can help deliver better outcomes for individuals, organisations and the economy. Acas Productivity tool Take the Acas self-diagnosis Productivity Tool test to understand your organisation's strengths and weaknesses, and to help you identify simple practical steps you can take to get the best out of your staff.

Productivity in the workplace Watch our video to gain some insight from industry experts and leaders on how you can make changes in your workplace. Acas case studies on productivity. Change, all change please! by Sarah Hardy. Leading Change What does change mean?

Change, all change please! by Sarah Hardy

To do something differently. To get on a new bus, that's going in a different direction? To instigate a new plan. Yet, to me change as a leader embodies far more; to change isn't just a superficial policy change it is to become the change you want to see. People Development Network featuring eMILE Magazine. The Teacher Expert and the Cynic. “In pursuit of knowledge, every day something is acquired; In pursuit of wisdom, every day something is dropped.”Lao Tzu (cited by Karl E.

The Teacher Expert and the Cynic

Weick) Most of us know, or have known, experienced teachers who wear the status of the bona fide expert with graceful aplomb; however, we have all known experienced teachers who don’t deserve such plaudits. I am certain I know which camp I want to be placed in, but the roadmap to true expertise is unclear. Yes, ‘deliberate practice’ can make permanent, but becoming a great teacher is something more complicated than just practice. It has to do with what we learn through practice, but what is also something to do with what we unlearn through experience. Reading Lao Tzu’s quotation, I began to consider the difference between ‘knowledge‘ and ‘wisdom‘, between being merely experienced and being an experienced expert. The Future of Performance Reviews. When Brian Jensen told his audience of HR executives that Colorcon wasn’t bothering with annual reviews anymore, they were appalled.

The Future of Performance Reviews

This was in 2002, during his tenure as the drugmaker’s head of global human resources. In his presentation at the Wharton School, Jensen explained that Colorcon had found a more effective way of reinforcing desired behaviors and managing performance: Supervisors were giving people instant feedback, tying it to individuals’ own goals, and handing out small weekly bonuses to employees they saw doing good things.

Back then the idea of abandoning the traditional appraisal process—and all that followed from it—seemed heretical. But now, by some estimates, more than one-third of U.S. companies are doing just that. From Silicon Valley to New York, and in offices across the world, firms are replacing annual reviews with frequent, informal check-ins between managers and employees. The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies. Welcome to The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For.

The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies

This is the 16th annual survey and ranking of the cream of Britain’s employers, and its appearance each year is a high-profile event in the nation’s business calendar. The data-gathering and analysis used across all sectors are extensive. It’s the staff themselves who fill in the anonymous surveys from which the scores are compiled — a total of 241,361 people filled out questionnaires for this year’s lists — so we’re getting opinions about their bosses, their working conditions and their employer’s values direct from the people whose hard work builds the success of their business, whether they’re lawyers, mechanics or shop assistants.

Culture of Error. But I should also note that this is a rare thing.

Culture of Error

In most schools, leaders don’t do enough to make it safe to expose and discuss the difficulty in the work. Teachers hide their errors and therefore schools don’t benefit by learning from them. They fail to get better faster. This, I think, is worth reflecting on as a school leader: what’s my role in making it safe to be wrong? When I ask teachers to do something do I assume it will be difficult? “The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you’ve stopped leading them. By Doug Lemov, Author of Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect@Doug_Lemov Future Leaders, a leadership development programme for those who will be ready for headship of a challenging school within three years, is now open for applications.

Pitfalls of change. L and d 2014 new challenges new approaches. When a leader leaves. Transforming Your Organisation.