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Literacy and Numeracy Teaching and Learning Ideas by Kate Jones – Stress Free Teacher. I have really enjoyed writing blogs for Stress Free Teacher, sharing teaching and learning ideas that have worked well with my students.

Literacy and Numeracy Teaching and Learning Ideas by Kate Jones – Stress Free Teacher

The feedback has been very positive and it has been fantastic to see how other teachers have adapted my ideas in a different way to suit their teaching style and their students. I hope the same can be achieved with this blog. Firstly, I want to state that I work very closely with the Literacy and Numeracy coordinators and both the English and Maths departments at my school. I recommend that any teacher wishing to develop the use of literacy and numeracy in their lessons should do the same. Toolkit Full Fact. How to spot fake news Fake news is a complicated problem.

Toolkit Full Fact

In partnership with Facebook, we are sharing these 10 tips for helping you take the first steps to spotting misinformation. Kraft.m2010from ringmaster to conductor.

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