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Innovativt bylandbrug spirer frem på Nørrebro. The Impact Farm er produktiv og kræver kun lidt plads.

Innovativt bylandbrug spirer frem på Nørrebro

Trine Anemone Andersen De første persille-, basilikum og korianderplanter spirer frem i bylandbruget The Impact Farm på Nørrebro i København, som holdt rejsegilde i december og er nu officielt i brug. Fra første uge i februar åbnes dørene til farmen ved Hans Tavsens Park. Her kan du tage med på rundvisning blandt de vertikale væksttårne. Nem og billig lektiehjælp. Scandinavian Hiking: Made in wherever: ethical hiking gear (I/II) PART I : Looking at the labels I avoid buying goods made with exploited labour, and have investigated various hiking/climbing companies in order to find out who has a focus on ethical manufacture.

Scandinavian Hiking: Made in wherever: ethical hiking gear (I/II)

This has been hugely informative not only in revealing to me the horrifying and depressing human rights transgressions made in the quest for cheap clothing and gear, but also in showing the gear companies in a new light. It’s interesting to wander through Addnature and see which brands must be making ridiculous profits with premium priced gear subcontracted out at arm’s length to the cheapest cut’n’sew factories, and to see which brands manage to sell competitively priced gear despite manufacturing out of their own factories in high-cost developed countries. This started five years ago when I had an argument with a friend. He said it was literally impossible to avoid purchases that were ‘Made in China’. Hvordan virker.pdf. AnimalAlbum by Sjors Jansen. Play the early web-based demo here!

AnimalAlbum by Sjors Jansen

Update: Added a new companion app for phones! Stay informed and please help spread the word! Facebook / Twitter / The AnimalAlbum development blog 12 Years ago there was a study that found kids knew more about Pokemon than about real animals. This was a problem for conservationists, because it seemed like real life was getting replaced with fantasy creatures. What's the plan?

But first off, let me be clear. For example, think back to what it was like when you first encountered something you had never seen before. That's something special. Tl;dr: Create a pokemon like game with real animals to draw attention back to real life. AnimalAlbum is a videogame where you explore the world and discover a large variety of animals along the way.

Waterworks is Making Sustainable Agriculture a Reality by Christine Ball. What is Aquaponics?

Waterworks is Making Sustainable Agriculture a Reality by Christine Ball

The simplest definition is that it is the marriage of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. The fish waste provides an organic food source for the growing plants and the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in. Waterworks Aquaponics is the baby of Christine Ball. Christine has had a lifelong interest in food and the environment but when she met her partner Pierre, an avid environmentalist, in 2011 that interest became a passion and a way of life. With the support and encouragement of Pierre, Christine has created Waterworks Aquaponics.

In addition, Waterworks Aquaponics will do sprouting in a smaller greenhouse on the property and plans to grow shiitake mushrooms and other varieties of mushrooms year round in an indoor facility. We have the land, we have the plan... now comes the tough part... the money. The Farm We have built our test system Finally.... Vandet i glasset - lad være med at ødelægge dig selv. Prezi - Ideas matter.

Udskift en knækket eger. Fejlopspænding, uheld eller langvarigt slid resulterer af og til i en knækket ege, oftest i baghjulet.

Udskift en knækket eger

Man skal ikke køre videre med et defekt hjul, især ikke når udskiftningen af en eller flere eger hverken kræver meget udstyr eller stor erfaring. Internal-Gear Hubs. Internal-Gear Hubs Work in progress -- material on each type of hub is being moved to separate files.

Internal-Gear Hubs

Vi ryger lige så meget hash som i Christianias storhedstid. Vi ryger lige meget, om politiet slår hårdt ned på hashmarkedet eller ej.

Vi ryger lige så meget hash som i Christianias storhedstid

Øget kontrol påvirker i stedet bl.a. typen af sælgere og fortjenesten ved et salg, viser ny dansk forskning. 40 years "LIMITS TO GROWTH" Tesla The Race to Zero Point Free Energy. Magnets 4 Energy - Build Your Own Magnetic Generator and Never Pay For Electricity Ever Again! Magnetic Generators are secretly being utilized by several companies worldwide, since the above video was published.

Magnets 4 Energy - Build Your Own Magnetic Generator and Never Pay For Electricity Ever Again!

“Would you like 100% FREE Electricity for your Home?” Dear Energy Enthusiast, If powering your entire home for FREE, getting a recurring credit from your electric company, while also saving the planet sounds good to you, then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read. I’ll start by asking you this. When was the last time you calculated the amount of money you spend on your home electric bill each year? Now, think about this... I’ll tell you why.

Innocent people, like you, are slowly being forced into debt with high-priced energy bills. Pollution is at an all-time high, smothering the top 4 metropolis cities. The Government is forcing citizens to use non-renewable sources of energy, which are destroying the Earth. The information I’m giving you today is top secret and gives you power over the government.

Free working

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