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20 Things You Can Learn In 10 Minutes To Become A Better Teacher - 20 Things You Can Learn In 10 Minutes To Become A Better Teacher by Terry Heick Becoming a better teacher is likely a big part of why you’re here.

20 Things You Can Learn In 10 Minutes To Become A Better Teacher -

Based on reader feedback, surveys, comments, and other observations we’ve noticed over the years, the vast majority of you are already ‘good’ at what you do. Few incompetent professionals that consistently seek to improve remain incompetent. If you’re here–or at edutopia, or knee-deep in a book from ASCD, for example–reading and skimming and sharing and responding to ideas, it’ll be difficult for you to resist growing. A lot of what we discuss here at TeachThought, however, is very macro stuff–broad looks as the possibilities inherent in modern pedagogy, and the dangers we risk by not understanding them. In response, below I’ve collected 20 (mostly) simple things you can do (relatively) quickly to become a better teacher. Most are based on resources we’ve already created here, so where relevant I’ve linked to said resources. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Spanish Thematic Units.

Adjectives and descriptions

Costa Rica.Net. Costa Rica is noted more for its natural beauty and friendly people than for its culture.

Costa Rica.Net

The overwhelming European influence erased almost all indigenous culture, cultural activity has only begun to blossom in the last 100 years. By some estimates, over 90% of the country is Roman Catholic, at least in principle. In practice, most church attendance takes place at christenings, funerals and marriages. Blacks on the Caribbean coast tend to be Protestant, and there is a sprinkling of other denominations in San José, including a small Jewish community.

Spanish is the official language, though English is understood in tourist areas. Costa Rican cuisine is tasty rather than spicy-hot and is centered around beef, chicken and fish dishes, with rice, corn or beans and fresh fruit as supplements. Costa Ricans, as people in other countries, are caught between old cultural forces and new ones that influence especially its young inhabitants. However, that all paints far too gloomy a picture. To what extent does Bloom’s taxonomy actually apply to foreign language teaching and learning? Bloom’s taxonomy of higher order thinking skills has acquired a mythological status, amongst educators.

To what extent does Bloom’s taxonomy actually apply to foreign language teaching and learning?

It is one of those reference frameworks that teachers adhere to with some sort of blind allegiance and which, in 25 years of teaching, I have never heard anyone question or criticize. Yet, it is far from perfect and, as I intend to argue in this article, there are serious issues undermining its validity, both with its theoretical premises and its practical implementation in MFL curriculum planning and lesson evaluation in school settings.

Why should we be ‘wary’ of the Bloom taxonomy, as the ‘alarmist’ title of this article implies? Mainly because people forget or fail to consider that the Bloom Taxonomy was not meant as an evaluative tool and does not purport to measure ‘effective teaching’.


English Pop Music in Spanish. English Pop Music in Spanish What’s better than taking songs that your students already know and enjoy in English and listening to the Spanish version?

English Pop Music in Spanish

Your students will be fascinated listening to the Spanish version of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off or other current popular songs. An Overview of Learning Theories. 14 Mar This is possibly the most complete online resource I have ever come across on learning theories: I had to reduce the browser to 50% just to get the screenshot, but if you click the picture or the link below you should be taken to the original.

An Overview of Learning Theories

It’s a concept map that links thinkers and theorists with their concepts and theories and shows where they are situated in the wider academic context. It also contains web links to further reading on both the thinkers and the thoughts. A little light break time reading for you… Availability of Foreign Language materials in OER repositories. Photo credit: flickr user Here at COERLL, we encourage teachers to use Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) in their classes.

Availability of Foreign Language materials in OER repositories

CI Program Checklist: 9 of 13. Classroom MGMT Rules (DEA & CWB) Routines (Routines & Student Jobs) Brain Breaks Comprehensibility.

CI Program Checklist: 9 of 13

Kettering City School District. STARTALK » TELL Project. Resource: Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices. 1.

Resource: Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices

Introduction to the Library This program provides an overview of the entire library, with suggestions for use in professional development settings. Go to this unit. 2. Standards and the Five Cs An introduction to and illustration of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, this program shows how teachers can use the standards to help their students advance in foreign language proficiency. (60 minutes) Go to this unit. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Aprendemos Juntos - Home.

C7 body reflexives

C8 clothing preterite. All Categories - El blog de la Sra. Smith. Step Inside the Matrix. Brought to you by Lori One of the many strengths of my district is that it constantly strives to offer relevant and timely staff development.

Step Inside the Matrix

As a part of the district's Instructional Specialist program, I get to meet with colleagues and collaborate on a regular basis. Recently, we studied a book together surrounding one of the biggest buzz words in education--RIGOR. Reading Barbara Blackburn's book caused our IS team to have some important discussions. Frequently Asked Questions - Site de tprswitch ! What is Comprehensible Input ?

Frequently Asked Questions - Site de tprswitch !

Anything which we hear or read is input. If we understand it, it’s comprehensible input. We could also call it messages that are understood. Self-guided Culture & Communities study for students (Responses) TPRS Stories Database. Blog — Leslie Davison. I've been experimenting with how to make our student blogs more interactive, communicative and personal while at the same time increasing our proficiency levels in Spanish.

I thought the use of gadgets and widgets might help. Widgets are little pieces of code that run small programs on your website. As for blogs, they are often housed in the sidebars. Widgets can run on any website while gadgets (widgets by definition) are created just for their own sites. For example, Google Gadgets are for their site like Blogger.


Movie Talk Database. Español 1. The Savvy Language Learner (infographic) - Indwelling Language. There are lots of savvy language learners with different interests, different personalities, and different opportunities, but there are two things they pretty much all have in common: Savvy language learners consume large amounts of well-chosen content.Savvy language learners engage in both scheduled and opportunistic habits. Check out this infographic–or indwellfographic–for a handy overview of wise principles pertaining to content and action!

For more, see What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do, Do What You Feel Like, Your Language-Learning Happy Place, Don’t Read, Reread, On the Go, In the Language, Spare No Tupperware: Erasmus on Living in the Language, Why Your Reading Habit Works, The Inescapable Case for Extensive Reading (Video), and Grammar Is Not a Skill, or What Does It Really Mean To Know a Language (Video). Dia de los muertos - Dulcinea Speaks... Spanish Pig Latin: Idioma Efe. In English, we have a few gibberish languages. The most popular is, “Pig Latin”, which is an alternate way of speaking English in “code”, usually for fun, or to make it harder for others to understand. While there are variations, the biggest rule of “Pig Latin” is that you move the initial consonant sound to the end of the word and affiix an “ay”, (Pronounced like the first letter of the English alphabet.)

Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Culture. Welcome! I'm Tom Garza, an Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies, and the Director of the Texas Language Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Besides coordinating the program in Russian here at UT, my research interests are primarily focused on incorporating culture and cultural information into language teaching. Setting up Student Jobs. Stories and Ideas for Spanish Teachers. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. Listen to this article as a podcast episode: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:22 — 53.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | When I worked with student teachers on developing effective lesson plans, one thing I always asked them to revise was the phrase “We will discuss.”

Ejercicios para pronunciar la RR. Compañeros de conversación. Entering a new position in a different school district I knew I wouldn't have the same level of proficiency nor confidence among the student body that I had leaving my position of 19 years. Choice Boards for Emergency Sub Plan. Feedback Forms - SCS World Language Program.

Every day is a new adventure. Come along for the language learning ride! SCS World Language Program - Home. Spanish Teacher Blog - Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. Mantén la calma. InterpersonalCommunicationAssessment. 18 Major Moments In Hispanic History That All Americans Need To Know. Teacher spotlight: Alina Filipescu. Notes in Spanish – Learn Spanish with Podcast Audio Conversation from Spain. Short Story Generator. A fine site. Tried Something New and Loved it! - Dulcinea Speaks... About this Collection - Archive of Hispanic Literature on Tape. Colorín Colorado: A bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners.

How Do I do MovieTalk? Language Links 2006 - Substitutes. Verb conjugation / pronouns. Verb conjugation and subject pronouns. Movie Talk Database. Is it worth creating authentic experiences in the classroom? Tprs-handout-2011. The research supporting comprehensible input. Ligia Elena: steps to make this song comprehensible. 19 ideas for integrating songs into your WL Classroom — Leslie Davison. Blog de recursos para la enseñanza de español a inmigrantes y refugiados. Trabajadores latinos que llegaron después de Katrina se quedaron y prosperaron. Games-games-and-more-games-forthe-foreign-lanugage-classroom.doc.

Grudgeball.. a Review Game Where Kids Attack! Inspire Travel. Spanish Classroom on Behance. Jasmine And Her Dad Perform The Most Epic Quinceañera 'Daddy-Daughter' Dance Ever. Lesson plans aligned to the Common Core. TPRS_Materials_List.doc. A Radical Way of Unleashing a Generation of Geniuses. Spanish. Grammar for fun, challenge, interest and creativity. Learn. Try. Share.


Mejor Dicho - Blog. Creative Language Class. Summer Camps in Spain. Aprender español con Delearte. Ideas and resources for teaching Modern Foreign Languages. Hijos y padres: todo para los niños y bebés Confesiones y Realidades.