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The country is growing accustomed to debate about the use of drone aircraft in military surveillance and strikes. Should the U.S., as it has under President Barack Obama, be leaning more heavily on the use of the remote-controlled airplanes to hunt and kill terrorists — including American citizens? In The New York Times this weekend, Scott Shane points to another debate about drones, one that is inevitable as other countries hurry to catch up to America in their development of the weapons. What should the U.S. do when another country starts to use drones the way it has in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere? What Happens When Everyone Else Starts Using Drones? - Global What Happens When Everyone Else Starts Using Drones? - Global Headline News

Click for: Books and DVDs in Earthfiles Shop. Click to: Subscribe to Real X-Files and Earthfiles Archive. Upcoming conferences where Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe will be speaking about highly strange 12,000-year-old Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, and whistleblower leaks about ET self-activating technologies. – Eureka Springs Ozarks Conference April 11 - 13, 2014 Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, Ark. Click: Registration, Speakers, Hotel. – Modern Knowledge Tour 2014 June 6, 2014 Ontario Science Center Headline News
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The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena. Learn more » Watch the May 9, 2001 Press Conference Watch the 2 Hour Witness Interview DVD Watch the 4 Hour Witness Interview DVD Part 1
The Enterprise Mission "It's hard to image why such bullet-proof evidence was denied for such a long time, and why those so vigorously denying it never did so by meeting the science, but merely by brushing it away. Of course, now that it must be acknowledged by all that there is liquid water on the surface of Mars, this starts those denying the validity of the Mars LR data down the slippery slope leading to life." -- Dr. Gil Levin, Chief Project Scientist on the Viking Labeled Release Experiment NASA Announces Liquid Water on Mars at Tuesday Press Conference

The Enterprise Mission

Cosmic Gaia Cosmic Gaia Universal Mother Spiritual Oneness: Empowering spiritual diversity and freedom, and connecting the heart of all religions Gaia & Immune System: Healing the roots of epidemics, bioterrorism and war Goddess Stargate: Deactivating harmful technologies, exposing hidden agendas, stopping New World Order, and creating the pathway to heaven