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Control Alt Achieve: Video Mash-Ups with Google Slides. Mash-Ups are a fun and popular way to express creativity whether you are combining different styles of music, or art, or memes, or such.

Control Alt Achieve: Video Mash-Ups with Google Slides

Mash-ups can also be educational when the creator uses the two items to explain or express an idea, or for one of the items to complement or expand on the other. One fun way to students to try this out is by using Google Slides to mash-up videos. Google Slides makes it easy to insert videos from either YouTube or Google Drive. Slides allows you to adjust your video options so that your videos automatically play when the slideshow runs. The end results is a presentation with two videos that play at the same time. This could be used in several creative projects such as: Adding music or popular songs to famous historical speeches, or science videos, or scenes from story. The Mash-Up Template First begin by getting a copy of the Google Slides Video Mash-Up template below. Inserting Videos You should insert two videos on the "Videos" slide as follows: Conclusion.

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Two Ways to Add Audio to Google Slides. 10 Key Google Drive Tasks to Perform Using Chrome Apps. How to Create Appointment Slots in Google Calendar. Receive Email Notifications from Google Forms. Control What Shows Up When Someone Googles Your Name: Step-By-Step Guide to Personal SEO for Students - College Raptor Blog. Google is a wonderful tool.

Control What Shows Up When Someone Googles Your Name: Step-By-Step Guide to Personal SEO for Students - College Raptor Blog

In just a few minutes, you can find just about anything in the world–from help with your math homework to the score of the Broncos game. But, for students, Google can also surface some less-than-ideal results when potential employers or college admissions reps search for them online. While it may seem like an afterthought to some students, the truth is that your reputation can be easily damaged by a simple internet search. What shows up in the Google search results for your name can mean a lot. So it’s important that you protect your reputation online and take steps to show yourself in the best possible light to whomever may be looking. This guide will walk you step by step through checking your Google search results and then how to reduce the impact of any negative items that might appear.

Step 1: Do some research First things first: Do a Google search for your name. Now, you’ve probably got a lot of results for your name. Here’s what you should be looking for: 7 Great Google Forms Templates to Use in Your Teaching. February , 2017 As you probably all know by now, the old version of Google Drive template gallery is going away very soon and only the new version will be available.

7 Great Google Forms Templates to Use in Your Teaching

New template galleries embed a wide range of interesting and professionally designed templates users can utilize to create different kinds of content in Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms. We have already reviewed some samples of good Google Docs templates teachers can use in their instruction (i.e., for creating lesson plans, designing brochures and newspapers, making project proposals and many more). In today’s post, we are sharing with you this selected collection of Google Forms templates to use for a variety of educational purposes.

More specifically, you can use them to create forms for : event registration, event feedback, exit ticket, worksheet, course evaluation, assessment, and contact information. 1- Exit Ticket This is a great template for creating exit tickets. 2- Assessment 3- Worksheet 4- Course Evaluation. Google Drive Cheat Sheet for Teachers. 10 Basic Google Classroom Tasks Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do.

Google Classroom

How to Use Google Drawings. Google Drawings is a free, web-based drawing tool that allows users to collaborate and work together in real time to create flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, drawings, and more.

How to Use Google Drawings

It is included in GAFE, Google Classroom, G Suite, and Google Drive (this may vary in managed domains, depending upon whether the administrator turns on access to this tool). To use Google Drawing, here’s what you do: Open your Google Drive account; go to New and select Google Drawings. Insert shapes, lines, an image, or text with the editing tools.When finished, add this drawing to another Google Doc, slideshow, or spreadsheet, save it as a stand-alone file, and/or share it with others in a wide variety of methods. There are a lot of drawing programs available — SumoPaint, KidPix, and TuxPaint to name a few. Be aware: Each drawing program mentioned above may have some of these, but few have all. Track Progress Toward Goals With This Google Sheets Template. How to Quickly Access Ten Google Sheets Templates for Teachers. Our Top 10 Google Docs Add-ons of 2016. December 28, 2016 Google Docs' add-ons are tools that add a wide variety of functionalities to Google Docs.

Our Top 10 Google Docs Add-ons of 2016

In the course of this year we have reviewed a number of these tools and we have particularly focused on the ones that are related, in a way or another, to us in education. From this collection we selected what we think are among the best add-ons for teachers and students using Google Docs. Some of the things you can do with these add-ons include: Here are the links to the add-ons featured in the visual below:

How to Use Google Forms in the Classroom. There are lots of free survey and polling sites (two popular options are PollDaddy and Survey Monkey), but often they limit the number of surveys you can create or how many questions you can include without ‘leveling up’ to a premium version.

How to Use Google Forms in the Classroom

Among the teachers I know who are always looking for ways to save their limited pennies, Google Forms is a run-away favorite. It is intuitive, flexible, professional, can be adapted to school colors and images, and can be shared as a link or an embed. You can work alone or with colleagues and there are a wide variety of options that tweak the form to your needs. Using available templates, a customized form can be completed in under five minutes. How to Cite the Source of Images Found in Google Docs & Slides. Two Ways to Grade Short Answer Questions in Google Forms. Last night I received an email from a reader who wanted me to clarify that is possible to grade short answer questions in the default "quizzes" mode.

Two Ways to Grade Short Answer Questions in Google Forms

When you are selecting quiz settings in Google Forms you will need to choose the option for releasing grades "later, after manual review. " Then you will need to manually score your students' responses to your short answer questions. 5 Excellent Google Docs Templates for Teachers. 5 Must Have Google Sheets Templates for Teachers. November 25, 2016 A few days ago we shared with you here in EdTech and mLearning a number of practical pre-designed Google Docs templates you can use in your instruction for a variety of educational purposes.

5 Must Have Google Sheets Templates for Teachers

Today, we spent sometime sifting through Google Sheets templates gallery and picked out the titles below. You can use these templates to create and manage schedules, to help you with your grading, to manage your class attendance, and to organize your students in group work activities. All of these templates are available for free in the new Google Sheets gallery. To access and use any of these templates, go to Sheets Gallery and click on 'More' on top right hand side and search for name of the template: 1- Schedule This is a excellent template for creating and managing schedules. 2- Gradebook. How to Use Google Forms in the Classroom.

3 New Google Drive Features Teachers Should Know about. December 6, 2016 Over the last few weeks, Google Drive added a number of interesting features to its main services Docs, Slides and Sheets.

3 New Google Drive Features Teachers Should Know about

The most recent addition was announced today and concerns Google Sheets settings (see number 2 below ). If you have missed any of these updates, here is a quick overview of the three most important new Google Drive features that are especially useful for us as teachers and educators. 1- Adding citation feature to Explore in Google Docs A citation feature has been added to Explore allowing users to easily cite their sources with the click of a button. This is especially useful for students working on writing projects (e,g research papers), citations are added as footnotes and students have the option to change citation formats (choose between MLA, APA, and Chicago Styles). 3- Export Google Slide presentations in OPD (OpenDocument Presentation) format Google Slides users can now easily export their presentations in OPD format.

10 of The Best Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers. October 31, 2016 After publishing the best Google Sheets Add-ons for teachers, we are sharing with you today another collection of some of the most popular Google Docs add-ons to try out in your instruction.

10 of The Best Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers

The add-ons span different topics and you can use them to : Give and receive feedback using both voice and text commentsInsert accents for different languages into your Google DocEasily and quickly create educational rubricsCreate and insert graphs, equations, and math quizzes into your Google DocUse speech recognition to voice type your Google docsAccess and use a huge library of clipart images to use in your docsAutomatically create a table of content for easy document navigationCreate and insert diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps into your docsAdd electronic signatures to your docs and share them in PDF formatAutomatically cite sources and generate bibliographies 4- g(Math) ‘Write virtually any mathematical expression directly on your PC or Chromebook’s keyboard or touchscreen.

10 Things Teachers Should Know To Do With Google Docs. Google Docs is a powerful word processing tool that many schools have adopted. As it’s similar to Microsoft Word and other word processing tools, most of its features are intuitive to use. However, in addition to completing many of the functions of a traditional word processor, Google Docs provides even more capabilities that can be invaluable to educators.

Google Classroom Tutorial 2015. Fostering Student Collaboration With Google Docs.