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Google Classroom Tutorial 2015

Google Classroom Tutorial 2015

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The Google Classroom Quick-Start Guide + tips and tricks! Google Classroom makes organizing and managing all of your Google Apps activities streamlined and easy. Set it up in minutes. (Sketch by Matt Miller) Thousands of teachers are certainly finding their way to Google Classroom. It has been as billed by Google: less focus on tech, more focus on teaching. Google Classroom Today we're launching an integration with Google Classroom, so that you can use the Classroom Share button to send out Quizizz games. How does it work? Just begin a Live or Homework game as you normally would. On the page where you get the game code, you'll now see a Classroom Share button.

10 Things Teachers Should Know To Do With Google Docs Google Docs is a powerful word processing tool that many schools have adopted. As it’s similar to Microsoft Word and other word processing tools, most of its features are intuitive to use. However, in addition to completing many of the functions of a traditional word processor, Google Docs provides even more capabilities that can be invaluable to educators. How to flip the classroom Flipping is easy – and with a little thought and planning, teachers can use the flipped model to create engaging learning experiences for their students. This section covers the nuts and bolts of flipping – from creating videos, to introducing the flipped concept, to practical ideas for using class time differently. What are teachers saying? As an English teacher, I have several teaching concepts going at once, so flipping works well for me. I may have kids watch a lesson at home to learn about literary devices in a book we are reading in class.

20 ways Google MyMaps can enhance lessons in any class Maps cross all content areas and grade levels. By creating custom MyMaps, students can see the content they’ve studied in a new light. (Public domain image via Pixabay) Maps are a fundamental part of everyday life. 10 of The Best Google Docs Add-ons for Teachers October 31, 2016 After publishing the best Google Sheets Add-ons for teachers, we are sharing with you today another collection of some of the most popular Google Docs add-ons to try out in your instruction. The add-ons span different topics and you can use them to : Give and receive feedback using both voice and text commentsInsert accents for different languages into your Google DocEasily and quickly create educational rubricsCreate and insert graphs, equations, and math quizzes into your Google DocUse speech recognition to voice type your Google docsAccess and use a huge library of clipart images to use in your docsAutomatically create a table of content for easy document navigationCreate and insert diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps into your docsAdd electronic signatures to your docs and share them in PDF formatAutomatically cite sources and generate bibliographies

Learn How to Use Piktochart! - Piktochart Infographics Become an expert Piktocharter by watching our videos, and you’ll be making infographics in no time! Our video tutorials are live on our Piktochart Youtube page, and you can also check out additional user-created guide on our Video Tutorial page here. Ready to get started with Piktochart right now? Check out our free guide to the Untapped Potential of Infographics! Subscribe to the Piktochart Blog below and immediately receive your free copy of "The Untapped Potential of Infographics".

Google Sheets 101: The Beginner's Guide to Online Spreadsheets Humans are great at processing images, making connections between words and concepts, and remembering obscure trivia. But we're bad—really bad—at mentally processing and storing accurate, easy-to-use data sets. We invented Data Tables—more commonly known today as spreadsheets—to organize arrays of information that our brains can't recall. 3 New Google Drive Features Teachers Should Know about December 6, 2016 Over the last few weeks, Google Drive added a number of interesting features to its main services Docs, Slides and Sheets. The most recent addition was announced today and concerns Google Sheets settings (see number 2 below ). If you have missed any of these updates, here is a quick overview of the three most important new Google Drive features that are especially useful for us as teachers and educators.

10 tips to use Google Classroom effectively and efficiently Google Classroom can be even more powerful with a few tips and strategies to make it efficient and effective. Google Classroom streamlines the management of student work — announcing, assigning, collecting, grading, giving feedback and returning. It has certainly saved many teachers hours of work. Without a solid workflow and some strategy, grading digital work can be cumbersome.

5 Must Have Google Sheets Templates for Teachers November 25, 2016 A few days ago we shared with you here in EdTech and mLearning a number of practical pre-designed Google Docs templates you can use in your instruction for a variety of educational purposes. Today, we spent sometime sifting through Google Sheets templates gallery and picked out the titles below. You can use these templates to create and manage schedules, to help you with your grading, to manage your class attendance, and to organize your students in group work activities. All of these templates are available for free in the new Google Sheets gallery.

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators Google Classroom allows teachers to easily manage student work and teaching with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets and anything Google. This handy tool has opened up the doors of blended learning and collaborative classrooms like never before. Teachers wanting to implement Google Classroom can use these resources to get started, level up their learning, or become a pro at all things Google.

5 Excellent Google Docs Templates for Teachers November 23, 2016 As you probably know, the old Google Docs gallery will be unavailable early 2017 and to access pre-made templates users will have to exclusively use the new Docs Gallery. When you open Docs gallery you will see a notification prompting you to use the new gallery. This is available for Docs, Slides and Sheets. However, today we have spent sometime sifting through the collection of templates available in the new Google Docs and picked out the titles below. These are especially useful for teachers planning to: create newsletters for their class, design project proposals, write book reports, create lesson plans, and make brochures to share with students. To access and use any of these templates, go to Docs Gallery and click on 'More' on top right hand side search for name of the template: