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London Fashion Week unaffected by new Covid rules. The British Fashion Council has confirmed that London Fashion Week’s physical events are able to go ahead, despite a change in government coronavirus restrictions from next week.

London Fashion Week unaffected by new Covid rules

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Find out about Drapers conferences before everyone else, and secure an early bird discount Monthly print edition option available Register for guest access. The Next Normal: Business Trends for 2021. Businesses have spent much of the past nine months scrambling to adapt to extraordinary circumstances.

The Next Normal: Business Trends for 2021

While the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet won, with a vaccine in sight, there is at least a faint light at the end of the tunnel—along with the hope that another train isn’t heading our way. Audio. Contactless limit could rise to £100. Connecting the Dots 2021. Depop Takes Over Selfridges With a Pop-up Store. LONDON — Depop is giving its online vendors an off-line space in Selfridges.

Depop Takes Over Selfridges With a Pop-up Store

The vintage finds marketplace has taken over space in the department store’s Designer Studio, on the third floor. Miami Design District. Dior is pleased to announce the opening of a pop-up café on the garden terrace of its Miami Design District women’s boutique.

Miami Design District

Located on the boutique’s third-floor outdoor terrace, the Dior café continues a longstanding tradition first established by Monsieur Christian Dior and the desire to spread his love for the art of entertaining and his taste in art de vivre. In keeping with this spirit, the new café offers seated table service featuring a concise menu of coffee, teas, juices and assorted fruits and pastries. Universities must swap physical for digital estates − at warp speed. Covid-19 has laid waste to retailers globally.

Universities must swap physical for digital estates − at warp speed

Consider Debenhams and Arcadia in the UK, or Brooks Brothers in the US. According to Coresight Research, 20,000 to 25,000 retailers were forecast to close in the US in 2020, accelerating a pre-pandemic trend. Other retailers are similarly devastated. Those in travel and food service, such as pubs and restaurants, have gone to the wall for lack of customers and government subsidies. Connecting the Dots 2021. Gen Z is leading an evolution in shopping that could kill brands as we know the. Book A Free Beauty Consultation: Virtual Personal Shopping. The Customer of the Future - Google Books. Coronavirus » Join the NHS COVID-19 vaccine team. Your NHS needs you COVID-19 has been the single greatest public health emergency in the history of the NHS.

Coronavirus » Join the NHS COVID-19 vaccine team

The response of current NHS staff and those who have come forward to help out – whether the tens of thousands of former staff and students, or the hundreds of thousands of volunteers – has been nothing short of inspirational, and played a major role throughout the pandemic. 'We saved your life Boris,' student nurses recruited to work Covid-19 front line angry as placements cut short. Thousands of student nurses recruited to work on the front line against Covid-19 have been told their placements will be cut short, plunging some of them into financial despair.

'We saved your life Boris,' student nurses recruited to work Covid-19 front line angry as placements cut short

Many nurses expressed their outrage at a decision from NHS England that their paid placements will now finish on 31 July instead of running until the end of September. New roles and adaptations for young hospital volunteers. New roles and adaptations for young hospital volunteers August 2020 Annie Caffyn Blogs Since April, we have facilitated a series of peer support sessions for Volunteer Coordinators from NHS Trusts.

New roles and adaptations for young hospital volunteers

Managing depression after university - The Mix. What to do after university. Finished uni but unsure where to go from here?

What to do after university

When the uni bubble bursts, it can feel pretty daunting, but these tips will make your transition into graduate life as stress-free as possible. As great as it feels to hand in the final essay, finish that last exam and finally leave uni, the prospect of graduating can also be quite overwhelming. It's a big thing to finish education so, once you've ticked off all the items on your uni bucket list, you might find yourself feeling a bit lost – and this is completely normal. Reconnecting with Life After Loss (One step at a time) - Whats your Grief. You’ve been there before.

Reconnecting with Life After Loss (One step at a time) - Whats your Grief

Heck, we’ve all been there. It’s been a long week, you’re tired, the weather’s not that great, and it is utterly impossible to imagine anything as enjoyable as changing into your pajamas, ordering a pizza, opening a bottle of wine, and snuggling in for some quality couch time. Eating habits and lifestyle changes during COVID-19 lockdown: an Italian survey. This population-based study provides a snapshot of the eating habits and lifestyle of Italian residents, who participated in the survey between 5th and 24th of April 2020, after 7 weeks of lockdown.

To our knowledge, this study was among one of the first to investigate the immediate impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on eating habits and lifestyle changes among Italian residents. The web-survey was concluded on 24th of April 2020 as it was the first day in Italy with the same number of newly infected and cured people.

To that date, according to National Civil Protection Service data [36], the total number of assessed cases in Italy was 192,994: 106,527 people have tested positive; 60,498 patients have recovered; 25,969 died as confirmed only upon certification of cause of death by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS). An inadequate intake of Mediterranean foods exposes the whole population to specific oxidative damage [28], and, thus, to susceptibility to COVID-19. 4 Ways to Adjust to the New COVID Demands on Your Daily Life. Flexible schedules seem to have everything going for them during normal times, when you have complete freedom to adjust your workday according to your other obligations, particularly family.

You can choose when to start, stop, or pause to take a child to school, prepare an early dinner, or take a much-needed screen time break. The assessment of lifestyle changes during the COVID-19 pandemic using a multidimensional scale. Please cite this article in press. How Are Small Businesses Adjusting to COVID-19? Early Evidence from a Survey. Abstract In addition to its impact on public health, COVID-19 has had a major impact on the economy. To shed light on how COVID-19 is affecting small businesses – and on the likely impact of the recent stimulus bill, we conducted a survey of more than 5,800 small businesses. Several main themes emerge from the results.

First, mass layoffs and closures have already occurred. In our sample, 43 percent of businesses are temporarily closed, and businesses have – on average – reduced their employee counts by 40 percent relative to January. How humans can echolocate like bats. Inside Soundhouse: Intimacy and Distance. Resilient Responses: Repair and Restore – Performance at Online Event. Heal your body and calm your mind in this moving meditation Bruce Nauman uses his body as material to explore what it means to be human.