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JustSalad 2020 Sustainability Report. Das Mehrwegsystem für To Go Food ohne Pfand. BurgMaterial. Ziel des vom Bundesland Sachsen-Anhalt geförderten Forschungsvorhabens BurgMaterial ist es, das Wissen über Materialien durch Aspekte der Narration zu erweitern und in ein zeitgemäßes Vermittlungskonzept für die Materialsammlung zu überführen.


Vernetzt mit dem SustainLab und dessen Forschung zur Nachhaltigkeit sind folgende Fragen leitend: Was erzählen Materialien? Inwiefern sind narrative Aspekte in Kunst und Design bedeutsam? About Us – Sustainable Agave Company. Burger King Tests Zero-Waste Packaging. Burger King restaurants are continuing efforts to minimize environmental impact across the globe by testing a new reusable packaging model that will help cut down on packaging waste.

Burger King Tests Zero-Waste Packaging

The brand, as part of its Restaurant Brands for Good framework, has launched a partnership with TerraCycle’s circular packaging service, Loop, to pilot a closed-loop system with zero-waste packaging that can be safely cleaned and refilled to be reused, again and again. Together with Loop, the trial will offer restaurant guests the option to conveniently reduce waste when ordering their favorite Burger King brand staples like the Whopper sandwich, soft drink or coffee in reusable sandwich containers or beverage cups.

Starting in 2021, select Burger King restaurants in New York City, Portland, and Tokyo will be among the first to implement the model, with more cities expected to be added in the coming months. Independent insight for more intelligent crop management. Food Waste Is Everyone's Problem. Here's How to Reduce It. The amount of food wasted around the world is predicted to rise by a third before the year 2030.

Food Waste Is Everyone's Problem. Here's How to Reduce It

A report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) anticipates that, if left unchecked, 2030 will see a total of 2.1 billion tons of food wasted—in stark contrast with the UN’s goals of cutting food waste in half by the same year. According to the USDA, between 30 and 40 percent of the national food supply is wasted every year. In 2010, this corresponded to approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food. In the UK, the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates annual waste to be around 9.5 million tonnes.

Globally, approximately 1.6 billion tons of food—one-third of all produced food, worth around $1.2 trillion—goes to waste every single year. Meat Growers. Everyday Experiments. SUSHI SINGULARITY TOKYO. A free make-your-own Magnum kit is here. Written by Gavin Hanly Created: 24 April 2020.

A free make-your-own Magnum kit is here

Food trend - Food e...comunicazione sostenibilità influencer blogger media trend tech. FrescoFrigo. IKEA Starts Using Biodegradable Mushroom-Based Packaging for Its Products. Almost all retail products that we use today come packaged and nearly 50% of all packaging materials are made of plastic.

IKEA Starts Using Biodegradable Mushroom-Based Packaging for Its Products

While packaging products in lightweight and durable plastic improves a product’s shelf life and handling convenience, plastic can wreak irrevocable damage on the environment. As awareness about plastic’s drawbacks and legislative restrictions on fossil-fuel based packaging materials increases, alternative “green” packaging materials have been discovered. One such material is Ecocradle, a mushroom-based packaging material, developed by Ecovative Design in 2010 by mycelium technology. The natural and biodegradable Ecocradle can literally be grown in a controlled environment in a week’s time and takes just a week to decompose totally. C3 Will Launch Its Virtual Food Halls Inside Graduate’s ‘College Town’ Hotels. Food and bev platform C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) this week announced a new partnership with Graduate Hotels to launch the Graduate Food Hall digital kitchen concept.

C3 Will Launch Its Virtual Food Halls Inside Graduate’s ‘College Town’ Hotels

For the venture, C3 will bring its ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant hybrid to Graduate Hotels, which are located in America’s college towns, in the first quarter of 2021. C3 operates a number of virtual restaurant brands, including Krispy Rice, the delivery-only version of Umami Burger, a collaborative plant-based concept with Impossible, and a caviar bar. The company prepares all orders in its own network of ghost kitchens, which is steadily growing. The Top 5 Entertainment Trends to Watch in 2021. Say what you want about this past year (and there’s a lot we can say), but 2020 produced many wins for the sustainability-minded: The release of David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, Lizzo deciding to go vegan, and award shows serving plant-based meals to A-list honorees – not to mention all the animal rights speeches Joaquin Phoenix got to deliver.

The Top 5 Entertainment Trends to Watch in 2021

But what’s on tap for 2021? Adidas's New Vegan Leather Shoes Will Be Made From Fungi. Adidas sneakerheads will soon be able to snag a pair of vegan leather shoes made from a rather unique material: fungi.

Adidas's New Vegan Leather Shoes Will Be Made From Fungi

The European sportswear manufacturer is developing a new, “purely biological” leather material made from mycelium (the thin, root-like structures of mushrooms). Mycelium’s moisture-absorbing, non-toxic, and waterproof properties make it a favorable textile. The Vegan Swap For Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites Fans. A healthy, vegan-friendly spin on the delicious and versatile egg is a welcome addition to any diet, but can JUST Egg actually compete with the real thing when it comes to taste and texture?

The Vegan Swap For Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites Fans

Many vegans seem to believe it can. As Kathy Carmichael of Kathy's Vegan Kitchen put it, "Even though I am not an egg fan, I took a bite, and [my husband] was right, the taste, smell, and texture are very similar to an egg. " Rafid Nassir of VeganLiftz agrees with the sentiment, noting JUST Egg's many uses: "I like it because I made it with a lot of snacks like waffles, omelets, fried rice, and French toast. Even Pad Thai can easily be made with this. It scrambles just like eggs, and I barely notice a difference. " Tribest® Soyabella Soymilk and Nut Milk Maker. Coronavirus. 4 dark kitchen pronte a partire con il delivery a Milano. - Food trend 2021, cosa (e come) mangeremo l’anno prossimo Cook - Cucina A quick guide to testing your business ideas - Content2Sell. Identifying the problem The first step to offer a solution How well do you know your target audience?

A quick guide to testing your business ideas - Content2Sell

What are their pain points? German Eating Habits - Tastessence. Coronavirus pandemic changes eating habits in Germany. With all its disadvantages, the lockdown in Germany has propelled many people to try to improve their health and well-being. There's been an uptick in online searches for yoga mats, and some people say they started cycling, not only because of the fear of taking public transport but also because of exercise. There are also far more people walking on the streets and in the parks. Even with gyms and swimming pools closed, many people are finding ways to stay active. More home cooking Many have also adopted healthier eating habits. Loop US.

Eat Just. Corporate history[edit] 2011-2014[edit] Eat Just Inc. was founded in 2011 under the name Beyond Eggs and then Hampton Creek Foods[1] by childhood friends Josh Balk and Josh Tetrick.[2]:26 It started in Los Angeles, California, then moved to Tetrick's garage in San Francisco in 2012.[3][4][5] At the time, the company had about 30 employees.[2]:118 Initially, it had $500,000[4] then $2 million in venture capital funding from Khosla Ventures.[6] Hampton Creek's first two years were spent in research and development.[7] It tested plant varieties in a lab[3]:3 in order to identify plant proteins with properties similar to chicken eggs,[8][9][10] such as gelling and emulsifying.[3]:3 Eat Just created an automated process for testing plants that was patented in 2016.[3]:3, 17 Information like each plant's drought tolerance, taste, and any likely allergenic problems were compiled into a database called Orchard.[2]:61 2014-2016[edit]

TechnikRadar 2020. Was die Deutschen über Technik denken - acatech. i3253e. Risk perceptions and food-handling practices in the home. Can spatial design help us to get more behind the sustainable insect-eating movement? Selling cockroaches is a hard, well, sell. But Exofood believes it can challenge the stigma attached to the insects with its futuristic, education-focused interior. Surely we’ve all heard by now about the prospect of eating insects as a more sustainable protein source than animals. According to Statista, to produce one gram of protein, the amount of farmland required is 14 times greater for beef than for insects. When it comes to water usage, the difference is even greater: 2 litres for crickets against a staggering 112 litres for beef. As if the reduction in resources isn’t enough, insects are also extremely easy to cultivate. For these reasons and more, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is endorsing their adoption, and in 2013 it published a book as a call to action.

Data Dive: Will well-designed spaces aid in whetting appetites for lab-grown meat? Diners still show caution about eating steak that doesn’t come from a cow, but education and transparency could put it more firmly on the menu. The events of 2020 have rightly shone a light on our global food system and the negative consequences of industrial farming, especially in regard to meat production. You’d therefore hope that this year might provide further impetus to those looking for more sustainable alternatives.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, at least as consumer attitudes toward lab-grown meat are concerned. The Latest in Vegan & Plant Based News Stories. Fresh Baby Greens Grown for Locals. Home - v2food - Australia's #1 Plant Based Meat Company. The Flavor Farmers. The Farm Has Never Been Closer. Contact us at 510-556-4786 or GrubMarket's mission is to make fresh and healthy food accessible to everyone. We firmly believe that you, your family, and your friends should always have the opportunity to eat well, and that price should never be a barrier between you and healthy, delicious, and freshly-harvested food.

The Race To Bring Cashierless Checkout To Stores Heats Up With Giant Eagle Debut. Tech startup Grabango (Gra-ban-go) has heated up the race for faster retailing by debuting its checkout-free technology at a Pittsburgh convenience store, becoming one of the first outlets to allow shoppers to skip the line at an existing store.

Giant Eagle GetGo, a 3,000 square foot store located on the busy Route 28, began using the technology on Tuesday, giving shoppers the chance to choose items they want to buy, scan their phone at the exit and walk out without waiting in line. The switch is a milestone for the technology, which has mostly been limited to new or remodeled stores powered by Amazon and several other startups, and comes after a year of stealth-mode testing. “Our goal here is to increase convenience. Everyone leads really busy lives,” says Laura Karet, CEO of Giant Eagle, which is planning to install Grabango’s technology in a second location, a 100,000 square foot grocery store, by early 2021.

Top 50 Grocers: Amazon Falls Below Aldi While Independent Grocers Show Strength. M&A activity of the past year suggests that smaller deals will rule the day for the foreseeable future. Deal volume and value both declined for grocery stores, but the deals completed in 2018 were 13 percent larger than those in 2017, according to “Fortifying Before the Storm,” the fourth edition of global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney’s “Consumer & Retail Merger & Acquisitions” report. With regard to grocery, the report found that the subsector is experiencing higher premiums, with deal volume falling 18 percent, while deal value dropped by only 7 percent.

The growth in 2017 was due to Amazon’s $14 billion acquisition of Whole Foods. Bonbowl - Induction Cooktop to Cook for One. Bonbowl - Induction Cooktop and Cookware to Cook For One. EatFigo: Autonomous Sous Vide Cooks With Your Phone. Engadget is now a part of Verizon Media. Engadget is part of Verizon Media. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.

FrescoFrigo al TG1. Minnow Pickup Pod™ Recipe Content Platform for Brands & Grocers - Whisk for Business. What is the Hestan Cue System? SideChef - Recipes and Meal Ideas. IFTTT helps every thing work better together. Innit - Your Food. Simplified & Solved. GE Kitchen Hub - Hands On at CES 2018. CES 2020: A Look at the GE Kitchen Hub 2. How coffee has kept us going in 2020 - BBC Reel. Navigating the back loop: Fostering social innovation and transformation in ecosystem management. Too Good To Go. From bags to food: Louis Vuitton to open first restaurant soon. Ending Plastic In Food Delivery With New Packaging. As online food delivery services grow, the amount of plastic they generate is also increasing.

However, finding alternative solutions that are inexpensive and easy to use has not been easy. Plants, Personalization & Precision Cooking: A Look at GE Appliances’ CES 2020 Lineup. CES 2020: Julia is an All-in-One, Self-Cleaning Guided Cooking Machine. YouTube. YouTube. Toyota Woven City. YouTube. The 5 biggest tech trends from CES 2020. CES - The Global Stage for Innovation - CES 2020. Spoon Market Map: Ghost Kitchens in 2019. REWE Group eröffnet erstes technologisiertes Food Fulfillment Center 2.0. #FOOD LAB 2030.