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35 tutoriels photoshop vintage pour la reproduction des anciens modèles et des styles rétro. Photoshop Tuto - Tutoriaux gratuits pour apprendre Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4. DeviantART: where ART meets application! Cours gratuits et tutoriels en ligne pour apprendre la photographie numérique. Effet Photoshop Vieille photo pour l'image.

Tutoriels Photoshop gratuit & Inspirations pour les concepteurs Web & Graphic. In this tutorial we are going to take a regular, boring photo and liven it up using with some effects to give it more of a retro feel to it.

Tutoriels Photoshop gratuit & Inspirations pour les concepteurs Web & Graphic

We are then going to take the photo and create a background for it to lie on. Step 1. À couper le souffle rêveur Tutoriel Photoshop Vintage. The final result of this tutorial: The first you open the original picture below: Press Ctrl + B (Color Balance) and set numbers as below: Your picture will look like this: Use Selective Color:

À couper le souffle rêveur Tutoriel Photoshop Vintage

Tuto photoshop : effet ronds lumineux ou (faux) bokeh. Tutoriels gratuits. Agence de communication visuelle - Web et Print - Rennes / Bretagne. TUTORIELS PHOTOSHOP Tuto Photoshop - MEILLEURS TUTOS et Tutoriaux Photoshop CS5, CS4 et CS3. Réseau professionnel. 80 vintage photoshop actions.

353 shares Inspiring Architecture and City Photography I believe that architecture and general city landscapes are pretty inspiring. If we stop to pay attention to it, it is amazing the amount of textures, angles, symmetry, depth and other details we can find on the streets surrounding us. 10 sites de vecteurs gratuits. Tuto Photoshop les meilleurs tutoriaux photoshop parmis les tutoriaux photoshop du net cs4, cs3 et cs2. Tutorial:a picture worth 1000 words. I love Photoshop techniques that offer all kinds of possibilities for experimentation—and the following tutorial is a perfect example of one of those techniques.

tutorial:a picture worth 1000 words

In this issue, we’re going to take a portrait and replace the person’s image with text (think 2009 Grammy posters). Pick a portrait that offers good contrast—a photo that’s very dramatic and dark probably won’t work as well. I’ve had the best success with straight-on head and shoulder shots, but again, feel free to experiment with all types of photos. For the best results, choose a photo that has a light background (or select the background around the person and make it lighter). 30 photo manipulation. 50 Photoshop Text Effect. 12 Photoshop Light Effect.

Below are a few Photoshop light effect tutorials that have caught my eye while looking over the tutorial sites, for me these produce the best results while using brushes, blurs and other media such as textures to create a top quality effect.

12 Photoshop Light Effect

Create Awesome Abstract Nebula Circle Shape in Photoshop Covers using filters with textures such as the twirl filter and warp filter with a Nebula star texture making for impressive results. Create a Colorful Aged Poster With Special Lighting Effects You’ll learn how to use texture and adjustment layers to create an aging effect on a colorful abstract poster design.

Create a Surreal Girl with a Raven Composition in Photoshop Tutorial. Photoshop lady. 50+ Photoshop Tutorials. Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster.

50+ Photoshop Tutorials

Designers love all of those photoshop tutorials that can help them to learn more and more everyday and give them direction to design more beautiful and attractive creative works. And the demand for Photo Effects tutorials are too much in these days. We know this very well and SmashingApps is all about to feature all those smashing stuffs that are free and useful for designers. Today, we are going to list down 50+ Truly Useful Photoshop Tutorials For Amazing Photo Effects. 100+ Photoshop Actions. Freebies by Bill Jones 5inShare If your like me you enjoy enhancing your photos in Photoshop.

100+ Photoshop Actions

It’s a lot of fun to take your shots and experiment with them.