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Vivitar IU680, una nueva apuesta a los híbridos cámaras-lente La Vivitar IU680 fue presentada en el CES 2014. Se trata de un combo cámara-lente que está pensada para utilizarse junto a teléfonos móviles. Análisis Panasonic Lumix GX7


Villanos de la tercera edad Alguna vez se han preguntado cómo se verían los villanos de las películas de antaño en la actualidad? El fotógrafo Federico Chiesa ha imaginado cómo los personajes como Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger y Michael Myers podrían haber envejecido. Darth Vader aparece sentado en una silla cómoda, con una botella de agua caliente y con una manta sobre sus piernas, mientras mira fijamente a la televisión. Su Lightsaber roja se inclina contra la pared de su departamente. Su casco le tapa la cara, pero si fuera visible, sería melancólico. Villanos de la tercera edad
The Lost America America, One of the Most Powerful Continent in World as well as, the Most Modernized and Advanced Continent of Today. But somewhere in this Race we have Lost the America that it looked before. Here we have Collected a Beautiful Pictures to Revive the Old Memories that how America was before the Development. Including the early Industrialization, Cultural Ethics and much more to see as follows. Source: The Lost America

The Lost America

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Kellie" by John Schell
75 photos by 75 photographers 75 photos by 75 photographers It is a little overwhelming for me to look at how much this place has grown in the last 12 months. Our monthly traffic now tops 3.2 million pageviews with visitors coming from more than 200 different countries. More than 27,000 of you follow Booooooom on Twitter, and our Facebook family has grown to nearly 42,000! So I want to thank all of you! It was your support for the site that allowed me to bring our Small Victories show to Hong Kong and then follow it up with another show here in Vancouver! It was also your incredible submissions to our Little Drifters project that spread all over the internet like dandelion seeds, inspiring people as far away as Armenia to launch similar projects.
Art Photos by Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva Have you ever thought of creating your own responsive website? It could be your own personal webpage or your blog or even a site for your business? How about to create a website by yourself using one of today’s most advanced website builder? Feel free to use the best website builder with wide opportunities allowing to create beautiful websites of different topics in minutes. Great variety of creative website templates, advanced drag-and-drop editor, mobile/tablet optimized versions, SEO features and all this is free. Art Photos by Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva
Pencil Vs Camera - 57 | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

Pencil Vs Camera - 57 | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

Take My Key of Dreams Take my key of dreams For anything that´ll go Not all is what it seems Thru the keyhole’s glow Stretch your own wings Flow them thru a twist The character inside sings What your traits has kissed Roads must be two ways One is to your reply The other with head plays Wherein the interiors fly Love is in its fine tresses Falling down to the earth Mind and ability abolishes Each of its possess worth
Photography seems easy at first glance. You simply make your frame and press the shutter button. The reality is, everyone can take a photo but not all can master it. There’s more to photography than just simply “point and shoot.”

8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About

8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About
Photographis The first foreign premiere was on August 8, 2009, in Japan. A spiritual reading of the true story of a love dog. The Real Story The real Hachi was born in Odate, Japan, in 1923, and lived with a professor at Tokyo University. Every day the dog would accompany Dr. Ueno to the train station where he left for work; the dog would return at the end of the day to meet him. Photographis
Classic Collection | Staley-Wise Gallery