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Small PCB design/manufacture

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PCB Home Page. Pcb is free software for designing printed circuit board layouts.

PCB Home Page

It has many features and is capable of professional-quality output. It is available for UN*X operating systems, e.g., GNU/Linux, Mac OS-X, or Cygwin under Windows. pcb was orignally written by Thomas Nau of the University of Ulm, Germany, and is now maintained by harry eaton of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, USA. PCB 3.0 is a branch of the source code modified to operate under the Tcl/Tk interpreter. Most of the coding for PCB 3.0 was done at MultiGiG, Inc., Scotts Valley, California, by Tim Edwards, Paramesh Santanam, and (working from India, courtesy of SynApps, Inc.), Nishit Patel. The code base is a departure from the original PCB in that a complete Tcl command-line API was concocted for PCB, and the GUI re-written as a Tk script. Eurocircuits - how to make a 4-layer PCB (full version)

Buy Direct (Official Site) Electronic and Educational Toys. EEVblog #264 - SMD PCB Pick & Place Machine Assembly. DIY Pick and Place Machine Project. TM220A table top pick and place overview. Prototype PCB Assembled (PCBA) Upfront Consulting Service. Overview This service will provide you with PCBA services consulting for samples less than 50 pieces including assessment of Gerber files and BOM file, looking for materials and inquiries and processing schedule, and finally you will get a contract about quotation and delivery date for PCBA service.

Prototype PCB Assembled (PCBA) Upfront Consulting Service

This service can only accept sample mounting and welding services of less than 50 pieces. If you need more than 50 pieces, please use service " Small batches PCB Assembled (PCBA) Upfront Consulting Service". 9.9 USD service fee refers to the consulting fee only instead of the production costs of 50 pieces of samples. However, in the contract, we will refund consulting fee and include it in the production costs at last. Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Terms of Conditions 1. A. B. BOM file must contain the contents below: C. D. For BOM and bitmap files, we have provided templates which you can download in DOWNLOAD page. 2.

A. B. C. D. We accept payments via Paypal or W / T. Delivery time.

Go Naked

Spirit Circuits. Free prototype service from 48-hours This is the service to use when you’re not 100% sure the design is right.

Spirit Circuits

Simply “Go Naked” and reduce your prototype costs. Our naked PCB is a tracks and holes only prototype. We figure there’s no need to have an expensive prototype with soldermask, component ident and gold plating if you are just proving a concept. When a component goes obsolete or your customer wants a small change to one area of a PCB, a naked board could be just what you need. Go Naked continues to be one of the most successful services we have to offer and we are regularly producing more than 30 free parts per month on a five-day delivery service.


Sparkfun Embedded Electronics Tutorials. DIY Etching Protoype Boards. DIY Etching Prototype Boards. Soldering Techniques and Tools. Pad2Pad. Online PCB Design Tools. Advanced Circuits. PCB Prototypes. Make - Good Custom PCB website. Fusion PCB Service [PCB08511P] - $9.90.