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The Freckled Fox - a Hairstyle Blog: Hair + Beauty. Twist Me Pretty. Big Booty Bouffant Hair Tutorial. I love this Big Booty Bouffant hair tutorial … here’s what you will need to create this look yourselves. ♥ BG Clip in Hair Booty ♥ Backcombing brush ♥ Sectioning comb ♥ Sectioning clip ♥ Hairspray ♥ Bobbypins.

Big Booty Bouffant Hair Tutorial

Braid Wrapped Bun - Updo Chignon Hairstyles. Peinado; Trenza con Nudos /Hairstyle, Braids with knots. 4-Strand Slide-Up Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial. How To Make 7 Strand Braid Nice And Easy. Hair Tutorial – Braided Up-do How-to. Damaged hair cover up! I am a big believer in taking good care of my hair and keeping it nice, healthy and shiny.

damaged hair cover up!

I am also (as it would seem) a big believer in bleaching my once healthy shiny silky hair within an inch of it’s life. Cause I wanted to be blonde. And I figured I could nurse it back to health eventually (working on that, I’ll keep you posted) But in the meantime… I’m just gonna fake it. Not everyday (cause there’s heat involved) but if I do it once a week it will last me 3 or 4 days. 1. 1 1/2″ Hot Tools Curling Iron (BTW I know I didn’t add this to the list but I had to tell you, since I’ve been using the Malibu hard water elixir I have been amazed with how well my hair holds curl! First work oil into your hair starting at the ends and working up to about mid shaft. 1. Repeat the process on the rest of the hair. Once your hair is COMPLETELY COOL shake it out and break up the curls. 5 tutos pour se couper les cheveux soi-même. Pondu par Annelise le 20 janvier 2013 Se couper les cheveux soi-même n’est pas impossible : il suffit de prendre les bons outils et de se renseigner avant.

La coupe sauvage n’est pas la solution. La coupe intelligente, c’est déjà mieux. Publié initialement le 7 mai 2012 Il y a plein de raisons qui font qu’on n’a pas envie d’aller chez le coiffeur. Attention, je déconseille tout de même de faire un changement radical sur tes cheveux, comme passer du long au court, car c’est très difficile d’évaluer correctement ce type de coupe, surtout pour une première tentative. 5 coiffures faciles : Du lundi au vendredi pour aller en cours ou au travail. 5 hair tutorial videos for creating tousled waves. When the occasion (or your timeframe) doesn’t permit a complex hairstyle, a tousled, effortless wave is every girl’s go-to.

5 hair tutorial videos for creating tousled waves

But even this relatively simple style can be improved or varied by using different products and techniques. Perfect for medium to long hair, a tousled waved hairstyle can be textured and beachy, just-out-of-bed sexy, or flowing and bohemian – it’s all up to how you style it. After the break are 5 hair video tutorials for tousled waves. The gist is often quite similar, but the products and steps vary through each.

A tutorial by Toni & Guy which doesn’t require any curling irons. L’Oreal Paris tutorial using sea-salt spray. Bumble & Bumble’s take, using a round-brush blow dry and curling wand. A more beachy, messy variation which uses a diffuser to blow-dry. Tousled but not textured hair with soft waves and minimal product. For more hairstyles for fall 2012 follow that link. 5 pin-up inspired hairstyles to try this week. From bumper bangs to victory rolls, achieving a vintage pin-up look isn’t necessarily easy.

5 pin-up inspired hairstyles to try this week

But that’s what makes the final result so pleasing, and such a contrast to the effortless styles we’re used to seeing on the street. After the break we take a look at 5 hair tutorials for retro / pin-up inspired hair, channeling styles of the 1940s and ’50s. Some are fairly simple, some more difficult to achieve, but if it’s a look you want to nail they’re all well worth a try. Faux victory rolls tutorial. ’40s inspired half-up / half-down hairstyle. Easy pin-up girl hairstyle that doesn’t require any curling. Easy vintage hairstyle with a headscarf or headband. 1950s inspired glamorous curls. How To: Five (5) Strand Braid. Mille et une coiffures, un blog de tutoriels de coiffures pour cheveux longs. Video Tutorial - Waterfall Braid Updo. I have seen a lot of pictures going around lately of the waterfall braid, so I thought I'd incorporate it into a cute side updo.

This updo is simple too, I promise! Photo 1- DIY Katniss Braid, No Hunger Games Required. The 10 Best YouTube Hair Tutorials. We already brought you our 10 favorite YouTube makeup tutorials and now it's time to get your hair up to snuff, too.

The 10 Best YouTube Hair Tutorials

From a perfect 5-strand side braid to the elusive beachy wave, we've got the best online hair gurus teaching you how to take care of your locks. Click through to find a new 'do and pick up a few styling pointers along the way. How to Do a Five-Strand Side Braid: The (seemingly) bad news? The all-of-a-sudden-super-popular fishtail braid just got upstaged. The good news? How to Create a Textured Updo: Whether your hair is naturally full of texture, or you’re just trying to revive/extend the life of a three-day old hairstyle, this is the updo for you.

How to Make Your Ponytail Look Fuller and Longer:Ponytails are all fine and good until they start looking lame, limp, and lacking. How to Get Beachy Waves: Call it what you want—be it bedhead or beachy waves, seemingly naturally textured strands will always be a highly sought after look in our book.