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Feature Shoot Can’t code? No worries—that’s where Webydo comes in. The cloud-based, online website design studio is well on its way to revolutionizing the professional web design industry. Webydo enables web and graphic designers to create fresh, dynamic HTML websites for their clients without writing a single line of code. There is indeed freedom in being code-free—not only does it mean designers can focus on what they do best, but it also eliminates the need for a web developer to manually convert graphic design into code, saving designers and their clients some serious time and money while also ensuring total creative control. With Webydo‘s “addictive ease of use” and intuitive platform, the site-building process is simple. Feature Shoot
Dallas, Texas photographer Noel Kerns photographs abandoned buildings at night by the light of the moon, using handheld lighting – often with colored gels – to create unusual lighting effects. Next Interview PHOTOGRILL: You photograph in old buildings & structures; what’s behind your interest in these places? Photogrill Photogrill
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PDN National Geographic Creative helps the photographers they represent get commercial assignments by presenting their skillets in a new way. "I asked my assistant to turn the flash off and I fired a couple of shots in almost complete darkness. I thought the picture wasn’t going to turn out..." PDN
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The Photo Argus Today we have a wonderful collection of red fox photography. I think the thing that stands out most about these shots, and I think foxes in general, are how expressive their faces look. I think that expression comes mainly from the eyes along with that little smile they sometimes look like they are doing. The Beautiful Photography of Olga Tremblay The Photo Argus
PetaPixel PetaPixel The AP Goes After George Zimmerman for Copying a Photo for One of His Paintings For the second time in one week, the Associated Press is making headlines of its own. Earlier in the week, the agency was praised by some and condemned by others when it decided to let a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer go over an edited photo, and now the AP is going after George Zimmerman over a painting he was selling. Read more… How to Photograph an Affordable Car Like a Supercar If there are two things I love in life it’s cars and photography, and the thought of putting those two together sounds better to me than getting chocolate in my peanut butter!
DIY Photography DIY Photography Czech photographer Hana Vojackova was drawn to images of mermaids but she noticed that the common concept of mermaids lacked connection to the real and present world. She began a multi-country journey where she "[looked] for local girls who felt a bit different or special. Influenced by the places, the cultures and the girls’ real lives, she created narratives that she then staged for the tableau photographs"# So far Hana found mermaids in Sicily, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, England & Iceland. Click to continue › Tamron SP 180mm f/3.5 Di Macro LD-IF Review by Bob Atkins, January 2014 Check out Bob Atkins' positive review of the new Tamron SP 180mm Di Macro Lens!
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Light Stalking Light Stalking Light up that charcoal-filled grill, flip and sizzle some hamburgers, whip out a box of sparklers and go to your local firework display because it’s almost U.S. Independence Day. One of the biggest photographic challenges on July 4th is capturing those extravagant, sky-high visual productions starring as summer’s great fireworks celebrations. To successfully photograph such nighttime [...] It’s not uncommon for nature and flower photographers to keep taking the same old picture of different plants and flowers. However, flexing your creative muscles and pulling yourself out of that rut isn’t all that difficult to do.