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Teacher Resources Archive - KIDS DISCOVER. The Plight After Christmas (with apologies to Clement Clark Moore) ’Twas the plight after Christmas and all through the mall Were the sounds of returning; “This thing is too small!”

Teacher Resources Archive - KIDS DISCOVER

“It fits like a stove ... Read more Virtual Travelers What in the world are virtual travelers? Read more The Constitutional Convention Making history come alive for students can be a challenge. Read more Becoming Fossils Forget those reality shows. Read more 3D Printing What would Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the first modern printing press, say if someone told him that one day we would be printing a real ... Read more New Life for Old Leaves Today I listened to the dry, papery sound of leaves skittering across a roof. Read more The Dirt on Soil Kids and gardeners give it a fair amount of respect, but to most everyone else, dirt is just beneath us. Read more Drones to the Rescue Birds, bats, dragonflies, even annoying houseflies can perform flights that defy anything humans have been able to imitate so far. Read more. LESSONS - archKIDecturearchKIDecture. CURRICULA FOR ARCHITECTURE STUDY FOR KIDS These have been developed by various teachers and architects across the US.

LESSONS - archKIDecturearchKIDecture

They get to be sort of repetitive, but there are gems in each one: A Barbie Architect Doll workshop designed by the AIA – and a page of info related to the background and workings of teaching with this toy. About Angkor Wat: Architecture of Cambodia is a great full program and lesson plan designed by the National Endowment for the Humanities Architecture: It’s Elementary!

By the AIA of Michigan and the Michigan Architecture Foundation Workbook on How Architects Design Buildings by Lynn Craig, of the AIA Greenville, South Carolina NYCkidsARTS curriculum guide Assorted lessons that link to architecture from the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. Speaking of architecture…take a look at the Museum building itself (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)! 1. This essay describes how an interactive exhibit supports learning a myriad of concepts written by …well, by me. DESIGN SQUAD NATION . Build. Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images! Henleaze Junior School - Home - Henleaze Junior School - Downloadable Documents - ENUS_GENERAL6-POS_3. Cube Creator. Geography Resources, KS1 and KS2, Mountains, The Environment, River Features, Volacnoes, Water Cycle and more!


Cross-curricular. EY, KS1 and KS2 Worksheets. Teacher's Pet. Interactive Learning Tool. For Schools. Not at all!

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No coding experience and no training is required. Teachers love Tynker because the self-paced curriculum gets students started on their own. Tynker provides a rich set of resources to answer student questions, such as videos, guides, tutorials, and the very helpful Tynker Troll that provides contextual help for students. We've found that teachers can also learn alongside the students, and in a collaborative environment, students can also help and inspire each other. Tynker has lots of innovations to empower any teacher, regardless of experience, to teach programming to their students. Random Name Generator. The Best Things In Life Are Free (a story about CPD) « I Should Be Marking. FREE BEER 3.3 Ready to Drink!

The Best Things In Life Are Free (a story about CPD) « I Should Be Marking

Originally uploaded by AGoK They say that the best things in life are free, and yet people regularly pay £200-£400 for a one day course on a variety of topics. Heck, I’ve been lucky enough to charge for running CPD sessions myself, so I’m not writing here to complain! This last Friday, though, the decision in school was that for our staff development PD day, where previously we have had outside speakers come in and run session on whole-school issues, we would take advantage on some of the that already exists within school.

Part of it is that there are pockets of expertise in one particular area and part of it is that some teachers are (naturally) better at some things than others. Heads of department signed their staff up to 3 sessions a week before the day and the idea was to spread staff around the sessions so we can all feed back in the next departmental twilight (this week). Planning for Outstanding Starters and Plenaries What’s The Image? What’s In My Head? S Cooperative Learning Resources. What children can do together today, they can do alone tomorrow. ~ Lev Vygotsky, 1962 Cooperative learning is a powerful teaching strategy that's more than just a passing fad.

s Cooperative Learning Resources

Research has shown that when implemented properly, students in cooperative learning classrooms outperform their peers in traditional classrooms. The key is knowing how to implement the strategies to foster interaction while making sure all students are held accountable. Helpful Cooperative Learning Pages Featured Cooperative Learning Freebies Featured Cooperative Learning Resources Cooperative Learning Printables and Other Resources Dr.

The activity sheets and printables below are helpful if you already know how to use Cooperative Learning strategies.


DT. History. Minds in Bloom. Maths. Science. Literacy.