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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: polling tools. Teachers Easy Tools to Create Their Own Apps. The tools below provide you with a user friendly interface where you can choose from templates, customize colour, change font styles and many more.

Teachers Easy Tools to Create Their Own Apps

Have a look and let u know what you think of them. 1- Appmakr This is my favourite among them all. Appmakr allows you to easily create your mobile app and share it with others. You do not need any coding knowledge to use this tool. 2- App Inventor App Inventor 2 is an extended and updated version of app inventor 1 that was popular in 2013. 3- iBuildApp iBuildApp is another wonderful tool for creating mobile apps for both Android and iPad. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more. Story Maps. Geology central: A Database of Geological Websites. Scroll down for Geological Databases Here at Geology Central you will find hundreds of geology related links, videos, animations, as well as virtual field trips.

Geology central: A Database of Geological Websites

Field Trips Here you will find geology related Virtual Field Trip links, categorized by topic and region. Geology Links Here you will find general Geology Links, categorized by topic and region. NWS JetStream Learning Lesson: Water Cycle Paper Craft. Overview Water moves from the ground to the atmosphere and then returns to the ground, however, the actual path water takes in its cycle is more complicated.

NWS JetStream Learning Lesson: Water Cycle Paper Craft

There are many stops on water's journey. Students will learn how the water cycle works using 3-D paper craft activity. Procedure. Home - NASA Scientific Visualization Studio. Minerals Education Coalition. Earthguide: Educational Resources in Earth, Marine, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. Prologue. Earth science is an inherently local subject.


No two places share exactly the same sequence of events that led to the way they are today. Geologic Resources » Education. Plate Tectonics Fault Types.

Geologic Resources » Education

Geology Kitchen, Explorer Multimedia Home. Resources for Educators. This page highlights resources and documents related to using lidar topography and OpenTopography in the classroom.

Resources for Educators

WhoDunit. Browse by Theme. Bay Area Geologic Maps in Google Earth. Browse by Quad. Geologic Resources » Education. Adirondack Mountains.

Geologic Resources » Education

Adirondack The Adirondack province is an extension of the Canadian Shield, which is the nucleus of North America. Forming most of northern New York, this uplifted complex of Precambrian metamorphic rocks is part of the ancient Grenville Orogeny. The Adirondacks are part of the Appalachian Highlands division which also includes the Appalachian Plateaus, Blue Ridge, New England, Piedmont, St. Lawrence Valley and the Valley and Ridge provinces. There are no National Parks in the Adirondack province. Cuyahoga Valley National Park, OH. Untitled. Table of Contents | Foreword | Prologue | Preface | Organization | Acknowledgments Geomorphology from Space is an out of print 1986 NASA publication edited by Nicholas M.


Short, Sr. and Robert W. Blair, Jr. designed for use by the remote sensing science and educational communities to study landforms and landscapes. Geologic Resources » Education. IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology. IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology. How were Earth’s layers discovered?

IRIS - Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

What are they? Earth’s interior is broadly grouped into three main layers on the basis of chemical composition: crust, mantle, and core. FISH! Philosophy. Institute for Global Environmental Strategies >> home. Higher Education. - clip art. Faults in Xinjiang. Just south of the Tien Shan mountains, in northwestern Xinjiang province, a remarkable series of ridges dominates the landscape.

Faults in Xinjiang

The highest hills rise up to 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) above the adjacent basins, and they are decorated with distinctive red, green, and cream-colored sedimentary rock layers. The colors reflect rocks that formed at different times and in different environments. The red layers near the top of the sequence are Devonian sandstones formed by ancient rivers. The green layers are Silurian sandstones formed in a moderately-deep ocean. Floating Farms. It is fairly straightforward to measure the area of most lakes. Limnic Eruptions: When Lakes Explode. Geysers erupt because they’re all bendy inside. University of California at Berkeley volcanologist Michael Manga and student Esther Adelstein built a laboratory geyser to explain how geysers like Old Faithful work. (Roxanne Makasdjian and Phil Ebiner; additional footage by Eric King and Kristen Fauria/University of California at Berkeley) You'll definitely want to check out the video above, because it features a loop-de-loop lab apparatus designed to spew water into the air.

But it's more than just a twist on one of those science fair volcano models: The UC Berkeley earth sciences professor who designed it says it demonstrates the basic mechanics of geysers like Old Faithful. Fault creep along the Calaveras in Hollister, California. Introduction Hollister, California is located South of the San Francisco Bay area. (Here is a regional map courtesy of Xerox PARC.) In the Bay area there are three major faults, from West to East the San Andreas, the Hayward, and the Calaveras; all are part of the San Andreas fault system.

The USGS continuously monitors their activity. ARM Climate Research Facility. Earth Science Picture of the Day. Volcano Resources. Geological Speed Dating. Metamorphic Resources. Resources for Teaching about Plate Tectonics. Resources for Teaching about Plate Tectonics. Plate Tectonics Resources. Plate Tectonics Resources. Plate Tectonics Resources. Online Resources for Teaching about Weather. Online Resources for Teaching about Climate Change. USGS Education Resources for Teachers.