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Nepal earthquake 2015

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Nepal Earthquake - Fact Sheet #1. April 25, 2015 A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck central Nepal at midday local time on April 25, causing fatalities, injuries, and significant structural damage.The Government of Nepal (GoN) has declared a state of emergency and requested international assistance.USAID/OFDA has activated a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) and is providing an initial $1 million to address critical humanitarian needs.

Nepal Earthquake - Fact Sheet #1

Numbers At A Glance At least 1,450 Fatalities Resulting from the Earthquake Districts Across Nepal Affected by the Earthquake 6.6 million People Residing Within 100 Kilometers of the Earthquake’s Epicenter Humanitarian Funding: To Nepal To Date In FY2015: At approximately 11:56 a.m. local time—or 2:11 a.m. International media, citing Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs, report a preliminary death toll of at least 1,450 people; casualty figures are expected to rise as rescue efforts continue. Poster of the Nepal Earthquake of 25 April 2015 - Magnitude 7.8. Tectonic Summary The April 25, 2015 M 7.8 Nepal earthquake occurred as the result of thrust faulting on or near the main frontal thrust between the subducting India plate and the overriding Eurasia plate to the north.

Poster of the Nepal Earthquake of 25 April 2015 - Magnitude 7.8

At the location of this earthquake, approximately 80 km to the northwest of the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, the India plate is converging with Eurasia at a rate of 45 mm/yr towards the north-northeast, driving the uplift of the Himalayan mountain range. The preliminary location, size and focal mechanism of the April 25 earthquake are consistent with its occurrence on the main subduction thrust interface between the India and Eurasia plates. Although a major plate boundary with a history of large-to-great sized earthquakes, large earthquakes on the Himalayan thrust are rare in the documented historical era.

Nepal earthquake, magnitude 7.3, strikes near Everest. A major earthquake has struck eastern Nepal, near Mount Everest, two weeks after more than 8,000 people died in a devastating quake.

Nepal earthquake, magnitude 7.3, strikes near Everest

At least 48 people have been killed and more than 1,000 injured, officials say. At least 17 have also died in India. Nepal earthquake: as it happened April 25. Planeloads of aid material, doctors and relief workers from neighboring countries has begun arriving.

Nepal earthquake: as it happened April 25

With Kathmandu airport reopened, the first aid flights began delivering aid supplies. The first to respond were Nepal's neighbours - India, China and Pakistan, all of which have been jockeying for influence over the landlocked nation. Still, Nepal, the world's only Hindu nation, remains closest to India with which it shares deep political, cultural and religious ties. Indian air force planes landed early this morning with 43 tons of relief material, including tents and food, and nearly 200 rescuers. While most modern buildings remained standing after the quake, it brought down several buildings in the center of the capital as well as centuries-old temples and towers. The Kathmandu Valley is listed as a World Heritage site. Several helicopters have just landed at Mount Everest base camp to rescue the dozens of injured. "It's chaos here," Pokharel said. This is Dan's little sister Megan.

Nepal earthquake: Death toll climbs above 4,600. Those are the startling numbers that indicate the scale of the devastation from the huge earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation on Saturday.

Nepal earthquake: Death toll climbs above 4,600

And some of the grim figures are likely to get even worse as hopes of rescuing any more survivors diminish every hour. Heartbreaking scenes of suffering and loss are playing out across this shell-shocked nation as it reels from its deadliest natural disaster in more than 80 years. As the country coped with the fallout of the quake, another natural disaster struck Tuesday afternoon in a popular trekking area north of Kathmandu, and up to 200 people were feared missing as a result of a landslide, a trekking association official said. It happened around 4 p.m. in Langtang National Park, said Ramesh Dhamala, president of the Trekking Agents of Nepal. Laxmi Dhakal, spokesman for Nepal's Home Ministry, said he was aware of reports about the landslide but wasn't immediately able to confirm details.

"We never imagined this would happen to us. Nepal earthquake 2015. Nepal earthquake April 2015. Nepal earthquake: Before and after. Thousands of people have lost their lives and thousands more have been injured in a 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal's capital Kathmandu and its surrounding areas.

Nepal earthquake: Before and after

Mount Everest was also struck by deadly avalanches after the quake on Saturday. Officials have warned that the number of casualties could rise as rescue teams reach remote mountainous areas of western Nepal. Many of the country's historic sites have been severely damaged, including temples and monuments. At least four out of seven Unesco World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley - three of them ancient city squares - were badly affected. Kathmandu The capital's Durbar Square - the royal Nepalese residence until the 19th century - has also suffered, with many buildings reduced to rubble.

Durbar Square, Kathmandu: 13 February 2013 Durbar Square, Kathmandu: 27 April 2015 Durbar Square, Kathmandu: February 2015 Durbar Square, Kathmandu: 27 April 2015 Dharahara tower, Kathmandu: 27 October 1998 and 26 April 2015 Bhaktapur.