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Has the HPV vaccine approval ushered in an era of over-prevention? 2012 Tomljenovic LT Shaw CA FDAs Approval of Mercks Gardasil JLaw Med Ethics LTShaw 2012. Has the HPV vaccine approval ushered in an era of over-prevention? Impact of human papillomavirus (HPV) 16 and 18 vaccination on prevalent infections and rates of cervical lesions after excisional treatment. Profile of a 'Passionate Vaccine Advocate' - Ghost Ship Media. By Celeste McGovern Meet David Hawkes, a classical modern Skeptic with a capital-S.

Profile of a 'Passionate Vaccine Advocate' - Ghost Ship Media

He belongs to a small tribe of self-appointed defenders of medical pharmaceutical orthodoxy. Skeptics wage war on things like naturopathy, the use of homeopathic medicine and chiropractors which they see as a threat to health. “Dr. Dave” as he calls himself, has studied viruses and says he is “passionate about helping people rediscover their love of science.” Like most capital-S Skeptics, Dr. Vaccine rabbit with a lot of tracks Dr. SAVN also supported the Aussie government’s policy implemented there last year that prevents any child from benefiting from a government family payment (such as a Child Care Rebate) unless they are given the 17 injections of the entire vaccine schedule before age five. What Dr. Dr. VCS says Australia is already moving to Roche’s DNA test in 2017 for all Australian women, whether they have received HPV vaccination or not. So screening for HPV infection is not very practical.

Dr. The Flu Virus. Influenza - The Virus and It’s Effect Three Types “There are three types of influenza viruses: A, B and C.

The Flu Virus

Human influenza A and B viruses cause seasonal epidemics of disease almost every winter in the United States.” - CDC, 2014 “Influenza B and C viruses mainly affect humans, whereas influenza A viruses infect a range of mammalian and avian species.” – WHO, 2014 U.S. Between 500 - 1500 died in U.S. 2010 - 2012 - National Vital Statistics System, 2014 However, the CDC deceitfully gives a range between 3,000 – 49,000 died in U.S. 1976 – 2007 - CDC, 2013. Severe somatoform and dysautonomic syndromes after HPV vaccination: case series and review of literature.

High-Risk HPV Type Replacement Follows HPV Vaccination – lifebiomedguru. HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary and Lethal. Motor and sensory clinical findings in girls vaccinated against the human papillomavirus from Carmen de Bolivar, Colombia. Original research By Pompilio Martinez, MD Alumnus, School of Medicine, National University of Colombia Ex-investigator, Colombian National Institute of Health, Bogota, Colombia Abstract.

Motor and sensory clinical findings in girls vaccinated against the human papillomavirus from Carmen de Bolivar, Colombia.

Judges demand answers after children die in controversial cancer vaccine trial in India  Judges in India's Supreme Court have demanded answers after children died during a controversial cervical cancer vaccine trial.

Judges demand answers after children die in controversial cancer vaccine trial in India 

Young tribal girls received shots of pharmaceutical company Merck's Gardasil vaccine and Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. The vaccines are given to girls as young as nine in many countries - including the UK and the US - to protect against the human papilloma virus, one of the major causes of cervical cancer. But the Indian court yesterday heard a challenge by campaigners who claim the study - funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - failed to obtain the informed consent of the children or their parents. They say that a 'study' carried out for the foundation by a US organisation was in fact an illegal drugs trial. Unaware: Aman Dhawan (pictured), 16, is one of many youngsters who took part in the trial without being aware they had been signed up to test Merck's new Gardasil 9 drug, aimed at preventing cervical cancer.

Gardasil and Bartonella: A Dirty Little Secret? By Lloyd Phillips Bartonella Risk?

Gardasil and Bartonella: A Dirty Little Secret?

The Gardasil HPV vaccine may produce life-threatening reactions in any person who has ever been close to a cat, or potentially any animal infected with fleas or ticks. New data reveals that a high percentage of these animals are infected with Bartonella, Babesia, or Lyme Disease (Borreliosis), especially pet cats. If there is a family history of Mononucleosis, or active EBV, a cytokine storm (Interleukin-13) may typically result, and mucus may be overexpressed in the lungs and airways. Under these conditions, it is not uncommon for a Pulse-Ox monitor to measure 85% saturation after mild exertion. Our study revealed that virtually all girls were unaware of their exposure to Bartonella, and were asymptomatic, prior to their vaccination.

Professor of Zoonoses, Bruno B Chomel, presented the most recent information on Bartonella in a lecture entitled, Bartonella Infections in Humans and Animals: An Update. Lloyd Phillips can be contacted via phone or email. It’s Official: Global, Coordinated HPV Research Fraud Involving CDC, WHO, GACVS & others  - Jefferey Jaxen. Newly Leaked Emails Prove WHO Suppressing HPV Vaccine's Harmful Effects - Truth Kings. Prepare to feel both validated over your fears about the HPV vaccine, as well as extremely disappointed in corrupt the WHO and CDC have been in executing a total coverup.

Newly Leaked Emails Prove WHO Suppressing HPV Vaccine's Harmful Effects - Truth Kings

Dr. Sing Hang Lee has sent an open letter of complaint to the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, charging members of GACVS, the CDC, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and others with manipulation of data and suppression of science in order to maintain the illusion of HPV vaccine safety in the face of valid contradictory evidence.

Below I’ve posted all the leaked documents. There are two links directly linking the original PDF files, or you can choose to read the documents below in JPG formats. Behavioral abnormalities in young female mice following administration of aluminum adjuvants and the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil. Human papilloma virus vaccine and primary ovarian failure: another facet of the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants. Concordia professor condemns HPV vaccine after winning $270K federal grant to study it. A Montreal social scientist and the federal agency that awarded her almost $300,000 to study the HPV vaccine are facing criticism after the professor condemned the vaccine and called for a moratorium on its use.

Concordia professor condemns HPV vaccine after winning $270K federal grant to study it

Concordia University’s Genevieve Rail also said there is no proof that the human papillomavirus directly causes cervical cancer, though a German scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize five years ago for discovering the link. Experts say Rail’s public attacks are seriously misinformed and risk undermining an important public-health program — and they question why the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) would fund her work. The $270,000 that Rail — who has a doctorate in kinesiology — received is to examine HPV vaccination “discourses” and their effect on teenagers, using in part interviews and drawings.

HandoutConcordia University professor Genevieve Rail Marc Steben, a Montreal family doctor and chair of the Canadian Network on HPV Prevention, was more blunt. Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It's All A Giant Deadly Scam. Dr.

Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It's All A Giant Deadly Scam

Diane Harper was a leading expert responsible for the Phase II and Phase III safety and effectiveness studies which secured the approval of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™. Dr. Harper also authored many of the published, scholarly papers about the vaccines. She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the devastating consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines. Dr. The safety of human papilloma virus-blockers and the risk of triggering autoimmune diseases. Infdis.jit836.full.pdf. Hypothesis: Human papillomavirus vaccination syndrome—small fiber neuropathy and dysautonomia could be its underlying pathogenesis.

Vaccination has been one of the most effective public health measures in the history of medicine.

Hypothesis: Human papillomavirus vaccination syndrome—small fiber neuropathy and dysautonomia could be its underlying pathogenesis

However, seemingly inexplicit adverse reactions have been described after the injection of the newer vaccines vs. human papillomavirus (HPV). The symptoms more often reported are chronic pain with paresthesias, headaches, fatigue, and orthostatic intolerance. Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination:Causal or Coincidental? Abstract Background: The proper understanding of a true risk from vaccines is crucial for avoiding unnecessary adverse reactions (ADRs).

Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination:Causal or Coincidental?

However, to this date no solid tests or criteria have been established to determine whether adverse events are causally linked to vaccinations. Tens of thousands teenage girls fall seriously ill after HPV cervical cancer report. UK Drug Safety Agency Falsified Vaccine Safety Data For 6 Million. CHS,- This world exclusive report by CHS follows the decision by health authorities in Japan to withdraw their recommendation for human papilloma virus [HPV] vaccines because of high levels of serious adverse reactions in Japanese women and girls. Japanese girls will still be able to be vaccinated at no charge, but from now on they will be informed by healthcare providers that the health ministry does not recommend the vaccines.

Thousands of teenage girls enduring debilitating illnesses after routine school cancer vaccination - Health & Families - Life and Style. Yet the past four years have turned into a nightmare for the family as Emily soon suffered side effects. Only two weeks after her first HPV injection, the teenager experienced dizziness and nausea. “The symptoms grew increasingly worse after the second and third injections, and I went to A&E several times with severe chest and abdominal pains as well as difficulty breathing,” Emily, now 17, said. Women Who Received HPV Vaccine May Need Another Shot. PHILADELPHIA — Women who receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine may be more likely to be infected with certain high-risk strains of the virus than women who do not get the vaccine, according to a new study. The findings suggest that, although the vaccine is effective in protecting against four strains of HPV, women who received it may still benefit from getting another, recently approved HPV vaccine that protects against nine strains of the virus, the researchers said.

Did You Get The HPV Vaccine? You Need To Read This. By Deepa Lakshmin 4/22/2015 Heads up to the millions of girls and women who’ve gotten an HPV vaccine in the last decade — you might want another round of shots to get even more protection from the human papillomavirus. The first two HPV vaccines on the market were Gardasil in 2006 and Cervarix in 2009. But last December, the FDA approved Gardasil 9, a new vaccine that offers additional protection against the virus. HPV Vaccines: A Danish Documentary. By Norma Erickson Thursday, March 26, 2015, TV2 one of Denmark’s national television stations aired a documentary on HPV vaccines entitled, The Vaccinated Girls – Sick and Betrayed. It focused on the condition of 3 girls suffering from serious new medical conditions after being vaccinated against HPV with Gardasil.

The one thing they have in common with thousands of other girls around the world is they were healthy before they got the vaccine – now, they are seriously ill. All three girls have been examined from head to toe with no conclusive diagnosis and no help with their symptoms, much like the girls in other countries where HPV vaccines are being used.

During the documentary, two Danish doctors from Frederiksberg Hospital said they have never seen anything similar to this during their entire careers. Dr. They are all dizzy, they pass out, and so the vast majority of them severe headache – often chronic headaches. Peripheral sympathetic nerve dysfunctio... - PubMed Mobile - NCBI. Gardasil: Take a closer look. HPV Vaccine Maker’s Study Proves Natural HPV Infection Beneficial. Behind every vaccine is an assumption. That HPV causes cervical cancer, that cervical cancer causes death, and that a vaccine can effectively interfere with this linear relationship is the assumption to be examined in this article. UK: Parliamentary meeting with families and girls injured by HPV vaccines. By Freda Birrell Monday, 16 June 2014: We would like to thank Luciana Berger, MP Shadow Minister for Public Health, her Parliamentary Assistant Kat Thompson, The Countess of Mar from the House of Lords, Pat McFadden, MP, Joe Benton, MP, Mary Creagh, MP and Tom Fieldhouse, researcher in the office of Oliver Letwin, MP for taking the time to meet the parents and girls who had an adverse reaction to the HPV vaccines.

Gardasil Contaminant Confirmed By Independent Lab - Page 1. New FDA Records Obtained by Judicial Watch Indicate 28 Deaths Related to Gardasil in 2008. Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has obtained records from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documenting 28 deaths in 2008 associated with Gardasil, the vaccination for human papillomavirus (HPV), up from 19 deaths in 2007. The total number of Gardasil-related deaths is 47 since the vaccine was approved in 2006.

Overall, the FDA documented 6,723 "adverse events" related to Gardasil in 2008, of which 1,061 were considered "serious," and 142 considered "life threatening. " The following are several "adverse events" documented by the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts that Gardasil will Become the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time. Health Impact News Editor Dr. Dalbergue (pictured above), a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Gardasil manufacturer Merck, was interviewed in the April 2014 issue of the French magazine Principes de Santé (Health Principles). Children Harmed By Vaccines – Manufacturers Caught Manipulating Safety Studies. HPV Vaccine Maker’s Study Proves Natural HPV Infection Beneficial. Cervical cancer could be prevented by an HIV drug. Controversy condemning Gardasil may be warranted. Human papilloma virus vaccine and prima - PubMed Mobile. Experts make the link between Gardasil and multiple sclerosis – Le Monde.