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Coordination Saves Lives. Banque Mondiale. ReliefWeb. OCHA - Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System. OMPI - GOLD. Note concernant les versions linguistiques : Vous pouvez être redirigé vers la version anglaise si la page que vous recherchez n’est pas encore disponible en français.


Pour sélectionner une autre langue, utilisez le menu déroulant. Veuillez nous excuser pour tout désagrément; nous mettons tout en œuvre pour publier les différentes versions linguistiques dans les meilleurs délais. L’OMPI est la source la plus complète au monde de données sur le système de propriété intellectuelle, ainsi que d’études empiriques, de rapports et d’informations factuelles sur la propriété intellectuelle. OMS - Data and statistics.

Violence prevention Globally, interpersonal violence resulted in some 475 000 homicides in 2012, of which 60% were in males aged 15-44 years, making homicide the third leading cause of death for males in this age group.

OMS - Data and statistics

In addition, of all adults, one in four report having been physically abused as children; one in five women and one in 10 men report having been sexually abused as children; one in three women report having been victims of physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime, and one in 17 older people report being abused in the past month. FMI - Data and Statistics. Data Last Updated: May 15, 2015 The IMF publishes a range of time series data on IMF lending, exchange rates and other economic and financial indicators.

FMI - Data and Statistics

Manuals, guides, and other material on statistical practices at the IMF, in member countries, and of the statistical community at large are also available. Data Standards& Codes Manuals& Guides Meetings & relatedstatistical material Global Data. UN-WOMEN - iKNOW Politics. WomenWatch: UN Information and Resources on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women. Devpro Resource Centre. SOUTHERN SUDAN: Moving Forward After decades of conflict, four years into a regional peace accord, school enrolment in Southern Sudan shot up, and children – including hundreds of thousands of girls, who were previously excluded – swarmed into overcrowded classrooms.

Devpro Resource Centre

The government’s priority in moving forward is improving quality, so that schools like Buluk A Basic School can become child-friendly schools. The child-friendly school (CFS) model has emerged as UNICEF's signature means to advocate for and promote quality education for every girl and boy. Learn more at the CFS Portal Featured Podcasts Ensuring human rights key to educating children in conflict zonesUNICEF Radio moderator Amy Costello talks to Mary Robinson, President of Mary Robinson Foundation–Climate Justice and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on ensuring children's rights in conflict zones. PNUD - Rapports sur le développement humain (RDH) – Programme des Nations Unies pour le développement (PNUD) Capacity 21 > Resource Library > Welcome and Search.

Documents et ressources portail. Documents en ligne Des renseignements détaillés sur les activités de l'OMC sont publiés dans les documents officiels des conseils, comités, groupes de travail, etc. de l'Organisation, mis à disposition dans la base de données Documents en ligne.

Documents et ressources portail

CNUCED - Bib. The UNCTAD web site was re-launched on 15 March 2012. As a result, the page you are looking for might have been moved, had its name changed or is temporarily unavailable. Perhaps try searching for the information you were looking for on our site by doing one of the following: Search the Site Another possible solution is to locate the article you are looking for by topic, date, author, title, or by type. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please report the error to the Webmaster If you reached this notice by clicking on a link from another site, please notify the webmaster of the site you just came from that a hyperlink is broken.

CCI - Library Catalogue. Sergio Vieira de Mello - United Nations Library. IMO - SeaLibrary. Bases de données du OIT - Bureau de la Bibliothèque et des services d'information. ILO- LABORSTA Internet (E) ILO - LEX: Conventions. The Leader in Refugee Decision Support. 15 April 2014 UNHCR observations on the current asylum system in Bulgaria This UNHCR paper provides an assessment of the Bulgarian asylum system, including access to procedures, quality of the asylum adjudication mechanisms, as well as reception, accommodation and detention issues.

This paper is an update of the UNHCR observations released in January 2014. 31 March 2014 China: COI Compilation This report by the Austrian Centre for Country of Origin and Asylum Research and Documentation (ACCORD), commissioned by UNHCR, provides Country of Origin Information (COI) pertaining to political developments, the security situation, human rights issues and the rule of law in China. 05 March 2014 International Protection Considerations related to developments in Ukraine On 5 March 2014, UNHCR released International Protection Considerations related to developments in Ukraine.

Réfugiés. OACI - Civil aviation. FAO. La FAO met au point des méthodes et des normes pour les statistiques de l’alimentation et de l’agriculture, offre une assistance technique et diffuse les données pour un suivi à l’échelle mondiale.


Database AIDS.