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Load Balancing – The Missing Piece of the Container World. Today, more and more applications are shipped using container technology.

Load Balancing – The Missing Piece of the Container World

It’s obvious how powerful the technology is when setting up a web application with only one docker command. However, when your applications need to scale, your load balancer must be reconfigured. Of course, you can update the config file and reload the load balancer manually, but there should be an automatic way to do this. Developers aren’t Ops. Script to delete exited containers and untagged/unused images from docker. Tubesandlube/blimp. Data-only container madness · Container42.

18 Nov 2014 Data-only containers are a pattern for managing your docker volumes with containers instead of manually with host-mounted volumes.

Data-only container madness · Container42

For more info on the pattern, see Data-only container pattern If you are using the busybox, scratch, or <insert minimally sized image here>, you are doing it wrong, and here's why. Let's take this Dockerfile: A Simple Way To Dockerize Applications - Jason Wilder's Blog. Dockerizing an application is the process of converting an application to run within a Docker container.

A Simple Way To Dockerize Applications - Jason Wilder's Blog

While dockering most applications is straightforward, there are a few problems that need to be worked around each time. Two common problems that occur during dockerization are: Book Extras – Data Files, Code Files and a Dockerised Application. Idling through the LeanPub documentation last night, I noticed that they support the ability to sell digital extras, such as bundled code files or datafiles.

Book Extras – Data Files, Code Files and a Dockerised Application

Along with the base book sold at one price, additional extras can be bundled into packages alongside the original book and sold at another (higher) price. As with the book sales, two price points are supported: the minimum price and a recommended price. It was easy enough to create a bundle of sample code and data files to support the Wrangling F1 Data With R book and add them as an extras package bundled with the book for an extra dollar or so. Dave Parrish - Panamax PHP/MySQL with SSH HOWTO.

Posted on September 8, 2014 - 11:30:00 PM Panamax logo Over the course of this year I have been getting more and more into Docker.

Dave Parrish - Panamax PHP/MySQL with SSH HOWTO

I’ve experimented with creating my own Docker containers and I now use Docker to host some of my client websites. I really enjoyed the simplicity of creating a Docker which would only run one dedicated process, but I had a lot of trouble wrapping my mind around running several processes which would work together. Setting Up a Docker Dev Environment. Using Docker, your applications sit atop an excellent platform for packing, shipping and running low-overhead, isolated execution environments -- so it's no wonder that many teams are choosing Docker for deployment.

Setting Up a Docker Dev Environment

But your deployment choices directly affect your development workflow, because your Dev, Staging, and Prod environments should match each other as closely as possible. No matter where you are on the stack, if your apps are deployed inside a container, you should get to know how to use containers in your development environment. The great news is that Docker makes it easy. In this tutorial, we'll be working on developing a simple Sinatra application.

If you'd like to try it yourself, you can pull down the code at. Docker and PaaS resources. Deploying Django on Dokku. Originally written for, this post details how to use Dokku as a Heroku replacement for deploying your Django App.

Deploying Django on Dokku

Jpetazzo/dind. Jenkins - Is it ok to run docker from inside docker? Tutorial: Continuous Integration with dokku-alt. I recently rolled my own continuous integration, and ran into a couple problems that I think others might run in to, as well.

Tutorial: Continuous Integration with dokku-alt

It took just a few hours and I have a very cheap, but efficient CI stack. All things considered, the entire stack is made up of: DockerCircle CIdokku-alt (and Digital Ocean for VM hosting)Github My main goal was to be able to simply run my test commands, build my Docker container, and deploy the app every time I pushed to Github. Docker in Action - fitter, happier, more productive. With Docker you can easily deploy a web application along with it’s dependencies, environment variables, and configuration settings – everything you need to recreate your environment quickly and efficiently.

Docker in Action - fitter, happier, more productive

This tutorial looks at just that. Updated 02/28/2015: Added Docker Compose and upgraded Docker and boot2docker to the latest versions. We’ll start by creating a Docker container for running a Python Flask application. From there, we’ll look at a nice development workflow to manage the local development of an app as well as continuous integration and delivery, step by step … I (Michael Herman) originally presented this workflow at PyTennessee on February 8th, 2015. Quickstart a Web Development Stack Using Vagrant & Docker. A homogenous web development stack for heterogeneous environments Developing and maintaining a mobile monetization platform like the Smaato RTB Ad Exchange, implied the use of Docker and Vagrant to set up a development stack, that could address some of our challenges.

Quickstart a Web Development Stack Using Vagrant & Docker

Projects like ours, with multiple developers spread across varying time zones can make setting up a local development environment a time consuming task. Add a team with different skillsets including a backend developer, a frontend developer and a designer working on the same codebase, then it gets tricky. For obvious reasons, a designer doesn’t want to set up a database and a webserver to see how his work affects the project. This is where Vagrant had a huge impact in making the setup of our development environment very easy. How To Use the Dokku One-Click DigitalOcean Image to Deploy a Python/Flask App.

Note: The Dokku project has changed significantly since this guide was written. The instructions below may not reflect the current state of the Dokku project. Introduction A significant hurdle in developing an application is providing a sane and easy way to deploy your finished product. Dokku is a Platform as a Service solution that enables you to quickly deploy and configure an application to a production environment on a separate server. Dokku is similar to Heroku in that you can deploy to a remote server. Gaudi - a simple orchestrator using Docker containers. Languages and frameworks supported by octohost - Simple web focused Docker based mini-PaaS server. Adamcharnock/dokku-client · GitHub. Docker at Djangocon 2013. d11wtq/dockerpty · GitHub.

Shipyard/shipyard. Creating Docker Application Templates with Panamax. Panamax: Docker Management for Humans. A modern workflow for Wordpress using Docker and Dokku. Every developer, sooner or later, had to deal with WordPress, given it is one of the most popular Blog/CMS platform, if not the most popular.According to Wikipedia, roughly 22% of the web sites run on it, (it means one web site in five) it is widely know by users, it has a large community (over 30 thousand contributed plugins) and it is easily supported by designers.

Unfortunately WP was targeted at non-developer people, it had a great success as hosted platform, but working with it from the developer perspective, especially if we look at the workflow, looks clunky and outdated. Deploy an App Now you can deploy apps on your Dokku. Let's deploy the Heroku Node.js sample app. All you have to do is add a remote to name the app. It's created on-the-fly. $ cd node-js-sample $ git remote add progrium $ git push progrium master Counting objects: 296, done. You're done! Dokku only supports deploying from its master branch, so if you'd like to deploy a different local branch use: git push progrium <local branch>:master Right now Buildstep supports buildpacks for Node.js, Ruby, Python, and more. Dokku Tutorials & Popular Questions.

Dokku-alt/dokku-alt · GitHub. 1uptalent/docker-s3-registry · GitHub. First day with Docker. Since Docker was released as open-source, it has spread like wildfire, with the like of Amazon and Google adding Docker support over the last weeks. Docker is great because it implements something akin to the old times chroot, jail or LXC containers (albeit a lot more powerful), bundled with something akin to pip (or rubygem) for virtual machines. What we are looking to achieve Today is deploy a Django webapp in a Docker container on a Fedora 20 system.

The Fedora 20 system is itself boot up from a stock Fedora image on a VMware Fusion virtual machine. We will also want to reconfigure the nginx front-end load balancer to redirect requests to the Django webapp. Enough presentation, let's dive into the setup. Django on Dokku. I’ve been experimenting a bit with Dokku a bit recently, with a view to automating deployment of some small services. Getting a Django app up and running using Dokku is fairly easy… I’m using dokku-alt here, as it preconfigures some useful plugins and has some feature improvements over the original. 1) Create virtual machine. How To Use the Dokku One-Click DigitalOcean Image to Deploy a Python/Flask App. Nginx - Assigning vhosts to Docker ports. Automated Nginx Reverse Proxy for Docker - Jason Wilder's Blog. A reverse proxy server is a server that typically sits in front of other web servers in order to provide additional functionality that the web servers may not provide themselves.

For example, a reverse proxy can provide SSL termination, load balancing, request routing, caching, compression or even A/B testing. How to remove old containers. Fast, isolated development environments using Docker. Fast, isolated development environments using Docker. RankFocus - Systems and Data. Tom Offermann: Tiny Docker Pieces, Loosely Joined. CenturyLinkLabs/building. QuickStart · shipyard/shipyard Wiki. This will get you up and running Shipyard. Oskarhane/docker-wordpress-nginx-ssh. Nginx - Assigning vhosts to Docker ports. Using Docker to host this WordPress blog. Installing WordPress in a Docker Container on the CenturyLink Cloud. DOCKER WORDPRESS by John Purrier | on March 25, 2014 Installing and playing with Docker on an Ubuntu based server is interesting, but what we really want is to install and run containerized applications.

What does Docker add to just plain LXC. Creating a virtualized fully-distributed Hadoop cluster using Linux Containers. Dokku: The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen. Docker Installation. The Docker is so new and constantly changing that even its official installation guide page for Ubuntu, is not the simplest method. It’s not complicated at all, just that there are more simple ways out there that are not officially documented. Desktop: Your Desktop over ssh running inside of a Docker container. Motivation I’ve worked for the last 4 years in the financial market and I’m a heavy Excel user.