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Leonor Fini, a Life Less than Ordinary. Leonor Fini (1907 –1996) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, although her heritage was European and she spent her formative years in Trieste, Italy with her mother.

Leonor Fini, a Life Less than Ordinary

The turbulent marriage of her parents aided in creating the young Fini as a rebellious and independent character who would later become an internationally recognised painter, designer and author. Moving first to Milan then later to Paris in the early 1930s enabled her youthful talent to blossom and she was soon mingling with the Avant Garde elite of the Western art world. As a self-taught artist her early painting work began to explore an intriguing world of symbolism, mythology and sexuality, often focusing on the female form.

Herbarium Art

A to L. Bringing Natural History Art to Life: Installation Artist Uses BHL to Create Fantastic Worlds Through Immersive Artworks. Biodiversity (2020), a collaged art installation by Clare Börsch.

Bringing Natural History Art to Life: Installation Artist Uses BHL to Create Fantastic Worlds Through Immersive Artworks

The installation uses illustrations and photographs sourced mainly from open access collections like the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). Photo courtesy of Clare Börsch. Florilegium: A Gathering of Flowers. In RBGE Creative Programmes’ exhibition in Inverleith House – Florilegium: A gathering of flowers, there is something for everyone.

Florilegium: A Gathering of Flowers

In the first room downstairs, you can lose yourself in the meticulously skilled detail of botanical paintings and illustrations, which have been contributed from around the world. One of my favorite unions of Art History and Botany: the many decades-long examination of the flora of the Unicorn Tapestries (late 15th/early 16th centuries; now at Met Cloisters). A flora has even been compiled, including some detective work on a few en.

Unicorn tapestries. The Botanical Mind. Among the Trees returns. Text-flower hybrid? This cool image is a quirk of the pigment used in this plate–probably a lead-based white, it reacted with the text of the facing page and caused it to offset onto the petals. View the rest of the book on @BioDivLibrary. Julie ryder. Julie Ryder is a Canberra-based textile designer who has gained national and international recognition for her work.

julie ryder

She is a practicing textile artist, designer and educator. Originally trained in science, Julie retrained as a textile designer at Melbourne Institute of Textiles, and started her own design studio focussing on designing and hand-printing fabrics for home-wares, fashion and interiors. She complete a Master of Arts (Visual Arts - Textiles) at ANU in 2004. I've been working on very exclusive book (1. for me & 1. for my mum).7 years ago we started a pressed herbarium of plants growing in my field and also at Brough where we have permission to pick. we photographed the flowers through the season. Gaps to. Coliandre, le site de Xavier Collette. Pressed Between the Pages of a Book, Flora Becomes Art.

My Artists

Southbank Centre. Tours Visit the exhibition in the company of special guests, the exhibition’s curatorial team and our Hayward Gallery tour guides.

Southbank Centre

Tours take place weekly, on Thursdays at 6.30pm and Saturdays at 2pm, and take approximately 45 minutes. Free with same-day exhibition ticket. Thursday 5 March Ralph Rugoff, Hayward Gallery Director and curator of Among the Trees Saturday 7 March Fiona Stafford, Professor of English at Oxford University, author of The Long, Long Life of Trees Saturday 14 March Holly Corfield Carr, writer and researcher Thursday 2 April Phoebe Cripps, Assistant Curator, Hayward Gallery. Julia Barton Marine Plastic Specimens. Tyley worked for superintendent of the St Vincent botanical Alexander Anderson. The painting joins our corpus of 148 drawings of plants, 11 signed by Tyley. The short video discusses Tyley, and breadfruit’s role in famine and slavery. Do watch. I'm completely in love with this hand-drawn graphical abstract from a @CurrentBiology article about Marchantia developmental regulators. Oxford NHM Columns: John and James O’Shea.

Oak Spring Garden Foundation - the horizon as a dark line. Where have you been the past few months?

Oak Spring Garden Foundation - the horizon as a dark line

I have spent my time at Milo Arts an artist live-work community in Columbus, Ohio. Intricate Variety – Bridet Bailey. From textile taxidermy, to entomological millinery, Bridget Bailey’s artworks explore the natural world, combining intriguing ideas and observations with her very particular making skills.

Intricate Variety – Bridet Bailey

Trained in textiles at Farnham, and with a background in millinery, Bridget now works as an artist, making one-off pieces for exhibitions and as commissions. Here she tells us a little bit about her practice. Whether I’m rolling straw to make sharp thorns, embossing silk petals, or fraying fabrics to look like feathers, I love the effects I can get by painting and dyeing with my own colours. I think it’s the combining of these techniques that make the most special effects.


Ana Teresa Barboza, Peruvian textile artist who creates three-dimensional textile art that depicts natural forms such as plant life and landscapes #womensart. Gemma Barton. Claire BASLER. Karen Rich Beall: Nepenthes. Rebecca Beinart. Nicholai Bergman - ‘Future Flowers’ Blossom. Marian Bijlenga: Written weed. Nic Bladen. Nancy Blum Mosaic. 28th Street Nancy Blum Glass mosaic Glass mosaic murals by artist Nancy Blum grace the platform walls of the historic 28 St station.

Nancy Blum Mosaic

The artwork celebrates the station and the above-ground neighborhood that includes architectural gems such as the New York Life Building and Madison Square Park, which are just a few blocks away. The station artwork depicts seven flowering plants that are sourced from the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s Perennial Collection. Jean-Louis Boissier: Flora petrinsularis. Biography Jean-Louis Boissier, born 1945, professor at Université Paris 8, director of the laboratory Esthétique de l'interactivité.

Jean-Louis Boissier: Flora petrinsularis

Director and curator of the Biennale Artifices since 1990. Selected Exhibitions: Les Immatériaux, Centre Pompidou, 1985; Venice Biennale, 1986; Passages de l'image, Centre Pompidou, 1990; Ars Electronica, 1992; Multimediale 3, Karlsruhe, 1993; Version 1.0, Geneva, 1994; Interactive Media Festival, Los Angeles 1994; ISEA Helsinki, 1994; Interaction '95, Gifu, 1995; Kwangju Biennale, 1995; Biennale de Lyon, 1995; Lab 6, Warshaw, 1997. Selected Single Exhibitions: Louise Bourgeois, Les Fleurs, 2009 #womensart.

Sian Bowen - Malabaricus

Sheena Calvert. Cambio. Naomi Campbell: Umbra. Soaring Murals of Plants on Urban Walls by Mona Caron. Stitching Botanical: Marilyn Caruana. Stitching Botanical is an exciting and evolving journey to create a permanent collection of textile works for the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Stitching Botanical: Marilyn Caruana

Created and run by Marilyn Caruana since 2015, over 80 volunteers meeting twice a month have created five special collections of stunning and evocative embroidery. Patterson Clark Artist Gives Invasive Plant Species New Life: white mulberry. For almost 15 years, environmental activist Patterson Clark has been one of the U.S. National Park Service volunteers who go through forests and remove invasive plants.

Because he knew how destructive these plants can be, killing their native host trees, increasing soil erosion, and causing major damage to streams and other wetland areas, Clark had already developed an antagonistic relationship with them. About - Jessie Wei-Hsuan Chen. Oak Spring Garden Foundation - Meet our Fellows: Q&A with Flower Book Researcher Jessie Wei-Hsuan Chen. My dissertation subject is a seventeenth-century book category that most would regard as the florilegium, or sometimes loosely called the flower book. They are collections of botanical illustrations, mostly images of garden flowers.

Depending on who you ask, they are often argued to be simply the coffee table book of the past with little to no scientific value. My approach to these images is to look at them from a more holistic perspective. I ask how they played into different types of engagement with plants in the past – such as their relation to gardening and other botanical publications of the time. In other words, how they participated in the knowledge production of plants, from the perspective of decorative plants rather than, for example, medicinal plants. My contribution to this discussion is bringing different branches of knowledge together to examine these beautiful botanical watercolors from the seventeenth century.

The interest came from my own artistic practice. Chen: Hortus floridus Iessi. Art Prints by Emma Clinton. Amanda Cobbett: Stitching the forest floor - It takes a very special artist to turn plant decay, lichen and fungi into beautiful works of art. And that special person is textile artist Amanda Cobbett. Emma Cousin, Going to Ground - The Learned Pig. Alongside trying to just keep making work, I have started gardening. Quickly. I discovered some kind of bindweed, a tentacular structure of rubbery roots that grow like a giant net beneath the soil, an invisible web of white that is woven throughout the garden. Zoe Crosher Memorializes the Disappearing Palm Trees of LA. About — Phoebe Cummings.


Mo DevlinFrozen Flowers. Photographer Mo Devlin takes an interesting approach to flower photography by first freezing his buds in order to produce these stunning, abstract compositions. Herman de vries digital catalogue: quercus. Herman de vries digital catalogue. Mark Dion. Anne ten Donkelaar: Flower constructions. Flower constructions (2011-2012) Imagine a big bang, a firework of flower seeds thrown into space.

Dramatic Brush Strokes Energize Trees in Paintings by Adam S. Doyle. Elisabeth Eberle works: Noli me tangere-digital herbarium. Katie Emelianova. The Joy of Life: Max Ernst. La Joie de Vivre, Max Ernst Max Ernst’s painting, La Joie de Vivre, was the inspiration for a remarkable piece of body art, by Edinburgh College student Lori Walker, photographed recently in the temperate house of the RBGE. Embroidered leaf by US artist Hillary Fayle #womensart. Herbarium of Fontcuberta. Alice Fox is a Natural Fibre Artist, Scientist and Gardener - The Planthunter. Gray Foy: Drawings 1941-1975.

Lorne Fraser

Lucian Freud. Mark Frith Trees. Next-Level Food Carving on Fruits and Vegetables by ‘Gaku’ Japan has a rich tradition of food carving called mukimono. If you’ve ever eaten at a fancy restaurant in Japan you might have found a carrot carved into a bunny, garnishing your plate. But in the hands of Japanese artist Gaku, the art of fruit and vegetable carving is elevated to a new realm of edible creations. One constraint to carving fruits and vegetables is that sometimes you must work fast. Mairi Gillies - Plant preservation. Halle. Francis Hallé. Alexander Hamilton: Cyanotype. Hosono Hitomi: bowl. Hosono Hitomi created this bowl in her studio in London and it is her largest to date. The work took her over 6 months to complete.

Charlotte_hodes. Welcome to the Eliot Hodgkin website. The Estate of Eliot Hodgkin is proud to present the Eliot Hodgkin website, dedicated to the artist’s life and work. Jane Hyslop » Artists Books. Jane Hyslop » Projects. Flower Petals and Stems Transform into Animals and Insects by Raku Inoue. Sue Johnson: 2011 Art Exhibition.

Megan Jones: contemporary photography – ferns. Joanne B Kaar: slow growing slow art - lichen. Joanne B Kaar - an artists blog: Drawing between the midges and the rain. A Lady's Slipper #Orchid (Cypripedium calceolus) I made last year as an experiment to see how I could create the rounded petals. This is one of Britain's rarest wild flowers, I think mine needs a little bit of tweaking before I'll be happy with it! #sciar. Roots, 1943 by Frida Kahlo #womensart. Alexandra Kehayoglou. Grace Kelly’s Pressed Flowers. Martyn Kelly: Of_Microscopes_and_Monsters. Otherworldly Tropical Fruits William Kidd.

Anselm Kiefer and the art of algae. NHM Botany sur Twitter : "Textile Artist and NHM volunteer Charlotte Lade has been creating drawings and sewn pieces inspired by some of the #LoveLincsPlants historical specimens we are curating here in the Museum #HLFsuppported @LincsNaturalist @SirJosep. Interview with Lucinda Law: Finding inspiration in plants—The life and work of a botanical artist - Law - 2019. PLANT CORRIDORS. CHRISTIANE LÖHR. Rebecca Louise Law on the Preciousness and Power of Flowers. Christine Mackey Portfolio 2017. Christine mackey – Artist. Alex Metcalf: Tree-Listening. Radiographic by Steve Miller. ROM Green Plant Herbarium Accessions STRATA. Flower Blossoms Envelop Solitary Figures in Fares Micue’s Self-Portrait Photographs.

Landscapes Painted on the Surfaces of Cut Logs by US artist Alison Moritsugu #womensart.