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Product Modelling using Semantic Web Technologies. Abstract This W3C Incubator Group (XG) seeks to enable the use of the (Semantic) Web for Product Modelling (PM): the definition, storage, exchange and sharing of product data.

Product Modelling using Semantic Web Technologies

Product data is information about the structure and behaviour of things that are realized in industrial processes. So principally product data is about things that are manmade, but it can also be about things in the natural world that interact with those industrial processes and/or its resulting products.

Typical products would include automobiles, airplanes, buildings, infrastructures, ships and other manmade complex products. This report describes the role and scope of product data, and initial work in two technical areas: Quantities, Units & Scales; and Product Structure - the decomposition of wholes in parts and the interconnection relationships between these parts. Status of this document This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication.

Table of Contents Abbreviations 1. Protege OWL tutorial at Manchester (School of Computer Science – The University of Manchester) OWL @ Manchester > tutorials > Protégé OWL Tutorial A step-by-step guide to modelling in OWL using the popular Protégé OWL tools.

Protege OWL tutorial at Manchester (School of Computer Science – The University of Manchester)

Please refer to the errata for each version before asking questions about the tutorial. Written by Matthew Horridge for the CO-ODE project. Funded by Revised and updated by other members of BHIG. This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License Downloads For an advanced tutorial covering many OWL 2 features, see here (Manchester Family History Advanced OWL Tutorial). | Disclaimer | Privacy | Copyright notice | Accessibility | Freedom of information | What is an ontology and why we need it. Figure 8.

What is an ontology and why we need it

Hierarchy of wine regions. The "A" icons next to class names indicate that the classes are abstract and cannot have any direct instances. Le guide du langage d'ontologie Web OWL.


Ppt. Graph. TONES Ontology Repository. Welcome to the TONES ontology repository. About This repository is primarily designed to be a central location for ontologies that might be of use to tools developers for testing purposes. Usage The repository can be browsed here . The repository supports a RESTful interface. <Repository URL>/download? Example: Ontology file formats The default file format that will be served is . The repository also stores ontologies without entity annotations. What is the difference between RDF and OWL.

The semantic web comes in layers.

What is the difference between RDF and OWL

This is a quick summary of the ones I think you're interested in. Update: Please note that RDFS is used to define the structure of the data, not OWL. OWL describes semantic relationships which normal programming, such as a C struct, isn't fussed about and is closer to AI research & set theory. Triples & URIs Subject - Predicate - Object.