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Global Terrorism Database. The updated GTD WebGL Globe is an interactive geographic visualization, currently in beta, that plots the location and frequency of yearly terrorist attacks worldwide from 1970-2014.

Global Terrorism Database

It was developed by START using the WebGL Globe open platform created by the Google Data Arts Team. Automated geocoding from the OpenCage Geocoder supplements the geocoding available in the public dataset. Periscopic, a data visualization firm that promotes information transparency and public awareness, has produced an innovative, interactive tool that allows users to explore the impact and dynamics of GTD perpetrator groups. A World of Terror examines the 25 perpetrators that were most active between 1970 and 2013, visualizing their attack patterns across multiple dimensions including life span, recency, casualties, and geographic spread. The GTD Data Rivers 2.0 application is an interactive visualization tool that allows users to explore patterns of terrorism in the Global Terrorism Database (GTD).

Uncertain About Hurricanes presented at NICAR17. Design of Agent-based Models: Developing Computer Simulations for a Better ... - Tomáš Šalamon - Google Books. UN Data Forum: Data Journalism (live blog) – Data Therapy. This is a liveblog written by Rahul Bhargava at the 2017 UN World Data Forum.

UN Data Forum: Data Journalism (live blog) – Data Therapy

This serves as a summary of what the speakers spoke about, not an exact recording. With that in mind, any errors or omissions are likely my fault, not the speakers. This was a virtual session, with all the speakers calling in via video. Introductions John Bailer: New & Numbers is an old idea. Introduction to Scenario Planning. Kick back and watch Quartz' artificial intelligence learn to play Atari games in real-time — Quartz. What does Donald Trump want for America?

Kick back and watch Quartz' artificial intelligence learn to play Atari games in real-time — Quartz

His supporters don’t know. His party doesn’t know. Even he doesn’t know. If there is a political vision underlying Trumpism, however, the person to ask is not Trump. It’s his éminence grise, Stephen K. Bannon transcended his working-class Virginia roots with a stint in the Navy and a degree from Harvard Business School, followed by a career as a Goldman Sachs financier. Bannon’s influence reached a new high in 2012 when he took over Breitbart News, an online news site, following the death of creator Andrew Breitbart.

STEAMER: An Interactive Inspectable Simulation-Based Training System 434 434 1 PB. Age and Sex Composition in the United States: 2010 Census Brief c2010br-03. How Two Trailblazing Psychologists Turned the World of Decision Science Upside Down. Back in 2003, I published a book called Moneyball, about the Oakland Athletics’ quest to find new and better ways to value baseball players and evaluate baseball strategies.

How Two Trailblazing Psychologists Turned the World of Decision Science Upside Down

The team had less money to spend on players than other teams did, and so its management, out of necessity, set about rethinking the game. In both new and old baseball data—and the work of people outside the game who had analyzed that data—the Oakland front office discovered what amounted to new baseball knowledge. That knowledge allowed them to run circles around the managements of other baseball teams. They found value in players who had been discarded or overlooked, and folly in much of what passed for baseball wisdom. When the book appeared, some baseball experts—entrenched management, talent scouts, journalists—were upset and dismissive, but a lot of readers found the story as interesting as I had.

That was an understatement. Book: Weapons Of Math Destruction. PNAS 2013 Turchin 16384 9. There’s a reason I use systematic reviews and meta-analyses. I’m writing this piece mostly to save myself time on Twitter and email.

There’s a reason I use systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Every time I write about something like diet or nutrition, people start sending me messages on how I must have missed “this” or “that” study that proves me wrong. The problem with using only epidemiologic data is that it’s sometimes easy to find a study in the scientific literature that supports any belief. So if you want to be “proven” right, you can certainly cherry pick to prove your point. There’s no better example of this than a classic 2012 systematic review (also recently highlighed at Vox) that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. They selected 40-50 common ingredients and searched the literature for studies linking them to cancer risk. That’s cause the outliers are more likely to get published.

Towards Teaching Markets as Complex Systems: A Web Based Simulation Assignment Implemented in NetLogo. What’s Up With That: Why You Always Seem to Choose the Slowest Line. You run into the grocery store to quickly pick up one ingredient.

What’s Up With That: Why You Always Seem to Choose the Slowest Line

You grab what you need and head to the front of the store. After quickly sizing up the check-out lines, you choose the one that looks fastest. You chose wrong. A Campaign Strategy for Your Career. Executive Summary Reprint: R1211L Organizations are inherently political, and pretending they’re not is just plain impractical.

A Campaign Strategy for Your Career

But strategizing like a politician to advance your career doesn’t have to mean compromising your integrity. You can craft a campaign plan that actually gets results without making you feel soiled. So argues Clark, who has worked with top-tier politicians and business executives as they strive to achieve their goals. SWIRL: Simulating Warfare in the ROSS Language N1885. TWIRL: Tactical Warfare in the ROSS Language.