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2013 James Dyson Award winners announced. A US team from the University of Pennsylvania has taken out the 2013 James Dyson Award with the Titan Arm, an upper body exoskeleton that augments human strength.

2013 James Dyson Award winners announced

The team will receive the £30,000 (US$48,260) first prize, with an additional £10,000 (US$16,100) going to the University Of Pennsylvania Engineering department. Competing against 650 international entries, which were whittled down to 20 finalists, the Titan Arm shared the limelight with two runners up, who will each take home £10,000. View all Winner.

Hirobo unveils HX-1 unmanned electric helicopter, and promises a manned model. The Hirobo stand at the International Robotics Exhibition in Tokyo this week was full of surprises.

Hirobo unveils HX-1 unmanned electric helicopter, and promises a manned model

The first was the appearance of the HX-1 unmanned electric helicopter, due to go into production before the end of the year, but an even bigger surprise was in store when you opened the brochure – details of the company's planned personal (manned) BIT electric micro helicopter. View all.

Raspberry Pi

Keyboard. Cornell conductor and Google Glass begin a new movement of orchestra. Classical music doesn’t have a need for modern technology.

Cornell conductor and Google Glass begin a new movement of orchestra

Instruments have been built for centuries, scores print just fine on paper, and concert seating gives patrons a good enough perspective on the orchestra as it is. But while classical music may not need technology, Cynthia Turner, a conductor and a professor at Cornell, is trying to turn many of those assumptions on their head using Google Glass. "It could be a game changer for anyone who needs two hands to do something," Turner told reporters on Friday. Glass could replace stands and sheet music. Schumacher's 1997 Ferrari F310 B goes to auction. RM Auctions, based in Blenheim, Ontario, is placing a prominent slab of Formula One racing history on the auction block with the sale of a Ferrari F310 B, chassis 179 that was once driven by Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine.

Schumacher's 1997 Ferrari F310 B goes to auction

View all An improved version of the F310 that raced with the Scuderia Ferrari in the late 1990s, the F310 B first appeared at the 1997 Australian Grand Prix, then went on to claim Ferrari’s first victory at the Monaco Grand Prix that year with seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher at the wheel.

The vehicle ended the 1997 season with 102 points and was notable not only for multiple F1 wins, but also for how its Formula One engineering, along with other Ferrari F1 cars, helped improve Ferrari’s road cars in terms of aerodynamics, fuel management, tires, engine design, and driver safety. New ion engine could reach Mars in 39 days. Last week, as the world celebrated the first lunar landing, Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins both called for NASA to make Mars its next goal.

New ion engine could reach Mars in 39 days

But the chemical propulsion system that took them to the moon would take six months, at least, to get a man to Mars and cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Flexrotor UAV autonomously launches and lands aboard unmanned skiff ... twice. The Flexrotor UAV takes off autonomously from the skiff Image Gallery (3 images)

Flexrotor UAV autonomously launches and lands aboard unmanned skiff ... twice

Garmin introduces tactical GPS navigator watch. The GPS gurus over at Garmin must be racking up serious overtime.

Garmin introduces tactical GPS navigator watch

Hot on the heels of its first actioncam and the D2 pilot watch, the Kansas company has an all-new tactical GPS watch. The Tactix combines traditional ABC hardware with functions inspired by law enforcement operations. Scientists take "4D printing" a step further. Prof.

Scientists take "4D printing" a step further

H. Jerry Qi with identical 4D-printed objects in their flat and folded states Image Gallery (3 images) Using a 3D printer, people can already determine the length, width and depth of an object that they create. Alissa Haupt flew around the world in business class for $1340. Alissa Haupt is a woman who knows how to travel at bargain prices.

Alissa Haupt flew around the world in business class for $1340

Picture: Alissa Haupt Source: Supplied I RECENTLY booked a round-trip set of flights from Minneapolis to Shanghai in business class. I needed to head back to China to resume teaching English after the end of the photo season in Minneapolis, where I was shooting portraits and wedding photos.

Cordless Phone

Document Scanning. Biology. Intel. Operating Systems. Historical. Interview: Lamborghini's CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Design Director Filippo Perini. Italian supercar maker Lamborghini is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013 and Gizmag recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Lamborghini's CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Design Director Filippo Perini for a fascinating insight into one of the automotive world's most exotic brands.

Interview: Lamborghini's CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Design Director Filippo Perini

View all Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini President and CEO. McLaren's P1 gets tested under the broiler in southern US states. McLaren ran the P1 out in Nevada, California and Arizona as part of its extreme heat testing sessions Image Gallery (10 images)


Head Units. Automatic Driving. Droid pilots beat humans at air-to-air refuelling. 5 things you didn’t know about cloud backup The Pentagon killer-boffin agency DARPA (the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) has made another move forward in its plan to replace all US military humans with robots. The latest trick the droids have learned is that of flying a plane during air-to-air refuelling. Air-to-air refuelling, in which a military aircraft tops up its supplies by plugging in to a pipe trailing from a tanker plane, is a key military capability and one of the trickier piloting feats. Now that robots can do it, unmanned aircraft can potentially stay airborne for very long periods, limited only by maintenance requirements. ASETNIOP concept designed to make touch typing on a touchscreen a mite easier. For the touch typist, the tablet and smartphone experience is often a frustrating one. While it is possible to key in characters without looking at the virtual keyboard, efficiency and accuracy are a whole lot easier to achieve with physical points of reference.

Tactile overlays like the TouchFire can help, but you still lose at least half the screen to the keyboard. Wireless keyboards are a much safer bet but add bulk to the travel pouch. Zack Dennis has developed a virtual keyboard replacement called ASETNIOP which can be made invisible, is based on the QWERTY layout and allows for input using only ten touch points. View all According to Dennis, ASETNIOP changes the emphasis from where a finger touches a key to which fingers are being pressed down at any given moment. "The concept is pretty simple. Dennis has even given serious thought to chord allocation. ASETNIOP. ASETNIOP is a keyboard replacement method. Haptix: Multitouch Reinvented. Ractiv integrates Asetniop into Haptix 3D multitouch system. The basic Asetniop key map has been programmed into the Haptix system Image Gallery (3 images) By effectively turning any flat surface into a multitouch user interface, Haptix has the potential to consign the humble computer mouse to the IO history books.

Now the development team has announced plans that could kill off the physical keyboard too. MIT's flow battery could store solar and wind power on the cheap. Saphonian bladeless turbine boasts impressive efficiency, low cost. EWICON bladeless wind turbine generates electricity using charged water droplets.

Dutch researchers have developed the EWICON, a bladeless windmill with no moving parts that produces electricity by pushing charged water droplets into the wind Image Gallery (2 images) Wind energy may be one of the more sustainable sources of power available, but the spinning blades of conventional wind turbines require regular maintenance and have attracted criticism from bird lovers. Zeoform: The eco-friendly building material of the future? Zeoform promises a recyclable, low carbon-footprint building material that's as strong as ebony Image Gallery (4 images)

Glassified makes on-paper designs come to life. Glassified's clear graphics display allows augmented reality interaction with your drawings Image Gallery (3 images) Panasonic develops ultra-wide 64:9 video system. The system incorporates four of Panasonic’s AW-HE120 16:9 cameras Image Gallery (2 images) You think that the regular HD video aspect ratio of 16:9 is good enough?

New Leak Details Tons of Sensors and in-built Speakers in Samsung Galaxy Gear. Samsung is expected to unveil their smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, during the 2013 IFA in Berlin, Germany.


Google. Solar. Bluetooth. Architecture. Engineering. Design. Motorola Moto X being released in August in Black and White – Always on voice commands. A video from Toronto, Canada based Rogers Wireless has appeared on Google+ user Дима Прокопенко page and shows off the long awaited Motorola Moto X. News. Leap Motion.